The Desperation a Housewife continues...(Part 2)

But, we were not as good at keeping secrets as we thought…

One day I went over for a visit and he seemed a little distraught.  I sent the kids outside to play so we could have some privacy and I could get down to what was really bothering him. 

I asked him what was wrong and he said he that his wife is on to us.  I was horrified.  I thought we were doing a good job at hiding our affair.

He said that one time when we were having sex we left a condom wrapper in the room and it fell under the bed. His wife in her usual cleaning routine found the wrapper and confronted him.

I could not believe that we were so careless.

According to him he denied an affair and that he had ever cheated but it did nothing to ease her suspicions of him.  He wasn’t sure if we should keep having sex.

By this point I was too far gone and could not imagine not having him touch me anymore.  I did not want to end our affair.

I had to convince him that it would be fine if we continued to see each other.  So, I grabbed his hand and led him into the back of his house into his guess room.  He stood and I dropped to my knees in front of him. 

I undid the clasps on his slacks and pulled them down his legs.  Next I took ahold of his boxers and then pulled them down.  I wrapped my mouth around his swollen dick sucking and stroking. 

He was moaning and begging me not to stop.  He needed my touch as much as I needed his.  These past few months that we have been intimate have been so satisfying and so rewarding. We were feeling closer to each other than we were feeling to our own spouses.

My husband didn’t even notice anything was going on.  It was happening right under his nose and he was oblivious. 

There was no way I could stay away from this man.  I loved the feel of his hard dick in my mouth.  I craved the taste of him and when my husband was sleeping I masturbated touching myself thinking about my lover next door.  I longed for the moments when I could fall back into his arms.

He expressed the same feelings for me.  He said I was much better in bed than his wife and he just could not get enough of me. 

I continued to pleasure him with my mouth.  I drove him crazy when I started to pay attention to his balls.  I toke them into my mouth and caressed them gently with my tongue. 

Finally he pulled back and I stood removing my clothes.  He brought his attention to my breasts caressing the soft mounds and then taking my hard and erect nipple into his mouth.  Before long we were on the bed and his tongue was gently lapping up the juices that spilled from my pussy. 

He said he loved how juicy I became and he loved how good I tasted.  He was a master at eating pussy and I could not imagine how his wife could ever say she was not in the mood for this.

He ate me until I came, with loud moans, into his mouth but he did not stop.  He wanted to devour all of my cum.

When he was done, he climbed on top of me and began to pound my tight pussy. We didn’t use a condom so that we would not be careless again and leave the condom behind. I dug my nails into his back and held on as he claimed my pussy with every thrust. 

How could I not get hooked on a man that was so good at making me feel so alive and so sexy?  He made me feel wanted and I wanted him just as much. 

He buried his face into my neck as he pounded me. I thought I heard a sound coming from the doorway but I dismissed it and continued to enjoy myself.

I wrapped my legs around his waist hoping it would help him to go deeper inside of me.  I was so lost in my pleasure that I didn’t hear her speak. 

“That’s right baby, call me daddy.”

I froze.

“I didn’t say anything.”

Then we heard.

“Daddy?” in a soft gentle yet afraid voice.

He leaped off me and we looked toward the now opened door that we forgot to lock.

There was his daughter standing there with a horrified look on her face…


  1. The erotic intensity of this story came to a screeching halt as we reached the final paragraphs. Uh oh...


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