D is for Deviant

 is for Deviant

Sexual deviant to be exact.

So what is the societal definition of the sexual deviant? According to most dictionaries and most sources I found that a sexual deviant means a person with characteristics that vary from what is considered standard or normal when it comes to sex.
What is normal when it comes to sex? What is the standard?
There are some that think because I don’t mine a little kink, S&M or bondage once in a while that I’m a sexual deviant. Some people think that if you are attracted to the same sex that you are a sexual deviant.
Society dictates that what is considered to be normal. Most often society decides that what is normal relates to what is considered to be religiously moral. Despite the fact that not everyone believes the same religion or that some people do not follow a religion at all. What is moral to them is conventional boring sex between a man and a woman.
In that sense, any sex by a person other than missionary position only to procreate would make that person a sexual deviant.
However I feel the standard for what is normal with societal sex definitions is forever changing. With the success of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” books even bondage and S&M is no longer seen as out of the norm or inappropriate. Women are craving for their men to be like the main male character in the books.
With the definition of what is normal changing every day, it is hard to say someone is a sexual deviant based on the kinky things they like to do in bed.
Though I am not a big fan of planting labels on things or judging anything or anyone, I would have to say that my definition of a sexual deviant would lean towards a rapist or pedophile or anyone that forces someone to do anything against their will.  
Sexual deviant.
What is your definition?


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