Lusty Encounters: The Dark (The Conclusion)

He never stopped and he was never satisfied.  No matter how hard he fucked me and no matter how many times he came, he was never fulfilled. 

My pussy was sore but it continued to be wet and waiting for him.  His masculine energy consumed me and though there was fear in my mind, my body acted positively to his touch.

I could tell that after the last time he came in my mouth he was getting bored with this.  He paced the room.  I watched him.  I had no choice.  I could not take my eyes off his body.  His pale and still hard member was begging to be sucked again. 

“This is not enough,” he claimed.

I was afraid of what more he wanted. Panic and fear raised his ugly head again and I was afraid.  I couldn’t do the job and I couldn’t satisfy him.  What happens now?

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. 

He turned his back to me and rummaged in a drawer.  He slowly and casually retrieved a knife.  It was big, shiny and looked to be very sharp.  I felt my heart race increase.  This was it I thought.  He’s going to cut my throat and that would be it.

If only I could be so lucky. 

He climbed on the bed and force my legs open more.  He brought the knife up and showed it to me.

“Are you afraid?” he asked rubbing the knife on my clit. 

“Yes,” I answered afraid to move.  I couldn’t help it.  My body started to shake with fear.

“You should be.” He replied.

I watched as his head disappeared between my legs.  His tongue entered me and licked my cum and his cum from my dripping pussy.  It felt incredible and the pleasure made me feel so good.

But my pleasure didn’t last too long. 

I felt a sharp pain jolt through my body.  It felt like I had been struck by lightning.  I screamed. He raised his head and there was blood pouring from his mouth.  He had sunk his sharp teeth into my thigh.  I could not believe it.  I saw my blood on his lips and I almost fainted.

“What are you?” I managed to ask through the pain.

He didn’t answer.  He just licked off the blood off his mouth and pulled out the knife.

He began to slice my thighs. They were very thin and painful slices. 

I screamed after each one and he would smile.  I watched him lick the blood from my thighs and it did something to him.  He seemed manic and crazed from the blood as if he couldn’t get enough. 

I was in so much pain that it was so hard for me to think about anything else.  I was feeling week and lost my urge to fight at all.  He was not controlling my mind anymore.  He was reveling the fact that I wanted to fight and was too weak to do anything about it. 

“Please,” I pleaded weakly. “Let me go.”

He looked up at me.  My blood was on his lips and he slowly licked it off. He tilted his head to the side and smiled maliciously. 

“You’re never going anywhere.  You’re mine don’t you see?  You’re mine until I’m done.”

I couldn’t do anything else but cry.  I wanted to go home but I couldn’t get away.  I struggled in vain to release myself from the shackles. 

I watched as he continued his exploration of my body pausing to cut small wounds and licking off the blood.  As he licked he would stroke his hard cock. He possessively slid his hand up and down the shaft.  I could feel myself slowing going in and out of consciousness.  I fought to stay wake.  I didn’t want to die like this. 

I closed my eyes praying that I would see my family again.  I jerked when I felt him enter me again.  He didn’t let up he was very rough and my sore yet still wet hole was withering in pain.  I heard someone pleading and begging him to stop.  It took minutes before I recognized my own voice.  He ignored me of course until I felt him shutter getting very close to coming. 

He pulled out this time and came hard on my bloody thighs.  I screamed.  It burned so bad.  Without hesitating he climbed on top of me and cut a slit on my right breast.  He slowly licked off the blood, lapping and slurping like a cat drinking milk. 

When he was done he began to lick me on the neck panting.  I noticed that he was flaccid now.  It brought hope that maybe now he would let me go.  He did say I was his until he was done.  That hope was soon gone. 

He looked at me and smiled and I knew he was not letting me go. He jerked my neck to the side and let his tongue slide up to my ear.  I watched as he opened his mouth showing his sharp canine looking teeth.  He brought his mouth to my neck and I felt a sharp and undeniable pain that shook my body. I heard a slurping sound in my ear and I knew this was it.  He was done…

And so was I.


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