I am a writer but Cooking...It's in my blood!

I have always loved to cook.  It became more apparent when I was on my own in college and was forced to cook for myself. 

Once when I graduated from college I didn’t have a job right away and there was nothing for me to do but write and sit around watching the Food network.

 I would watch the cooks and the chef make new foods and I would want to try them.  I realized that they didn’t seem so hard or difficult.  I spent hours at the stores shopping for new ingredients and trying out new recipes.

My fiancé (soon to be my hubby) would come home and not know what to expect. Every day there would be something new for him to try. I could always tell if he liked the food or not. 

The responses would range from:

“Wow babe, this is great!”


“Well, it’s edible.”

The “well, it’s edible” response was in reference to some cheese rice I had made.  I had no idea why he hated it so much, but to be honest, it was pretty awful. I would never admit that to him though.

But I heard that very rarely. For the most part he loves my cooking and so do my kids.  My sister-in-law has requested in occasion that I leave her brother and move in with her to cook her meals every day.

I think that I get it from my mother. My mother loved to cook. She had to love it. Imagine cooking for 9 kids and a husband every day.  You would have to love something to do it that much and so successfully I might add.

My mother has hundreds of recipes that I have been working relentlessly on organizing and turning them into a great cookbook.

Have you heard of Cooking with Pat?

Lately in dedication to my mother I have decided to make things from scratch.  Working on her cook book has been an eye opener for me.  I discovered that I had a knack for cooking. 

My husband is elated it just adds another line to my Housewife resume. Now he gets great sex, great food all the time and clean underwear.

I guess I’m not so bad a housewife after all!


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