Lusty Encounters: The Pack (The Conclusion)

 Then I felt him being shoved off me. He landed next to me on the bed. I coughed taking in a big gulp of air.  I looked up to find two naked bodies tussling on the floor.  It took only a second to realize it was Daniel and the leader.  I heard a growl erupt from the leader’s mouth.  It sounded so animalistic and real. I watched as he shoved Daniel across the room.  He hit the wall with a loud thud knocking paint and plaster to the ground.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Daniel rolled over, not looking hurt at all, answered him.

“I can’t let you hurt her.”

 “Daniel, be quiet!” The big large black man said.

“I can’t let you hurt her!” Daniel emphasized.

My eyes just darted back and forth between one man to another.

“You idiot!” The leader said taking a few steps closer to Daniel. 

Daniel took a step backwards.  I could tell that this was the first time that he has stood up to the man. It seemed to both exhilarate him and frighten him.

“I am not going to watch you kill her right in front of me.”

“How are you going to stop me?” He asked taking another step toward Daniel.

Daniel walked toward the leader and looked him in the eye.  They were both the same size but the leader looked like he could field the most damage.

The other men in the room began to advance but the leader held up a hand stopping them in their tracks. 

“You knew what would happen to her if you brought her here.”

I looked at Daniel.  Did he really know they were going to kill me?

“I know, but I change my mind.”

“You know that the full moon is out and soon we will transform and the urge to feast will be unbearable. We need her!”

Daniel didn’t back down.

“We will not be feasting on her, David. I need her.”

The others started to growl. They took a few steps toward me. Daniel jumped in the way of the large black guy. 

“Back up Marcus!” He ordered.

Marcus growled in response.

I had the sinking feeling that I was not going to get out alive tonight.  Even if I did, I knew that I wouldn’t get very far. They would hunt me down and kill me.

Daniel walked over to the leader and placed his hand on his arm.

“Let her go.” He said. “If it means that I must challenge you do to so I will.  I have stood by and let you run this pack, but if I have too I will stand here now and challenge you.”

The room was silent.  I crawled up into a ball on the bed afraid of what was going to happen to Daniel. They stood face to face.

Then the silence was broken by a ghastly laugh.

“Little brother, I see what this is all about.” He said smiling at Daniel. “You want that little darling all to yourself.”

I was shocked to hear that this evil and dangerous man was Daniel’s brother.

Daniel nodded.

“She is mine and not yours to harm.  I should never have brought her here.  I will not be involved any longer in these sacrifices.  Jada is mine!”

His brother slapped him on the back. 

“I see.  You can have your beauty.  I am sure we can find someone else.” Then his eyes became dark and all the humor and good spirit he had a second ago was gone.

“But if you ever challenge me again, I will not hesitate to rip you to shreds and feast on your remains. Do I make myself clear?”

Daniel nodded.

All eyes were on me at this point.  I hugged my naked body and looked away.  David the leader approached me crawling onto the bed.  He leaned in and placed a kiss on my lips. Then he brought his lips to my ear and spoke.

“My dear, you are lucky my brother has a thing for you.  I would have enjoyed ripping the flesh from your bones.”

I shuddered at the thought.

He reached over and undid the handcuffs that shackled me to the bed. I jumped off and ran to Daniel. He was dressed now and he wrapped his arms around me.  He led me out through the double doors still completely naked.  We found my clothes on a couch outside the large room.  I dressed and to my surprise we walked out of the large house without any problems.  I was not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.  I just knew that I wanted out of this creepy forest and back where I felt safe. We trekked back to my car. When we were close, I turned and looked at him. 

I slapped him.

“I can’t believe you brought me there to kill me! Was that the only reason you wanted me?”

He smiled holding his hand over his cheek that was now turning red.

“I know baby, but it is hard for you to understand.  I really didn’t have a choice. I got you out of there alive.”

“Right, after I was raped and sexually molested!”

I collapsed on the ground into a puddle of sobs.  I was now able to think about what happened to me.  I felt dirty and gross.  I was sobbing so hard I could barely catch my breath. 

I felt his hand on me.

‘I am so sorry.”

I stood and faced him wiping the tears from my face.

“Leave me alone.”

He grabbed me and shoved up against a tree. He smiled and leaned for a kiss. I turned my head. He grabbed my face and brought it back around to face him. He leaned in for another kiss and held my face so that I could not rebuff his kiss.  His mouth played against mine and he hungrily sought out my tongue in anticipation of my tongue meeting his.

It was difficult to fight him. I gave into the pleasure and allowed him to fondle me right there in the forest.

After all that had happened tonight there was no way in hell I should be this aroused, but I was.  I was so wet I could feel the warm fluid sliding down my legs.

He raised my skirt and touched me between my thighs.  His fingers explored my pussy and the moan that escaped from my mouth carried through the silence in the woods.

With little effort he lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist and anxiously waited for him to fill me.

It didn’t take long. He was inside of me pounding my pussy, banging my back against the tree.  He called out my name telling me how good it was.

“Oh shit baby.  Your pussy feels so good.”

He came hard inside of me with a howl that didn’t sound human.  He raised his eyes to the sky and I followed his gaze.  The full moon was right above us and it seemed to have an effect on him.  He dropped me and I stumbled to the ground.  I looked up at him and was frightened by what I saw.  I stumbled backward unable to get some since of balance.  I was paralyzed as I watched him transform right before my eyes. 

The best that stood before me was not Daniel. I was terrified to look at the same beast that hunted me down and dragged my limp body to that awful mansion. 

I gasped and the creature turned locking eyes with mine. I still could not move as he threw his head back and released another piercing howl. 

As fast as lightening he was on me and I could not move.  As his hot breath brushed my neck I knew his brother was right.  He wanted me all to himself and..I was not going to survive.

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