Urban Erotica: Is it because I’m black?

In the wake of the new movie directed by Anthony Hemingway, from a screenplay by John Ridley and Aaron McGruder and produced by George Lucas called Red Tails that depicts the life and the extraordinary heroism of the Tuskegee Airmen starring Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr., I have been thinking about a few things.

I heard that Hollywood did not want to produce the movie because they were not sure how to market it.  They consider a movie that stars black people to be a black only movie.  I even found out that they will not even market those types of movies overseas because they think other countries will not like them.

I could not believe that!

It made me think about my situation. I was sitting around with my cousin and we were talking about marketing my book.  I was telling him that I felt like my book should be read by everyone.  No matter the race.  I felt that my audience was not limited to any particular race but I acknowledged that it would mainly involve women. 

Since I have published my first novel I have had women of all races and ages purchase my book.  White women, Asian women, Black women, Hispanic women and that made me happy and excited. 

They have all come back to me with rave reviews and can’t wait until my next book comes out. However, not many people agree with me.

A friend of mine was Amazon looking for my book and she told me that my book was classified as “Urban Erotica.”

I was wondering what that meant.  I mean does it mean that I live in an urban area? Does it mean my characters live in an urban area.

I looked at all the books that were mainly under “Urban Erotica”. Almost all of these books featured black men or women. Some were interracial but mainly they were books that featured black people.  It made me wonder. Because I am black and some of the main characters in my book are black, is that why my book is classified as “Urban Erotica”?

My cousin told me that would happen.  He said in books stores they will put my book on the shelves as ethnic or urban. I am still confused what that means.  Is that the only reason my book is classified as “urban”?

I was wondering if they were separating my books from everyone else that would like to read them.  Are they telling me that because I am black that my books are only for black people to read?

I don’t see it that way.  I think women and men of all races and ages would love my book.  I am not classifying my book as “blacks only.” My goal is to write what I love and hope that everyone that likes this genre would want to give it a try.  I know that not everyone will like it but that’s fine.  I just want it to be available to everyone. 

I don’t market my book that way.  I market it for what it is. A great erotic romance novel that I think will appeal to anyone. 

If you like good erotica and a good romance story, I recommend my book Prohibited.  For every race and every gender!!

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