What happens when you can’t sleep?

Ever wonder what some people can be capable of if they couldn’t get any sleep?

Could they kill their sexually abusive husbands, sleep with their best friend’s boyfriend, make love to their husbands son, indulge in lesbian exploits with their husbands sister, or get down and dirty with the preacher’s wife?

No sleep can make some people do some crazy things and this short story anthology delves into the lives of people whose guilt, deceptions and addictions keep them awake at night.  They all hope that one day they can put the pieces of their lives back together…that is – if they could only get some sleep.

Written and compiled by the new and upcoming erotic author Donnée Patrese, these steamy stories will excite and tantalize you.  They reach into the sexually charged lives of men and women of all races, ages and sexual orientations that leave you begging for more.

There is only one thing left to ask yourself…What do you think you could do if you couldn’t sleep?

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