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“Are you having fun?” Brian screamed over the boisterous voices and the loud Hip-Hop music.
“Yes!” I yelled back continuing to slide my body against his. I was happy that he was into the skinny jeans fade because as I glided my body against his I could feel his erection and how much he wanted me.
The lights were bright but I didn’t care. I just wanted to have fun and forget about the awful way this night started.
Full moons always get me in the mood to do some wild and crazy things but I wanted to be indoors drinking, dancing and having fun. I tried online dating for the first time and after sitting for two hours waiting on a date that never showed up, I had time to think.  Who could I get to come home with me tonight?
 So when the restaurant bartender offered to show me a good time, I said what the hell. I might as well start tonight.  That is how I ended up with Brian in this club dancing my troubles away.  
It didn’t hurt that he was very attractive. He was tall and slim yet muscular.  He had dark hair with deep brown eyes. But at that point it wouldn’t have mattered. I was going to drink until everyman looked good.
With alcohol coursing through my veins, I let him lead me to the dance floor.  I’m not much of a dancer except when I’m drunk.  I dance with abandonment when I’m drunk. We danced for hours, way into the early morning.  Sweat dripped down my neck and his body was so close to mine I was beginning to get aroused.
Eventually it was time for the club to close to my dismay. I was having such a good time I didn’t want to go.
I had taken a taxi to the restaurant and Brian drove me to the club so he decided to drive me home. I anticipated ripping his clothes off his body and just engage in free animalistic sex all night long. I was easy pickings tonight.
Tonight, for a change I wanted to be the prey.
Yet, instead of driving me home, I noticed that he passed my street and kept on driving.
“My house is that way.” I replied.
He chuckled.
“I’m not taking you home.” He said nonchalantly.
I was intrigued.
“Then where are you taking me?”
He didn’t answer he just kept his eyes on the road. The pleasantness and trust worthiness that I saw in his eyes were gone. He seemed like a different person.
An emotion took over me, an instinct that I had to force back deep down inside.
I noticed that he was taken me away from the city where there were no people or city lights to block the view of the sky, of the stars, of the moon.
He stopped the car on an abandoned street in the woods. The full moon illuminated the sky and made the stars next to it seem dull.
He got out the car and came to my side. He snatched opened the door and tried to pull me out of the car. I knew that if I were to let him get me out of the car one of us was going to end up dead. I fought for a few minutes I reached for anything to keep me in the car. My fingernails broke on the pieces of his car I was holding to.
Gear shift, seat, seatbelt strap, nothing seemed to work and it felt like he was going to break my ankle trying to pull me out of the car. Finally I could not hold on any longer. He pulled out for what I knew would be the last time and my face hit the car and then was full of dirt as he decided to drag me to what I thought was my final destination.
It seemed like this was not the first time he had taken this path. Finally he stopped dragging me and turned me over. He kneeled down where I was and he began to rip my clothes from my body. 
For some odd reason I didn’t fight him. My eyes were trained on the full moon in the sky and the odd way the stars seemed to make it brighter. I was held in a trance.
I didn’t fight when he began to rape me.  I just struggled deep down in my soul to stop my carnal instincts from taking control. He raped me for what seemed like forever and the longer he took to get this over with the harder it was for me.
When he was finally done, he reached in his pocket and pulled out something shiny.
A knife!
Naked and struggling I began to crawl as fast as I could to get away from him.  He easily caught me and pulled me by the hair. He yanked my head back so far exposing my neck.
The knife sliced cleanly across my neck and I could feel the pain and the warm blood oozing from my wound and down my naked body. He pushed me down and I rolled onto my back
That was it.
I could not control it anymore.
It was taking over me and soon I would no longer be me. I would cease to exist and then it would all be over. I looked up again as he began to stab me in the chest and the abdomen. He was determined to kill me and snuff out my light. But he didn’t know my secret.
I closed my eyes for a second. My senses increased and I could smell everything much clearer.  I could hear his panting and I knew he was going to leave until he knew I was dead.
Then I could feel my body changing. My eyes shot opened and they were no longer my own. I heard a gasp him from but I was not focused on his reaction. My eyes were glued to the bright full moon in the sky.
At first my wounds began to heal.
“What the fuck!” I heard him say.
I smiled.
Then my hands began to grow longer and no longer looked human. The rest of my body did the same transforming until there was nothing left of my humanity.
The beast was called.
I have no memory after that.
When I came to, I was in a hospital room. I had an IV and other things attached to me. I started removing tubes and everything else attached to me.
A nurse came in and tried to stop me.
“Relax, you were in a traumatic event and you need to relax.”
“Why am I here?” I asked

She sighed.
“Maybe I should wait for your family…”
I nearly leaped off the bed.
“Tell me what happened.”
“If I tell you will you get back in bed? Doctor wants to keep you overnight.”
I climbed back in bed.
Satisfied, she began.
“Some nearby in a cabin heard a high pitched shriek and then a loud growl. He was afraid at first. It is known that there were wolves in those woods. Well he hesitated before going out to check. Eventually he came out and found you passed out and your boyfriend…”
She stopped then to swallow
“You are lucky you made it is all I’m gonna say.”
I leaned my head on the people and asked her calmly.
“What happened to my…boyfriend?”
“Well, he didn’t make it. The wolf almost completely ate him alive. There were only parts of him and some ID. I am so sorry.”
Eventually after checking my blood pressure, which was extremely high, she left and said she would be back with my medicine.
I laid there and stared at the ceiling. I was numb and not sure how to feel.

As the bright moon beams poured through my window I could faintly hear the sound of a wolf’s howl.


  1. I am not a Halloween kinda girl, but I admire you put the scariness into this story. Scary, Donnee, but it kept my interest. Thank you. xoA

  2. You had me on edge, and surprised me several times in this piece. The good girl won, the bad guy bit the dust. That's always a good thing.


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