Hidden Truths: Part 6 - Encounters

“WHAT?” I yelled over the loud music.
“CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK?” he screamed back.
I shook my head.
I had enough to drink for the evening. Plus I could tell this guy wanted more than just to buy me a drink.
He was tall, with dark skin and bald with muscles to spare. His smile would probably send shivers down any woman’s spine. He had been eyeing me from across the club for awhile. My friend Melinda encouraged me to go over and check him out. I declined. She left me to for the dance floor while I stayed behind drinking myself into oblivion.
That’s when apparently chocolate muscles guy decided to approach me.
“Do you want to dance?” he asked moving closer so I could hear him better.
I just shook my head again. He moved uncomfortably closer.
“C’mon, just one dance.”
“No, thank you,” I replied turning back around in my seat taking a sip of my drink.
“Fine then, BITCH! I was doing you a favor,” he said storming off onto the crowded dance floor.
I laughed.
That rude son of a bitch was one reason why I hated dating. I politely turned him down and I get called a bitch! Unbelievable! I finished my Jack Daniels and coke and headed for the dance floor. I needed to find Melinda and Taylor and let them know I was out of here. Chocolate muscle-head guy was the last straw. I didn’t want to be here anyway. I only came because Melinda and Taylor were right. I needed to get over Rocco and quick.
Every since he called it quits or rather asked for some space, I’ve been pretty down. I didn’t completely understand how much I cared about him until he was gone. It didn’t’ t do me any good to mope around pining for him. He didn’t want me so I needed to move on.
Because of that, I let my friends talk me into going out to the club with them tonight. I found out quickly how big of a mistake that was. I spent most of the time turning down desperate men and knocking back drinks.
I stumbled through the crowd of people until I found Melinda. She was grinding on some tall white boy whose hands seemed to travel all over her body. Her bright red hair was matted to her face from the sweat.
“Melinda!” I yelled.
She didn’t hear me. She continued to dance swinging her hair smacking the poor guy in the face. I moved closer and grabbed her arm.
She turned to look at me. Her eyes were bloodshot and pale skin was almost translucent.
“Anna,” she began. “Let’s dance!” She grabbed my hands and began to lead me.
“Melinda, no,” I said snatching my hands from hers. “I’m ready to go home. Where is Taylor?”
“She and Jake are in the VIP area,” she said pointing toward the back of the room. I could barely see where she was pointing through the throngs of people.
“Anna, you should stay. Next round is on me.”
I shook my head and waved goodbye to her. The last thing I needed was more drinks. I needed to get out of this club before I vomited all over their nice floor. I weaved through the crowd in the direction Melinda pointed searching for the VIP area.
I broke through the mesh of people to find a few roped off areas that were shaded by closed curtains. I interrupted a lot of people pulling open curtains looking for Taylor and Jake. I was hoping that one of them would be sober enough to drive me home. We would have to just drag Melinda out with us. Can’t leave a man behind.
I pulled back a curtain and found Taylor and her boyfriend Jake making out. Taylor’s tube top was pulled down to her waist and Jake was pleasuring himself while he sucked on her breasts.
“I didn’t know this was a sex club,” I commented.
They both jumped up. Taylor pulled up her top and Jake stuffed himself back into his pants. I was too drunk to even appreciate what I had seen.
“Anna,” she said. “You scared us shitless.”
I laughed as I walked over and plopped down on the leather couch. Taylor sat down next to me.
“Dude, you are so wasted,” she said.
I laughed and settled into the cushions.
“Please tell me one of you is sober enough to drive me home,” I said.
They looked at each other, and then they burst into laughter.
“Why don’t you call a Lyft car?” Jake asked me.
“Because I hate being plastered in a car with a stranger. I’m paranoid about that.”
Jake grabbed his phone.
“Look, I have a friend I know and trust that can give you a ride home. I was going to call him if I
needed a ride. He can take you home.”
I saw him put the phone to his ear then walk out of between the curtains. I assumed he was going outside because he wouldn’t be able to hear anything in this place.
I lay back on the couch and listened to the music. Before long I was sound asleep.

