Lusty Encounters: The Dark (part 3)

I awoke in the same room with feeling groggy.  I tried to move and realized quickly that I was shackled to the bed by my wrist and ankles.  I was afraid and yet so happy that I was still alive.  The only problem was, I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be alive. 

I looked down and realized I was in only my bra and panties.  I tried to release myself from the shackles but they were so tight and it seems the more I tried the tighter they became.  So out of breath from struggling I just lay there. I tried hard to think of ways to get me out of this mess.

Suddenly the door swings open and in walks my captor.  He walked in slowly his eyes trailing up and down my body. 

I watched him pace back and forth like a caged animal.  His eyes never left my body. I was so turned on. I felt my pussy soaking the bed.  I should be afraid of him but there was a calm that came over me and an intense need to have him fuck me. 

This man was so sexy.  He was completely naked and I knew that I wanted him.  I have never wanted someone to take and make me his as much as I wanted to belong to him.  I don’t believe I have ever had these feelings before.

“I will unshackle your legs.” He replied.

In my mind I thought that if he unshackled my legs I would kick the shit out of him.  Then I thought if he was knocked out, how would I get the shackles off my wrist? I felt him yank one leg and fidget with the lock.  He unlocked one ankle and then moved to unlock the other.

“You are right to change your mind.  I fuck you, you live.  You fight me, you die.” She said calmly.

Fear slowly crept back up into my mind.  Though I had no problem fucking him, I was afraid that he could still kill me whenever he wanted.  It made me aware how trapped I was.

When he was done he climbed on the bed and made himself comfortable between my legs.  His head disappeared between my legs and I felt his warm breath on my inner thigh.  He laid kisses down my thigh and down my leg, slowly stopping to take my toes into his mouth. 

I could feel my body give in to his every touch.  He released my toes and forcefully parted my legs.  It hurt, but the pain was soon blocked out by the pleasure I was feeling.  His fingers found my wetness and he played with my pussy through my panties.  I squirmed getting so horny.  This was torture and I didn’t know how much more I could take. 

Finally, he removed my panties and tossed them to the floor.  I lost him for a second as his head dipped lower and lower between my legs until I could feel his tongue gently touch my clit.

“Ohhh…” I moaned.

He mastered my pussy, licking and sucking like I had been his to devour all along.  His tongue consumed my pussy with such eagerness and enthusiasm.  I could hear his slurping noises lapping up every ounce of the juice that gushed from my tight wet hole.  I had never had a man to know my body so well, especially not some stranger. 

Suddenly he stopped wiping his mouth. He sat on his heels and began to slowly stroke his large, smooth pale cock.  My mouth began to water.  I wanted to touch him.  He was so hard and strong.  I watched him for a few minutes stroking and never taking his eyes off my face. 

He moved so fast I barely noticed.  He was standing next to my head still stroking his cock. 

“Open wide.” He said and my goodness I obeyed. 

I opened my mouth and awaited his rock hard cock.  He slammed his cock in my mouth and I gagged.  I felt my eyes bulge out of my head and I thought I was going to vomit all over his dick.  He pulled it out and I gasped for air. He chuckled maliciously.

“I guess, I’m a little too much for you.” He mocked. 

After all of that I was still yearning for his cock to engulf my mouth again.  This time he slowly filled my mouth and I sucked on his dick as if my life depended on it and according to him, this was clearly a life or death situation.  He gently stroked my hair as I did my best to suck his cock raw. 

It was weird.  The way I was sucking his cock, any other man would be or showing some sign that this felt good in anyway.  Not this man.  He was stroking my hair and just watching my lips work his cock.  No moaning, no show that it felt good.  His face was stoic and unmoved.  I sucked faster and harder. 

Before long I felt my mouth feel with his cum.  It was so much I swallowed what I could and some dribbled down my chin.   I continued to suck noting that after he came, his cock remained just as firm and hard as it had been when I began my service to him.

He moved and climbed back onto the bed.  He positioned himself between my legs and without warning he thrust deep inside of me.  We fucked for what seemed like hours.  He never let up. It was amazing sex.  I could feel my orgasm building.  I came and he continued to fuck me hard and fast.  It felt so good that I could feel my orgasm building again.  Right after I came for the second time, he came inside of me.  When he pulled out I looked and saw that he was still rock hard. 

He was at my head again shoving his cock in my mouth.  I sucked hard and tried my best to make him come as fast as I could.  He followed the same pattern stroking my hair and watching my lips wrapping around his cock.  He came yet again with no emotion. 

Before I could blink he was thrusting his still hard cock in my pussy.  I was dumbfounded.  I was tired and my wrists were sore.  I didn’t think I could fuck anymore with this stranger. 
Yet I had too...or he'll kill me.

How much more fucking do you think will go on?  Will she be able to keep up or will this mysterious man kill her instead? Check back Wednesday for the conclusion.


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