The Trio

It doesn’t happen all the time.  Sometimes our searches come up with nothing.  Then there are those rare occasions. It rarely happens for us, but when it does its like magic.  When we find that special person to fulfill our needs we cannot help ourselves.  We just have to.

We spotted him one night coming out of a 24 hour opened diner. He was tall and rather average in his looks and stature.  To a mortal, he would be considered nothing special. He was plain and boring. He was an accountant and lived a normal boring life just like the rest of the mortal masses. 

We knew different. He was right for us in so many different ways. 

He was not very tall and his puny frame left much to be desired. Deep down, he repulsed me.  He was perfect for us, but I dare not touch him.  Fortunately he was not for me.

He seemed like a man that has never had a good fuck in his life. 

We knew. We were watching.

We watched him for months coming home every night.  He was so predictable that it sickened us.  After nights of watching him we knew that we could not wait any longer.  We must approach him tonight.  There was something that we could do, needed to do before the new day arrived.

We approached him as his came home at the expected time.  He seemed low and tired for some reason.  It made the situation closer to perfect.  He was ripe for the seducing. 

We approached him slowly trying to make sure that we did not scare him away.  We sent Sophie up to the door first. She had on the skimpiest outfit.  Her large breasts were practically falling out of her very low cut top. 

We knew that we could not force our way into his house. We needed him to invite us inside. We weren’t worried. It would not be a problem.  

Sophie approached him as he unlocked his door.  He was startled at first but when he laid eyes on her he could not resist. He looked up and saw Alexandria and I.  Sophie gave him this sob story about our car breaking down a few blocks away.  We mustered up the saddest and most pathetic looks we could give.

He was more than eager to let us inside. His home was dingy and dirty. There were magazines and newspapers thrown about and dust settled on every object in the room.

I bet it smelled like old feet, but the only thing that my nose could pick up was the smell of the blood pulsating in his veins. It calmed me and made me ravenous at the same time.

I asked for a phone and he pointed to it eyes fixed on Sophie who was sitting on the couch legs spread wide with no panties. Her pussy was opened to him and he was hypnotized by it. 

I smiled to myself.  We had him right where we wanted him. Not that it was very difficult to do.  She motioned for him to come to her and he did without hesitation.  He slid next to her on the couch just as hungry for her as I was for him.

I leaned against the wall watching.  Alexandria joined them and began running her fingers through his hair as he filled his mouth with Sophie’s pale and large breasts. He sucked and licked on her breast like a baby struggling for every last drop of milk. Sophie threw back her head letting her blonde hair drape over the couch.

I just leaned against the wall and watched.

Alexandria could not take being ignored anymore. She dropped onto her knees and furiously began to unbuckle his pants. He continued to satisfy himself with Sophie’s breasts as Alexandria feasted on his hard dick swallowing as much as she could. He moaned in appreciation placing his hand on her head

I just stood amazed.  It didn’t take much for this man to allow three women he did not know and had never seen before into his home.  It always made it easy for us.  The fact that we were beautiful, curvy and intriguing never failed us.

Men were too easy.  Most of them were never a challenge but it never stopped us.

Her gorgeous mouth engulfed the small shaft of his penis.  Her saliva dripped down caressing his scrotum and making a pool on the couch.  She sucked his hard cock hoping that his warm cum would soon feel her mouth.

Sophie knew what Alexandria wanted to do but she had other plans.  She unlatched his lips from her nipple and leaped off the couch.  She moved Alexandria out of the way taking over his dick. She slid his small dick into her wet pussy staring at him the entire time. 

I could see his eyes roll into the back of his head.  I have seen that look a thousand times before.  For centuries she has done this to drive men insane.  It always amazed me to watch.  She rode him slowly at first capturing his gaze and hypnotizing him.  His hands reached out finding her ample ass. He squeezed and she began to ride him faster. 

Alexandria watched as she played with herself through her panties.  I wanted her at that moment, but I knew that I had to keep my eye on the prize.  It was feeding time at the zoo and the lions were starving.

I heard him moan and I looked over. Sophie was riding him leaning over letting his tongue glide over her nipples.  He could not control his body anymore.  He came with a loud moan gripping her ass once again. 

His body went limp and Sophie slid from his lap.  He looked content and happy.  It almost made me change my mind.  Almost.

The girls both turned to me.  Their eyes were asking for my approval.  I nodded. They reached down and snatched him up from the couch.  He stood easily as he did not fear us.  He seemed to be anticipating more sex. 

He was wrong. The night was wearing thin and my hunger was growing. They each grabbed an arm.  I walked over grabbing his face and making him look me in the eyes.  All my disdain for the man and the worthless life that he lived came flooding back to me. 

He didn’t deserve to live. 

His eyes met mine and I threw back my head opening my mouth wide. His eyes widened as he saw the long and sharp fangs.

He gasped and fought to free his arms.  The girls just laughed. They were too strong and his weak frame was no match for them. 

“What are you?”He asked almost inaudibly still in shock. 

I could smell fear mixed in with the smell of his blood.  It was glorious. 

I smiled at him ignoring his question. I approached and he began to fight furiously. 

For someone with such a pathetic way of life and no reason, he seemed intent on not dying tonight.  It was such a shame that he chose tonight to value his life.  If he made that decision months ago we would not be here. We only want those whose lives seem worthless.

Too bad.

I decided I would not wait any longer.  I grabbed his head and pushed it to the side exposing his neck.  When the warm iron taste of blood squirted into my mouth, I felt whole and my hunger was fading.

At least until the next time it was time to feed…

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