House Work is For the Birds...Not For Writers!

I hate housework. You make the beds, you wash the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again

I can’t really say that I hate housework.  Sometimes I need it to keep me busy and sometimes I actually like to clean.  What I hate is cleaning and then 2 seconds later I have to clean it all over again.
I know that one of my titles now is mom and housewife.  So I cook and clean and do laundry. Yes, I do windows and toilets and I scrub and scrub and scrub until everything is sparkling clean.
That last until the kids come home from school and then it looks as if I have not done a thing at all. 
I need to write but it is hard for me to write and clearly focus on my ideas when my mind is cluttered and a mess. 
My mind is cluttered and a mess when the house is a mess. 
But I can’t keep the house clean because the kids just destroy it before I can move to the next room. 
Thus my dilemma.             
I have tried to delegate to get some help around here.
Mi-Mi can’t complete a task so I find myself doing the work anyway.
Mady is an “I’m going to drop everything on the floor and wait patiently until the vacuum and Laundry fairy comes” kind of kid.
The husband is no better.
Though he has gotten better, this man has once told me that he would wear a tuxedo to work before he would wash clothes.
It is so difficult being a housewife and any kind of writer, but I would say especially an erotic writer. How can I feel sexy enough to write a passionate chapter in my book when there is a mountain of clothes in the house?
It gets frustrating sometimes.

Yet I love my family and I would not trade them for the world (Especially since I can’t trade them) so I have just decided that I needed to work around the clutter (and threaten my family that I will go on strike if I don’t get some help around here).
Since I have started this new life as a house writer and novelist, I have learned to just clean one room spotless a day and then sit in that room and write.  That makes me feel better to sit in that clean room, clutter free and just write. It has helped.  It helped me to finish my book.
I don’t particularly like housework but I’ll do anything for my family. Including locking myself in a room and ignore them until I finish the chapter I was working on.
Hey, mommy needs some me time, without a vacuum in hand!


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