Sunlight pierced through the deep blue drapes covering the windows. I moved to sit up but was stopped by a striking pain. My head hurt way too much for any sudden movements. My stomach felt raw as well.  I rolled over in the bed and tried to escape the sunlight when it hit me.
My bedroom does not have blue drapes.
I tried to sit up but was hit with another jolt of pain and the realization…I was not in my own bed!
I squinted my eyes and let them dart around the room as best as they could. I tried to determine where I was and how much danger I was in. After a thorough scan I realized I had been in this bedroom before. I felt relief and confusion.
Suddenly the door swung open and in walked Rocco carrying a glass of water. He approached the bed with a smile on his face.
“Good morning my hung-over beauty. How did you sleep?”
I had way too many questions to ask. I couldn’t worry about how well I slept. Like, how the fuck did I end up in Rocco’s bed?
“What the hell is going on here?” I asked placing my hand over my eyes shielding them from the stream of light.
“Well, Jake called me and asked me to come and pick you up. He and Taylor were hammered but they still wanted to stay and party with Melinda.”
I had no memory of that. The last thing I could recall was sitting on the couch in the VIP room and then…nothing.
“That still doesn’t explain why I am here.” I said.
He chuckled.
“I came into the club, after I had to pay their stupid cover charge, and found you passed out on a couch in the back. I carried you to my car and then here to my place.
“Why not take me home?”
He shook his head.
“I didn’t want to leave you there alone. You might have died or something.”
“Well, that’s optimistic,” I said still covering my eyes.
He sat down on the bed next to me.
“You didn’t see how drunk you were or remember how much you vomited. I almost took you to the hospital.”
I felt terrible all around. My head ached, my body hurt and I was embarrassed. I hated that Rocco had to see me that drunk. It was partially his fault. He just cut me off. He couldn’t take that I had feelings for him. Now he was here watching over me like he cared about my well-being.
“Why did you come? You made it clear you were done with me.”
He reached out and placed his hand on my leg.
“I made it clear that we needed some time apart. That didn’t mean I wouldn’t help you when you needed me.”
I sighed.
I didn’t want to admit I drank because I thought I had completely lost him.
“Here,” he said grabbing the glass off the table. “ drink this water. You’re going to need it.”
I drank the water then lay down on the bed. Before long I was fast asleep.

I awoke to find Rocco laying in bed next to me. He was laying on his side facing me eyes closed. I had to take note of how gorgeous he was. Not only that, he was smart, funny and very sexy. My heart pounded in my chest as I gazed at him wishing he felt about me the way I feel about him.
My head was feeling better yet my stomach felt raw and empty. I needed food and something else to drink. Yet, I didn’t want to wake him with my movements so I just laid there and watched him. I realized it was now dark in the room. There was no more sunlight. I sat up slowly and looked at the clock on his side table.
Wow, I had slept the entire day away.
I lay back down and continued to watch him. He looked so peaceful. I had an immense urge to kiss him. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. I pulled back and watched as a smile crossed his face.
“Sneaking a kiss?” he asked opening his eyes.
I didn’t say a word. I just leaned over again to kiss him again. This time he kissed me back. We kissed for awhile our hands exploring each other’s bodies. I was still fully clothed in my black backless dress. Rocco helped me undress kisses and licking exposed skin as he did. When he was done he undressed himself while I watched with my mouth watering.
I still wasn’t feeling all that great. It didn’t matter, however. I wanted to make love to him no matter what. He wanted me at that moment as much as I wanted him. He hungrily kissed me and I slipped my fingers into his hair. His kisses were full of unbridled desire.
He climbed between my legs as we continued to kiss. Then his lips left my mouth and made a trail down my body stopping when it reached my breast taking a nipple inside.
“Ohhh…,” I moaned as his tongue circled one nipple while his fingers teased and pinched the other. Through the pleasure, I couldn’t help but to think about my feelings and whether I was just falling back into the trap of just being his booty-call and nothing more. Was I leading myself right into the arms of heartache?
He slipped his fingers between my legs and those thoughts, for the moment, washed away. He moved them in and out of me driving me crazy. His tongue continued to lap at my nipples and taking as much of my breast as he could into his mouth. I couldn’t take much more. His fingers were playing dangerously close to my g-spot and I could feel my orgasm rising.
He suddenly stopped his exploration inside of me. He slid down until his head was between my legs. His tongue made contact with my clit and I came hard feeling the vibrations from my head to my toes.
He took his time to put on a condom before he entered me. His movements weren’t rushed or hurried. He wanted to take his time slowly pulling out then sliding back in deep.
“Ohh…” we moaned in unison.
He made loved to me slowly grinding while we kissed. When he came he groaned burying his face into my neck. I held him tight as I came again. It wasn’t as powerful as the first but my legs were shaking after it.
We lay that way, him on top of me and my legs and arms wrapped around his waist, for awhile.
Finally, I spoke.
“Does this mean you no longer need space?” I asked.
I needed to know where I stood with him. I knew he wasn’t ready or willing to make a commitment despite my desire to be his one and only. I was in deep and wondered is at least he still wanted to be around. He sat up moving his face from my neck.
“Shhh…,” he said. “I’m starving.” He added.
He climbed off me and made sure he didn’t drop the condom as he made his way to the bathroom.
I sighed and sat up. With my head starting to pound again, I leaned against the pillows and folded my arms across my chest.

I wasn’t satisfied with his reply.


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