E is for...

is for...Erotic Romance

I am in the middle of trying to get my books sold at a local bookstore here in Bakersfield. I take my kids to their story time and I finally got the courage to ask them if they would be willing to stock some of my books in the store. Once I initially asked, I had to then clarify that my book is an erotic novel.
That changed the excitement the owner asked. It said I needed to talk to the other owner. I pointed out that they have Fifty Shades of Grey in stock.
“Oh, well that is a national book.”
Most people, when they here that I write erotic novels, change their whole demeanor. I tried to sell my book at a festival and after reading my book they decided that they didn’t want me to sell there.
As an Erotic Romance writer I get that a lot.  
I recently wrote an email expressing how I wanted to sell my book at another fair.  I wanted to be upfront and tell what type of book it was. I even gave an Amazon link to the book. I was told that they would get back with me.
I can’t help but to think that if my book was any other genre there would not have been a reason to get back with me. It would not have been a problem.
Most people associate erotica or erotic romance with smut or porn. Why?
I spend just as much time as any writing developing full characters with normal regular lives that find themselves in situations that they struggle to deal with. And yes, they have sex. Most normal human beings have sex and yet to write about it is a problem. 
I hear “Children will be there.” If children are there does it mean they are going to buy my novel? I doubt if they do. It’s not like there is a naked picture on the cover.
I have to thank Fifty Shades of Grey for making erotica a little more excepted. Although I can write circles around E.L. James, I am glad that she has broken through and opened people up to the idea.
Some days I think that maybe I should write something else. I think I should just switch to romance or start writing Young adult novels just so I won’t get that “Oh, you write those kind of books” face from people.

Yet, that is probably not going to happen. I love to write erotica and I am good at making it sexual while giving an amazing story surrounding it.  


  1. Donnee,
    Don't let anyone discourage you from writing what you love to write. Maybe it's a niche market, but so are lots of other genres.

    You're stories are great, and you do have a following of people who enjoy reading them. Write for those people, not the ones telling you "it's porn".

    Congratulate yourself for being unique and not just following the crowd.

  2. Like Joan said above, I wouldn't let anyone discourage you from writing within a genre you're passionate about. I wouldn't worry about the people who just thinking you're producing porn and write for the following of people who love reading your great stories.

  3. Just a matter of curiousity on my part. You say you write erotica with a good story...have you tried "branding" your novel as romance first (or whatever genre best fits what you write)...noting in an aside it contains adult material?

    I'm not entirely sure what the dividing line is between romance with sexual descriptions and actual erotica so I may be way off base here but it's a thought.

    It seems to me that the issue is more in the label than anything else. If there's a way to take the label out of the spotlight?

    That said, I'm not saying I think you should have to do so...just wondering if it might help.

  4. I have read "Fifty Shades," but the nearly-comical writing has been oft-quoted and parodied. You write very well, and you have a genre that works for you, please don't give in or give up.


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