My Halloween Story: The Circle




The death of a loved one can be a very painful experience. It can make you do very crazy things.

I didn’t know what a demon possession was. I didn’t believe in ghosts or those sorts of things.

So when I ended up in a dark and cold room waiting for a medium to enter, I felt as if I had hit rock bottom.

Mourning over my husband has been hard enough. After 5 years of marriage it was difficult losing my best friend. He was the rock of the family and without him; everyone is losing their damn minds.

My sister-in-law insisted this would speed up the healing process. A believer in mediums and psychics, she believed that we would be able to communicate with her brother and see that he is alright on the other side.

So there we were sitting around a table staring blankly. It was such a weird feeling sitting around the room with candles burning and a dark table cloth covering the table.

I almost laughed through my grief at my sister-in-law when she insisted that we do this.

A séance?

I felt I just needed to work through my grief the way most normal people do. A séance was not normal. The last thing I wanted to do was entertain a notion of conjuring up my late husband.

Eventually I gave in to her demands. I felt that maybe this would help her move on. She had been having a very hard time coping with his death.

As skeptical as I was however, a small part of me hoped that all this was true and I would get to talk to him again.

It was hard for me as well. I missed having him lay next to me in bed comforting me. The late night talks that we had every week kept me going.

I missed kissing him and making love to him. I would masturbate in bed remembering the way he touched me and licked every part of my body. Afterwards I would always end up crying missing his so much.

I spent many hours late at night wondering who was going to love me now. My lover, best friend and my companion was gone.

Who was going to love me now?

The medium walked into the room and took his seat. He was tall and very good looking. He had short dark hair and I found him very attractive. I was wondering how such a good looking man like this would have a job talking to the dead.

I asked him that question when we first arrived. He didn’t smile and just answered plainly.

“It is a gift. I do not question the spirits.”

He sat with his eyes closed for awhile.

My father-in-law shifted impatiently in his seat.

“Are we going to start soon?” He asked.

“Shhh.” The medium said eyes still closed.

My father-in-law sat back with his arms folded across his chest. He didn’t like this idea either. He was just as skeptical as I was.

Finally the medium opened his eyes and looked at the three of us.

“There are rules to holding a séance. These rules are very important and they must not be broken.” He began.

“First please remain calm and silent. I need to concentrate and listen to the spirits uninterrupted.”

I was really starting to change my mind. Something just didn’t feel right about this. I swallowed my human instinct of fleeing. I just sat there listening as best as I could.

“Second, you must know strange things will happen and you must remain calm and quiet. Please remain n your seats. If you feel the urge to panic just listen to my voice and listen to my instructions. I will instruct you as we go along.”

He looked over at me.

“When I instruct you, you may ask the spirit of your loved one some questions. I will translate. If by chance he decides to speak through me, you all may ask questions as if I was your loved one.”

I looked over at my sister-in-law. She looked just as nervous as I felt.

“Finally, and most importantly, we all need to grasp hands and form a circle among us. You must not release hands for any reason. I repeat. You should never let go of hands.”

My father-in-law leaned forward.

“What will happen if we drop hands?”

The medium grew very serious.

“Tell me now if you plan not to listen to me. I need to know because I can give you your money back and we can part ways.”

My sister-in-law looked over at her father.

“Dad enough!”

Her father didn’t say another word. I on the other hand still wanted to know. I looked over at the medium.

“I think it is a valid question. What could go wrong?”

His dark eyes shifted to me. He tilted his head to the side.

“My beauty, there are many things that could go wrong.”

“Like what?” I asked staring at him.

For the first time since I met the man he smiled.

“Well, we could lose the connection. We may not be able to find or connect with the right member of your family or…”

He looked around the room at all of us.

“If you release hands in the middle of a spirit finding us, you just may open the doors for a malevolent presence.”

I shuddered a bit at the thought. Then I thought about it. I didn’t really believe in any of this stuff.

“What kind of malevolent spirit?” I asked.

He looked a little annoyed.

“Demons, my dear. Awful vengeful demons that sometimes use these openings to get out and cause harm.”

Then he smiled at me.

“But, as long as you listen to my instructions and follow the rules, we should not have a problem. Shall we begin?”

I nodded.

He looked around the room.

“Can we all hold hands?”

I reached out placing my hand in the medium’s hand and my father-in-law’s hand.

The medium closed his eyes again. His voice was calm and low when he spoke.

"Our beloved Timothy, we bring you the ones you loved in life here to speak with you in death. Commune with us, Timothy, and move among us."

We all sat silently looking and watching. Nothing was happening and we were not sure what to do. He opened his eyes and looked at us.

“Sometimes, you must try more than once to reach them.”

He closed his eyes again.

"Our beloved Timothy, we bring you the ones you loved in life here to speak with you in death. Commune with us, Timothy, and move among us."

Still nothing happened. I wasn’t shocked. I didn’t believe that anything would happen in the first place. Yet, a part of me was disappointed.

He didn’t give up though. He continued to speak the same words over and over again.

"Our beloved Timothy, we bring you the ones you loved in life here to speak with you in death. Commune with us, Timothy, and move among us."


Then the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and uneasiness took over me. I looked around. The mediums eyes were still closed. My father-in-law seemed to feel the same thing I was feeling. The medium tried once again to call my husband.

"Our beloved Timothy, we bring you the ones you loved in life here to speak with you in death. Commune with us, Timothy, and move among us."

Then the table started to shake. My sister-in-law screamed. The medium called out to her.

“Please remain calm.”

She stopped, but she looked scared.

Then some of the candles in the room were blown out and the room was very dark. There were only three candles left on the table to illuminate the room.

