One Night Stand Chronicles : Fiona

It was dark and awkward. My truck was not the best place to have sex. The wasn’t very much room and every time I thrust, I fucked up my knees. She was very petite so it should not have been a problem, but her legs were wrapped around me so tight, it took more work to fuck her in this cramped space.
Yet, I could not stop. Her pussy was too damn good. It was so good that if her entire family came in this tree house and busted us fucking, I would not stop until I came.
And…that is very possibly a scenario that could likely happen. I mean, who fucks a girl directly in front of her sister’s house with a party going on in the backyard? Me, I guess. I am the stupid and horny motherfucker that would do something like this. Would I make this decision again? Yes…in a heartbeat.

The house was loud and boisterous. This was not what I was expecting. When Carolina asked me over to her house, I didn’t realize it would be a family BBQ in progress when I arrived. It threw me for a loop when her brother opened the door and looked me up and down.  He wasn’t happy that his sister invited her black date over. I wasn’t happy she invited me either. The last thing you want to do is meet the parents when all you want to do is fuck.
Carolina was looking very pretty in a long flowing skirt with a halter on giving you a nice view of her shoulders. It was a type of sexy that men could fuck like crazy and still bring her home to mom.
However, my eyes kept drifting to her sister Fiona. Fiona was dressed in a very short sundress that hugged her curves and left little to the imagination. This made it very difficult for me to stick around. , I was staring at her way too much and that was a bad idea given the fact that her brothers kept giving me the death stare every few seconds.
My erection was becoming too obvious so I decided that I would sneak away.  I excused myself and headed inside the house so I could exit through the front door.  Once outside I picked up the pace and almost made it to my car when a voice said,
“You’re leaving already?”
Shit, I thought.  I was so close.
I turned around to find Carlina’s sister Fiona standing there with one hand on her hip and a very seductive smile on her face. I had only met Fiona once before. Carlina and I picked her up from the airport one time. I thought she was just as beautiful and sexy as her sister. Yet, she had a more youthful and flirty air about her.
“Yea, I have to get up early in the morning.” I replied.
She crossed the street and met me at my car. She leaned against it and puckered her lips into a three year old’s pout.
“But we didn’t get to have any fun.”
“We will just have to have fun another time.” I said unlocking my SUV.
She came from behind wrapping her arms around me and grabbed a hold of my throbbing dick.
“What are you doing?” My body was reacting violently to her touch. I just seemed to get harder and harder.
“I know you want me. I saw the way you were looking at me when you guys picked me up. I just want to let you know that I want you too…right now.”
This would be the stupidest thing I could possibly do, I thought.  Her entire family including Carlina is a few feet away from us in the backyard. We would definitely get caught.
“Get in,” I said listening to my throbbing dick instead of my logical brain. 
She squealed and climbed inside. I followed and closed the door behind us. We climbed in the back and she immediately began to undress me. She pulled down my pants and underwear.
She lifted her dressed and I saw she came prepared. No panties.

We began to kiss while I played with her pussy. She moaned and threw back her head as I fucked her with my fingers. She pulled away and giggled.
“What’s so funny?” I asked.
She looked at my dick and smiled.
“I’m just thinking about how hard you’re going to come in my mouth.”
I almost came just hearing those words.
She took the shaft of my dick and started working it twisted and pulling. She then added her mouth sucking and working it with her hand at the same time. I moaned placing my hand on her head. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I let her go down on me until I was close to coming. Then I bent her over the back seat facing my trunk and rear window.
I began to fuck her hard. The sound of her bare ass slapping against me played on my psyche almost making me erupt sooner than I wanted. I continued to fuck her this way and as I said…fucking up my knees in the process..
Suddenly there was knocking on the side window and we froze. My windows were tinted but I still freaked out as if they could see us. Then I heard…
“I know you guys are in there.”
“Shit!” Fiona said struggling to turn around and pull her dress back down.  “That’s my sister.”
“I know.” I said trying to get dressed myself.
“What are we going to do?” she asked.
“Well, we are going to have to face her.
Fiona didn’t like that idea but she knew we had to. We stepped out of the car and the entire family was standing staring at us.
My brain was searching trying to get some blood back in that region so I could figure out what to do. No one said a word for a few seconds. We just all stared at each other. 
I panicked and jumped into the driver seat and locked all the doors. That woke everyone up. They all started banging and pounding on my car. Her brothers were throwing curse words in Spanish at me and I saw Carlina in the arms of her mother crying her eyes out.
I didn’t want to leave Fiona by herself in that chaos, but…I didn’t want to risk getting beat up by her brothers so I started the car, stepped on the gas and got the fuck out of there.

It has been a few years since that happened and I am still paranoid her brothers are going to find me and kick my ass.


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