Should I be amused or Offended? What has been said to me since I published my novel

So, It is known that the end of last year I published my first erotic novel.  It has been very successful, so after that I published 2 short story anthologies that are equally successful. However, they have been so many things said to me that were both funny and crazy along the way. They have come from family and friends from my day to my beautician. 

I think that I am going to share them with you.

·         “Does your husband know you right smut?”

·         “I think that my co-workers will love your book. They are all perverts.”

·         “Your book is selling well? It should. There are a lot of perverts in this world.”

·         “You wrote more than one book? How much sex can you write about?”

·         “I’m afraid to read your book. I’m afraid these are things you and your husband do.”

·         “You’re Nasty!”

·         “It is hard to imagine you writing this nasty stuff.”

·         “I had a hard time reading your book. I have a hard time imagining you having sex.”

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