He walked circles around me trying to decide what he wanted to do with me. I sat there silently waiting for him to make up his mind. I had my preference but it was his decision.
To the right there was a small table that held elements of a punishment and he was deciding on one. I tried not to stare too hard at the one I wanted.
 It was not my decision.
I was afraid he would spite me and choose a different one.
Finally he stopped circling me and approached the small wooden table. I watched as his fingers grazed each object and wondered what it would be.
Suddenly he grabbed the handcuffs and an object that made me shiver. Nipple clamps. Though I loathed nipple clamps, he always found some way to give me intense pleasure while he used them.
He approached me then slowly disappeared behind me. My heart began to race with anticipation. He forcefully grabbed my arms and he pinned them behind me. My skin pressed into the back of the wooden chair.
My wrist stung as he slapped handcuffs on me securing me to the chair. To make me feel safe he kissed me softly on my shoulder. He walked around the chair to face me. Then he was on his knees in front of me. With a kiss on my lips he calmed me but to show me he still had the power he squeezed my nipples while his lips still held onto mine.
I cried out but my cries were muffled by his kiss. His tongue probed my mouth searching for something he would never fine.
He moved back and reached down on the floor beside him and grabbed the nipple clamps. One by one he placed them on my nipples. The pain was excruciating but I just took deep breaths waiting for the pleasure to begin. With the nipple clamps on, he stood and moved back to the table. He reached for the wooden paddle and smacked it against his hand. The sound it made brought me back to my memories and my pussy began to leak as I continued to reminisce. One more smack and I was slapped back into reality.
He approached me and fell back to his knees in front of me. He began to slowly drag the paddle
across my thighs. The wood of the paddle was cold and caused me to shudder. He only smiled about that. His goal was to punish and that is what he intended to do. I watched as his hands swung back the paddle make contact with my inner thigh. The pain rippled throughout my body and I cried out trying to cover myself and realizing my hands were still cuffed.
He swung again and made contact with the other thigh stinging the sensitive skin. My nipples were throbbing and now my thighs were feeling the intense pain. I struggled a bit trying to free myself from the chair. He laughed and told me I wasn’t going anywhere. He continued to spank and mercilessly beat my thighs until tears roll down my face and I was begging him to stop.
Begging was the key.
He liked it when I begged.
He dropped the paddle and leaned into me. His head dropped down and he brought his mouth between my legs. I watched as his tongue made contact with my inner thighs. His wet tongue soothes the burning and left my pussy so wet the throbbing in my vagina was much more painful than my thighs or my nipples.
After soothing my thighs, his focus went back to my nipples and his mouth  enclosed one over the small clamps. I threw my head back in ecstasy as he followed suit with the other nipple. His tongue draw circles around the throbbing bud.
Suddenly he moved away and the air hit the wetness he left on my nipples and I shivered. He stood and walked back over to the table. He grabbed a very large black dildo and came back over to me.
He got on his knees in front of me.
He parted my thighs wider to give him more access.
I waited for what he had in store for me. He dipped his head down and my body reacted violently to the first contact of his tongue to my clit. He lapped at my juices and the loud moans that hit my ears sounded like they were coming from somewhere else. He didn’t stop. His tongue drew circles on my clit and then he plunged it deep into my wet hole.
I was tortured by the fact that I couldn’t reach out and touch him. Then he was pleasuring me with the dildo. He pushed it in deep as his tongue finished the pressure on my clit. I could fill a massive orgasm building and it shook my body to the core
He knew my body and what was to come. He continued to fuck me with the dildo until I couldn’t take it anymore.
I exploded on him covering him, the chair and the floor with my cum. He didn’t seem fazed. He was used to it. He stood and walked to the other side of the room for a towel.
He was prepared.
He cleaned himself off and then gently cleaned me off wiping down my legs. Still recovering from a massive orgasm, I felt him unlocking my handcuffs and releasing my wrists. I pulled my arms around and hugged myself and continued to sit while my legs recovered. He released my nipples as well and placed all his tools of pain and pleasure back on the table.
I stood and without a word walked over to my clothes and redressed. Once done, I reached into my purse and pulled out a neatly folded bulk of bills. I handed the money to him and he smiled.
“Same time next week?”
I nodded and rushed out the door without a word trying to get home to my husband and kids.


  1. It's only kinky the first time...

  2. Well, Donnee. You sure have a way with description; I could not stop reading. Thank you. xoA

  3. Attention to detail make all the difference.

  4. I was completely surprised at the end, thinking it was her husband or lover. Great story.

  5. The last two paragraphs had me wondering whether he sanitizes his trade tools.


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