“Alone” is from my new erotic Short Story Anthology...


What happens when you can't sleep?

I stare at the clock.  3:45 am. I roll over and my hand reaches out feeling the cold side of the empty spot in the bed next to me.  I hated being alone.  I could never sleep when I was alone.  I told him that the very first time he left me in this big house by myself. 

What did he expect me to do all alone? 

He claimed he didn’t realize that he would have to travel so much when he took this promotion.  Not only did he have to travel but we had to move all the way here in the middle of nowhere. 

He saw it as a good thing.  It brought us into the same town that his brother lived and near his son in college. I was not moved.  The thought of moving closer to my new in-laws was not a good thing for me. 

During the day, I made the most of it, at night I was always finding it very difficult to sleep.

Lately I have been finding ways to entertain myself during these lonely nights. Sometimes it was worth staying up all night and other times the guilt was too much to bare.

I roll over and stare at the ceiling. I was trying to talk myself out of what my body was telling me I should do.  I hated being alone.  When I was alone I could not sleep and when I could not sleep…I was always in the mood for something else.

In a measure to curb my desire, I climbed out of bed I made my way to the closet hoping my husband had not moved his porno collection to a different location.  He tried to hide his DVDs and magazine collection from me, but I always found them.  What he didn’t realize was I used them to get off and keep me from doing bad things when he was gone and I was all alone.

I searched through the closet and found them in a large shoe box behind some old boxes. I sort through them pulling out a few and settling on my favorite.  I walk over to the DVD and slide it inside.  Soon I am naked on the smooth satin sheets rubbing my breasts and fingers in my pussy driving me crazy. 

There was an Asian beauty on the screen giving a well endowed white boy an incredible blow job.  It was wet and sloppy and he was definitely enjoying it. 

I was enjoying myself too as I thrust my fingers in and out.

I moaned as I watched him spread her legs and dip his head in making sure his warm wet tongue makes contact with her throbbing clit.

I hated having to do this so often alone.  I didn’t want to masturbate.  I needed a man inside of me.  I was becoming jealous of the beautiful woman on the screen as he pounded her pussy making her beg for much more. 

I couldn’t take it anymore.  I picked up my cell phone and dialed my lover’s number.  He picked up after the first ring. I didn’t have to say a thing.

“Mmm, baby.  I was hoping you would call.  I was sitting here stroking my cock waiting thinking about you. I’m on my way.”

I giggled and hung up the phone. 

I waited for my lover to arrive impatiently.  I was yearning for his hands on me.  It felt like forever, but soon I heard his knock on my door.  I scrambled off the bed throwing on my robe and raced to the door.  I looked out of the peephole and smiled.  I flung open the door and leaped into his arms.  His body was cold but it did nothing to cool down my hot body. 

“Someone is happy to see me!” He chuckled walking into the house carrying me.  He closed the door and placed his cool lips on mine. 

I just stared into his midnight blues. He was so beautiful. Tall and strong with a head full of dark black hair.  It made his midnight blue eyes sparkle.

“I am happy that you are here.” I exclaimed placing another kiss on his lips. 

He smiled gripping my ass. 

“You call baby and I come running.”

He stopped and listened. The sounds of sex were traveling down the hall from the bedroom.  The moaning and groaning was getting my pussy wetter.

“Looks like you got started without me!”

 I laughed.

“I was so horny, I could not help myself.”

He gripped me tighter and began to carry me down the hall into the bedroom.  When we got inside he dropped me down and I quickly threw off my robe.  I climbed on the bed and opened my legs and resumed my masturbation.  He watched me as he stripped down to nothing but a smile.  He climbed on the bed and placed his body between my legs.  His hands found my chocolate brown breasts and surprisingly they were warm. His mouth was too as it enclosed an erect nipple.  I moaned in response as his tongue made circles around it. 

My hands traveled over his body and suddenly he sat up.

“Baby, I just can’t get enough of you. I want you all the time.  I want you all to myself.”

I sighed. I was in no mood to discuss this right now. 

“Honey, come eat my pussy.” I said spreading my legs further apart.

He looked a little upset still but it was quickly replaced with a smile as he licked his lips ready to taste me.  He buried his face between my legs and the first sensation of clit tongue contact was a wave of pleasure that rippled through my body. 

“Oh baby you are driving me crazy!” I moaned.

He sat up.

“That’s the plan.” He responded resuming his plan to drive me insane.

I could not take it anymore.  I wanted him inside of me.

“Please, fuck me okay?”

He sat up with his mouth covered in my juices.  He pulled himself over me and kissed me on the mouth.  I could taste myself all over him.  His mouth trailed down my neck and back to my breasts where he sucked gently on my nipples. 

Suddenly he entered me.  I was so wet. He slid right in without any problems. I was in heaven as he pounded me.  Every time he thrust in and pulled out I could feel myself getting closer and closer to my climax.  He grabbed my right leg and lifted it over his shoulder.  I could feel him go deeper touching and filling all of me. I could feel my body tighten and the familiar sensations took over me. 

“Oh shit! I’m coming!” I exclaimed.

He grabbed my left leg lifting it over my shoulder and continued to ram me.  I could feel him so deep. 

I came hard surrendering my body to the waves of pleasure that rippled through me. There was nothing going on in my mind than how good it felt. 

He never faltered as I came all over his hard dick. When I was done he pulled out.

“Turn over,” he instructed.

I struggled to turn over because my legs felt like jelly.  I got on all fours with my ample ass in the air.  He placed his hands on either side of my waist and entered me. I could still hear the porno playing in the background.  There was a different woman on the screen moaning and groaning.  I felt like I was going to come again as I heard the sound of my ass hitting his thighs. 

It didn’t take him very long he came pulling out and spilling his cum all over my back and ass.

“Oh shit that was good!” he exclaimed.

I laughed.

He paused for a second trying to catch his breath.  Then he moved off the bed.

“Don’t move, let me get a towel.”

I stayed there feeling the cum grow cold and slide down my side.  Suddenly I felt a warm towel on my back and he gently cleaned me wiping my pussy as well.  When he was done, I rolled over and he collapsed on top of me.  We kissed and he placed his head on my chest. 

“Lexi, baby.  I want to be with you so bad.  Why don’t you just leave him and be with me?”

I rubbed his hair.

“DJ, I can’t do that.” I answered

“He doesn’t deserve you.  I can take care of you the way you need me to.”

I stared at him and I knew that he was serious. I also knew that I believed him. 

“I enjoy being with you but I can’t just leave him.  I can’t-”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me down to him.

“Does he make you happy? He can’t because you are always calling me here to please you.  You’re too young for him.”

I didn’t want to talk about this anymore. I leaned over and laid my lips on his.  He kissed me back and we just laid there cuddling and kissing when my cell phone started to ring. I froze.  I knew who it was.  My husband always called at this time.  He was three hours ahead where he was and always called before he went into the meeting.

He reached over and grabbed it off the table. He looked at the screen and tossed it to me.

“It’s dad.” He answered “Just talk to him.”

He climbed off the bed and began to put on his clothes.

“You’re leaving?”

“Answer the phone.” He said heading out of the bedroom.

I answered the phone feeling guilty and sad.

“Hey honey, Good morning!”

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