A chair sitting in the corner lifted right before my eyes and then flung into the wall. I screamed and dropped hands. I jumped up from my seat.

“You must not do that. Grab my hand!” The medium exclaimed.

I hesitated and he yelled at me again.

“Grab our hands! You must not break the circle!”

I reluctantly returned to the table and resumed holding hands. The table stopped shaking and the room grew silent and dark.

I looked at the medium and his eyes were closed. We just sat there staring at him wondering what to do next.

Then his eyes opened and he looked at me. He smiled and I just stared back not sure what to do. When he spoke we were all shocked. He sounded like my husband Timothy.

“Oh Mia, my love, I have missed you so much.”

My mouth dropped opened and I could not believe my ears.

“Timothy?” My sister-in-law said.

He turned and looked at her.

“Look at you Joy! My stylish baby sister.”

She smiled jumping up from the table throwing herself into his arms. She started to cry.

“Joy, it’s alright. Don’t cry. I’m fine here.”

She looked at him through her tears.

“I love you so much!”

Their father did not look convinced.

“If you are really my son, tell me something that only my son would know.”

The medium smiled.

“Well, when Joy and I were little we used to steal candy from your stash. We would only take one piece at a time in hopes that you would not notice any were missing.”

They both looked elated.

“And,” he said turning to me. “I know that Mia has my name tattooed on her inner left thigh.”

My eyes turned into saucers. No one knew that but Tim and me. Not even his father or his sisters knew about that. They sat staring at me.

They bombarded him with questions asking about the afterlife and if he was alright. They wanted to know

They completely hogged the conversation. I just sat watching and staring as he answered question after question.

As I listened to his voice my heart started to melt. I didn’t know when the tears started to fall. I missed him so much and here he was, well in spirit at least, talking to us and trying to make us feel better.

He looked over and saw my tears. He looked at his father and his sister.

       “Guys, I love you but I need a couple of minutes alone with Mia.”

They protested, but he insisted that they leave the room. That was just like my Timothy, taking time out to be with me. That was one of the things that I loved about him.

They reluctantly left the room.

Finally we were alone. He stood and walked to my chair. He pulled it out and squatted down in front of me.

“Finally, just you and me, baby.”

I smiled.

He leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. Our tongues met and I really felt like I was kissing my Timothy.

He pulled back and smiled at me.

“Now, I think I want to see that tattoo.” He said lifting my skirt.

“Right here?” I asked shocked.

Timothy would never do this with his family so close by.

“Where else can we go and I do not have very much time left.”

He lifted my skirt and used a finger to trace his name on my thigh. He reached up and unbuttoned my blouse. He opened it exposing my black bra. He pulled the bra down in the front exposing one breast and nipple. His mouth covered my nipple sucking and tugging on it. It felt so good.

 He returned his attention back to my opened thighs. Without warning, I felt his tongue trace his name. It had been a while and I could not help but to moan. Then his tongue licked my pussy through my panties.

“Oh, Tim.”

He pulled down my panties. I stepped out of them and he placed them in my hands. He forcefully spread my legs and without hesitation he began to eat my pussy. He licked me and sucked my clit vigorously. It felt so good I didn’t have time to think about the fact my Timothy had never eaten my pussy. Not ever.

He ate me so good; it didn’t take long for me to come in his mouth.

He stood wiping his mouth. He grabbed my arm and yanked me out of the chair. He was so forceful and he hurt my arm. I didn’t have much time to respond. He leaned me over the table kicking my legs apart with his feet. He was strong and he held me down on the table.


Fear enveloped my body. Timothy would never do this to me. He was always gentle.

He continued to hold me down and I tried to fight him.”

“Stop fucking moving.” He said.

He no longer sounded like my husband or the medium.

I heard banging on the door. I didn’t know that the door was locked.

I felt him enter me roughly. I realized that the medium was bigger than my husband and it hurt as he stretched me.

He pounded me and I grabbed onto the edge of the table holding on for dear life. I was scared and in pain.

He came hard inside of me with a loud moan that sounded like an animal growl.

I tried to get up, but I still could not move. I heard the door slam open and I heard my sister-in-law scream. He let go of me and I set up in time to see him knock my father-in-law across the room. He went flying into a table in the corner and he seemed to be unconscious. Joy and I just stood there not sure what to do next. He approached Joy and I knew that I could not let him hurt her. I picked up a chair and smashed him on the back. He stopped but he barely flinched.

“Joy, Run!” I screamed.

She turned but it was too late. He grabbed her around the neck and lifted her. Her feet were no longer touching the ground. I looked at her. Her eyes pleaded with me to do something. I didn’t think that I could do anything that would help. I had to try.

I grabbed another chair and hit him with it. He didn’t budge. Instead, he lifted her higher and threw her across the room. Her body went flying like a rag doll into the wall completely knocking her out.

Then he turned to me. I took a step back scared out of my mind. I knew I would most likely suffer the same fate as my in-laws.

He pinned me against the table and bent down to kiss me. I turned my head. That only made him angry. He grabbed me around my neck.

“I don’t plan to hurt you.”

He looked over at my in-laws limp body.

“Them, I am going to kill.”

“What are you?” I asked.

I was shaking and struggling to breathe.

“What do you think I am?” He answered laughing.

He leaned down and licked me on the side of my face.

“I am going to have some fun with you.” He said dragging me into the corner.
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  1. That was hot at the beginning, then it took a turn for the scary. Wow! I wish I knew what happened next. Guess I have to wait to get the book huh?

  2. We love the perfect blend of scary and sexy that your stories often employ! This was a very hot read!


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