I'll Kill For You: Part 1

Her lips felt plump and soft as I kissed them I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest and my arousal growing. I laid her naked body on the bed and just stared at her thick thighs, large beautiful breasts and dripping wet pussy.
I hurriedly took my clothes off. I was anxious to join her in bed so that I could taste her and feel for the night like she belonged only to me.

No matter how hard I washed it felt like I couldn't remove the stench of my crime off me. My heart was racing and I found it difficult to breathe. I slid down the tiled walls of my shower and landed on my ass on the cold slate tile. I just held myself while the water gushed from the shower head and hit me all over. I just stared straight ahead my eyes glazed over wondering how I let this happen. I didn’t think I could ever accomplish such a heinous crime.

Without hesitation I went straight for the beautiful flower between her legs that leaked profusely her sweet nectar. She grabbed my head as she moaned loudly. My tongue reached her tender bud.  Her legs open even further as she threw her arms over her head gripping the sheets tightly.
“Oh Vanessa , you make me feel so good.”
I didn’t respond. I was taught not to talk with my mouth full and at the moment… it was full of her sweet juiciness. She squirmed as I worked her harder by thrusting my tongue in and out of her pussy. I loved this woman so much and wanted her in my bed every night so I can just sleep in her pussy.

I thought that my ears had deceived me. It was another dark evening when I had a couple hours to spend with her. We made love and while I was still recovering from my intense orgasm when she popped the question
 “Will you kill my husband?”
I was dumbfounded and my head started to swirl with all kinds of thoughts. She must have thought that I didn’t hear so she asked again.
“I need you kill my husband. You think you can do that for me?”

She came hard in my mouth screaming my name telling me I was the only one she wanted. When she recovered she came to me and took my breasts in her mouth and slid her tongue around my nipple.
I caressed her hair gently as she tasted each breast. I love the she took her nipple between her teeth and tongue looked at it. It was these moments when she knew she had me.
She sucked my nipples while she slid 2 fingers inside of me working in and out slowly.
She was driving me crazy. She loved that she could do that to me. She giggled.
“Oh I want you to come with my fingers inside of you so I can feel your sweet walls tighten around my fingers.”
“You are a bad girl Teresa,” I said breathing heavily.
“I’m your bad girl. I am all yours.”
Oh how I wished that were true, I thought.

“Kill your husband?” I asked.
“It’s either him or me,” she said.
“What does that mean?” I asked sitting up in bed.
“You know how often he beats me? Look…,” She says showing me a large bruise on her leg.
“He did that to you?”
She nodded
“Why don’t you just leave him?” I said. “Divorce him and come be with me.”
Suddenly she began to cry. I hated when she cried.
“He’s going to kill me if I try to leave,” she said between sobs.” He told me so and he is a private investigator. I can’t get away. He will find me.”
I held her while she sobbed.

 I hated her husband. No man should threaten or physically abuse a woman. It brought on a rage I didn’t know was inside of me. He deserved to be dead. He didn’t deserve to be on this planet and I could not let him hurt her again. Yet, I was I capable of taking a life?


  1. Great beginning to a story. Lots of twists and turns I didn't expect. Waiting for Part 2... :)


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