Hidden Truth: Part 7 Hiding

“This movie sucks!” I exclaimed.
Rocco laughed.
We were sitting in his living room watching a movie he picked out. It was an old film from the 1980s that so far bored me so much I thought I was going to pass out and fall into a comma.
“This is a classic. How can you not like it?” he asked taking a handful of popcorn into his mouth.
I sighed.
“It’s just a bunch of boring conversations. I like more action in the movies I watch.”
He smiled and moved over closer to me on the couch. He moved my hair out of the way exposing my neck. He leaned in and began to place kisses on me.
“Stop,” I said giggling. “What are you doing?”
“You said you like action,” he began placing another kiss on my neck. “I thought maybe we could spark up some action of our own.”
He leaned in closer and we kissed. I pulled back placing my hands on his chest.
“Whoa! Let’s just keep watching this boring movie you picked out,” I said reaching over and grabbing the bowl of popcorn from the table in front of us.
“What’s going on with you, kid?” he asked leaning back folding his arms across his chest.
“I don’t understand…” I lied.
I knew what he was talking about. For the past month we have let go of the notion we would give each other space and resumed spending all of our free time together. However, I have been pulling back sexually. I‘ve used everything in my power to keep from having sex with him. I needed to know if we didn’t have sex, he would stick around. So, I refused sex on many occasions. It seems it had finally gotten to him.
“Why are you avoiding being…intimate with me?”Are you bored with me? Because I have an entire arsenal I haven’t even showed you yet,” he said.
I laughed. I had to admit. It was difficult to resist him, especially when he was talking like a man with an erotic plan.
“An entire arsenal huh?” I licked my lips. “I’m interested.
We kissed again. Our tongues tasting, wrapping around each other.
He pulled back.
“You still haven’t answered my question.”
I sighed.
“I just have no plan of being used and tossed away. I know you only see me as one thing. I was hoping you would see me as more if I…held out some.”
He placed his hand on my cheek. He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my lips.
“Did anybody tell you, you think too much?” he inquired.
I pursed my lips and pretended I was in deep thought.
“Everyday,” I answered. “Your point?” I added with a smile.
“My point, cara mia, is that you have no clue what I want or about any plan I have or don’t have.”
I folded my arms across my chest.
“I know you broke up with me a couple of months ago because shit was getting too real for you.” I reminded him.
He breathed in then let it out through his nose. He ran his fingers through his hair.
“That’s…” he began.
I could tell he was struggling with what he wanted to say.
“You’re right,” he admitted. “I wasn’t ready to say or feel what I felt about you at the time. I knew where you wanted this relationship to go and I wasn’t ready for that.”
“So how do you really feel now?” I asked not sure if I was ready to hear the answer.
He smiled.
“You’re growing on me, kid,” he said.
I knew it was his way of telling me he was falling for me. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. However, I didn’t want him to see how happy that made me. I raised an eyebrow.
“I’m growing on you? Huh?”
He shook his head.
“I see you need further evidence I like having you around?”
“If you want me to believe you, you’re going to have to prove it.”
He pulled me close and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He placed his lips on mine and we kissed. It was sensual and seductive. His arms wrapped around my waist and I melted into him. He moved back and looked me up and down his eyes taking in all of me. It turned me on immensely. The heat between my legs intensified. He pulled me over until I straddled him and my skirt rose up my thighs. His hands ran up and down my body until he lifted my shirt over my head.
Exposing my bra and a good amount of bare skin, he took advantage of that kissing and licking the exposed flesh. He reached behind me and undid my bra releasing my breasts. He took one in his mouth and I moaned as his tongue swirled around my nipples. My pussy anticipated his hard erection inside of me. I began to grind on him feeling his hardness against my panty covered pussy. He moaned feeling me against him. His hands gripped my ass as I grinded and bounced on him.
“Let me fuck you, baby,” he asked.
I climbed off him and pulled down my panties. He watched until finally he stood and removed his pants and shirt. Clad only in his underwear, he dropped to his knees in front of me and lifted one of my legs on his shoulder. Then he was eating my pussy making my legs wobble and shake from the pleasure.

