Book Synopsis - Down and Dirty

Kimberly Lawson oozed sex appeal, and that piece of information was not lost on her. In fact, making a man beg for the jewels hidden between her thighs was paramount to her survival. Her job as a hostess at the hottest nightclub in town put her in contact with some of the most high-powered men in the city and afforded her the luxury of not having to go to far to find her next john. Of course, any man who was given the opportunity to uncover her secret treasures walked away with what dignity she had left.

Malcolm Johnson was no stranger to Kimberly’s secrets. Naturally, he had a few secrets of his own. As a defense attorney, no one knew how he was able to get the slimiest criminals back on the streets. As a husband, no one knew that he lied to his wife every night telling her he was working late. As a man, no one knew about his addiction- to sex.

Including the little brother that looked up to him. Kenneth Johnson was jealous of his big brother. He envied the happy family that Malcolm had and hoped one day he would have one of his own. Coming home alone every night was taking its toll on Kenneth and he was at the end of his rope looking for that one black woman he could make his wife. Then one day, he was blind-sided by a sultry and sexy hostess at a local nightclub and his hope of starting a family was renewed.

Kimberly believed Kenneth could make a woman change. She never thought a man could be interested in anything more than sex when it came to her. She could get used to being loved and pampered. However, when Malcolm finds out that the woman his little brother loves is the whore who gave him a ride for his money and who also knew his secret; he would stop at nothing to break them apart.

This erotic novel digs into secret lives and the consequences when they are revealed because when all their secrets collide, the story gets really Down and Dirty.


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