New Year's Eve: Girls just Want to Have Fun

I have not been able to sleep in months.

No matter what I do I just can’t seem to drift into that peaceful sleep.

When I did get to sleep, my dreams are filled with her and all I can think about is kissing and licking and touching all over her body. I wasn’t expecting this to happen but I tried to suppress my feelings for her.

The guilt was threatening to control my every waking moment. I spent my days trying to deny what I was feeling.  I stressed so much about the situation that when it was time to lay my head on my pillow I spent more time staring at the ceiling wondering what it would be like to fuck her than actually sleeping.

She was a hard person to resist.

She was tall, long and lean. She was captivating, charming and beautiful. Her smile always melted me.

The first time I looked at her I could feel a spark between us. Her touch always made me shiver even if it was just a brief touch on my shoulder or arm.

No wonder I could not sleep.

It was strange to me. No woman has ever made me feel this way. Before I met her, I had never had an attraction to a woman. She and my feelings for perplexed me. Every time I thought about her I would get aroused and depressed at the same time.

Apart of me wished that I had met her first and then I could be with her. Then a wave of guilt overtakes me. I love my husband but there is just something that is pulling me towards her.

At my wedding, I was more focused on her than the groom by my side. Now a day went by I didn’t regret that I was married. Oh yes, I’m married to a wonderful man and I can’t stop fantasizing about this woman.

I just gave up on ever sleeping and resulted to hiding away and masturbating in the comfort of my bathroom to thoughts of her.

Whenever she was around I could feel my clit begin to drop and I felt a severe warmness between my legs. It didn’t help that she was around a lot. She was family.

I never knew if she felt the same way about me. I wished and hoped that she did and I made sure that when she was around I looked my best.

Eventually I noticed her eyes would stay on me burning holes through me. There were times when it felt like she was flirting with me. She would comment on my ass telling me it was nice and any man would be lucky to be able to hold onto that.

I would smile and laugh it off but deep down inside, I wanted her to hold on to me and do unspeakably naughty things to me

I was shocked the day my wish actually came true. My husband had to go away for business and I was stuck watching the kids alone. She volunteered to come over and help me out. Plus she wanted to spend some time with the kids. I was grateful for the help.  Yet I was elated for the opportunity to spend some more time with her. My sleepless nights always wished for this moment.

The day was very normal at first. We had lunch with the kids and took them shopping. Then we watched movies, ate dinner and then put the kids to bed.

It was in the kitchen when it all began.

I was loading the dishwasher when she again began to flirt.

“My goodness you have a fat ass.”

I stood and turned. She was leaning against the kitchen island sipping her glass of wine.

“Is that a good thing or bad thing?” I said.

She laughed.

“Oh, it’s a good thing. A very good thing,” she said licking her lips.

She sat her wine on the table and approached me. She stood very close to me. I could smell the sweet and bitter scent of the wine or her breath.

She walked a little closer.

“Have you ever been with a woman?”

I almost choked on my own saliva.

I swallowed.

“No,” I answered.

She smiled.

“You want to don’t you?”

I licked my lips.

“I see the way you look at me. You always look at me like you want to devour me.”

I was shocked at her words. I felt a rush of heat overtake me.

I resisted the urge to reach out and pull her closer. She read my mind and placed her lips on mine. I finally reached out and pulled her closer.

Despite how I have long been waiting for this, I just could not go through with it. Something in me was shouting that I needed this to stop no matter what I was feeling.

“We can’t,”

She placed a finger on my lips to silence me. She grabbed my hand and led me out of the kitchen to the living room and upstairs to my bedroom. Once we entered she began to undress me.

“We shouldn’t do this,” I weakly protested.

She paused and stared at me.

“Look, I know you want me much as I want you. I have always wanted and I am not going to let you deny what we feel. I can’t think straight unless I get your pussy in my mouth.”

I was shocked and turned on by her words.

I didn’t care anymore. Who needs to sleep? I would just have to deal with the guilt.

I began to undress and then climbed on the bed. She followed me and we began to kiss and touch.

She wiggled her way between my legs and we sensuously continued to kiss. My hands freely roamed her body and for some odd reason it felt like I was meant to be in this moment. I was supposed to meet her and I was supposed to love her in this way.

She sat up and just stared at my body. She situated herself between my legs again except this time she was on her knees and her lips were inches away from my pussy. She used her hands to spread my legs further apart and then she slowly pressed her tongue against my clit.

“Oh, that feels so good.”

She didn’t respond. She was too busy devouring me, licking and sucking and driving me crazy. I knew I had to be so wet, wetter than I have ever been in my life. I didn’t want her to stop. I ran my fingers through her hair as she continued to lap up my juicy cunt.

I didn’t think I could take it anymore. My orgasm was building and I was suddenly out of breath.

“Oh, please, oh.”

She could tell I was close. She inserted two fingers and slid them in and out as she continued to pay service to my dripping pussy. It didn’t take long after that. I came hard and fast rendering my legs and my whole body useless.

After I came, she crawled up my body and her pussy was hovering right above my mouth. I hesitated at first but then I remembered this is what I wanted. This is what I have been waiting for. She was right here waiting for me. I eased my tongue between the juicy folds of her pussy. I heard her moan and felt her body shiver above me.

She tasted sweet and I couldn’t get enough. My hands came up to cup her ass and I hungrily tasted her. She moaned her pleasure at my touch and began to grind her pussy against my lips and my tongue. The more I licked her, the harder she grinded until eventually my mouth filled with her juices and her moaning echoed throughout the room. She rolled off me breathing heavily placing her hand on her stomach. I set up wiping her juices from my mouth smiled.

“I’ve never made a woman come before.”

She laughed.

“You could have fooled me.”

We laid that way for a couple minutes until finally she was ready for more action.  She tangled her body with mine until her juicy pussy was touching mine. It was so sloppy and delicious. We grinded our bodies against each other, until once again we came hard against sheets spilling our juices soaking them through.

It was the most incredible sexual experience I’ve had in my life and thank goodness it wasn’t the last time.

We continued to see each other every chance we got. It was difficult finding good moments and times my husband would not be around but we seemed to and continued to fuck half the week away.

When Christmas time came around, I was a little depressed that she went out of town with a few of her friends. She said she wanted to get away and go somewhere warm, but I was here cold inside waiting on her return.

One day my husband decided we should have a New Year’s Eve party. He invited some friends and coworkers and I made sure he invited her. I anticipated getting her alone. When she arrived I could barely wait to get my hands on her. She brought a date to the party and I was a little jealous of him. I wondered if she was fucking him and it is then that I knew what I felt for her was more than sexual.

I took their coats and we exchanged a smile. Eventually we all ended up in the living room drinking and having a good time. She was seated next to me and every so often her leg brushed mine. An electrical current raced throughout my body. It was difficult for me to be a part of any conversation when my mind was focused on her and her tight wet pussy.

After a while of having drinks and waiting until midnight, she grabbed my hand and yanked me off the couch. She pulled me towards the Den.

Before we could escape inside, my husband called out to us.

“Hey! Where are you guys going?”

I froze, but she recovered remarkably.

“We just have some girl talk to catch up on. We will join you boys in a second.”

“Okay,” he said. “Don’t miss the countdown.”

We hurried into the room and closed the door. We wasted no time stripping each other naked. There was nothing but Christmas lights lighting the room and it was fitting as she was my late Christmas gift.

“I’ve been craving your sweet pussy all day,” she said.

I laughed.

“Why was I thinking the same thing…”


  1. Coincidentally, we've been craving your sweet pussy for a very long time!

    Hot story!


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