Bang! Bang!

There was a knock at the door. We both froze.
“Who the fuck could that be?” he asked rhetorically.
He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and walked over to the door. He looked out the peephole and in an instant he was back over to me. He was frantic rushing to put back on his clothes. Then he was grabbing my clothes from the couch and the floor shoving them into my arms.
“Get upstairs!” he said. “I’ll meet you up there in a minute.”
I was in a daze. I didn’t think I heard him correctly. Who was at the door?
“What’s going on Rocco?”
He just grabbed me by the arm with my clothes in my hand and pulled me toward the stairs.
“Go to my bedroom…”
He was interrupted by another knock on the door.
“Please baby,” he said. “Go upstairs.”
I didn’t ask him anything else. I grabbed my bra from his hand and ran upstairs. He went over to the door. When he turned his back I stopped and stooped down on the stairs. I needed to know why he was rushing me upstairs and who was at the door. I hid in the shadow of the landing and watched. I was expecting to see another woman or something. Maybe he was hiding a girlfriend or a crazy ex he wanted to shield me from.
When he opened the door, in walked a man dressed in jeans and an untucked buttoned up collared shirt. He was about the same height as Rocco and looked like he could be his twin except he was older. The hint of gray hair gave it away. It was no mistaken that they were related. I assumed it was one of his brothers.
While they talked and discussed something thoughts swirled around in my head. He was so frantic to get rid of me and hide me from his brother. I saw the look in his eyes when he saw who was at the door. He didn’t want him knowing that I was there. Why?
Instantly I began to comprehend what was going on. Maybe “growing” on him didn’t mean what I thought it did. I felt stupid for falling for him and believing that I was anything more than a friend with benefits.
I continued to watch them talk. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but while they chatted I slipped on my underwear and my shirt. My feelings were hurt and I just wanted to get out of his house before I fell apart. I couldn’t help but to sense I was just going to get my heart broken and I needed to get out of this before I got any closer to him.  When he said he needed space I should have used that as my ticket away from a broken heart. Now I am sitting here crying on his stairs because he was frightened of his brother finding me here.
His brother handed him a manila envelope and some papers before they hugged and he left. Rocco closed the door behind him. I sat on the step and waited for him to come up. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs when he saw me. He sighed. I knew he could see the tears streaming down my face.
“Darling, why are you crying?” he asked taking a step toward me.
I put my hand up.
“No. Stop,” I said. “You want to know why I am crying?”
I stood and began to walk down the stairs toward him.
“I’m crying because your brother shows up and you shove me upstairs like a secret you want to hide. You just said you wanted more than just sex but as soon as someone from your family shows up I have to hide. Do you understand how that makes me feel?” I asked.
I tried to walk past him but he grabbed my arm.
“Wait, let me explain…”
“There is nothing to explain,” I said snatching my arm from his grasp. “I’m going home.”
I finished my journey down the stairs and over to the couch. I grabbed my wallet that was squished between the couch cushions. I slipped on my shoes and headed for the door.
“Anna, there is no reason for you to go. You are reading more into this. You were half naked. No, I don’t want my brother to see you half naked.”
“You didn’t want your brother to see me period. Just admit it.”
I walked to the front door and he blocked my exit.
“Just let me leave.” I said.
“Anna, just listen. You are wrong about this. I…”
“I need some space.” I said using his previous words against him.
I was angry and knew it was because I was hurting inside. I hated to feel so vulnerable. I put myself out there and I felt rejected. I just wanted to get away so I could break down.
He stared at me for a minute searching my eyes. Then he inhaled deeply then let it out.
“Fine, you can have all the space you need. Then please let me explain what happened here tonight. I see that you are angry and I want to give you time to calm down.”
He moved out of the way to let me leave. I reached for the door and he grabbed my arm.
“I want you to know that everything I said was true. Everything!”
I opened the front door and walked down the driveway to my car.

Tears sprung from my eyes and I felt like an idiot. Why did I fall for a man that doesn’t really want me. I vowed at that moment I would get him out of my system and move on. Just how I would do that…I didn’t know. 


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