The Hunger II

He demanded obedience and she was frightened at first.

She knew what he was capable of but her lust consumed her. It was stronger than anything she had ever felt before. She could not live and she could not breathe without knowing he was coming back to her to fill her and claim every inch of her.

He was to blame.

No one was able to take control of her so easily and completely. He was her leader and no matter how hard she fought it, she was not complete and she was not fulfilled unless his cock was inside of her.

It wasn’t that long ago that she was seduced.

“You want me so bad.” He would say and it would be futile to deny it.

The art of seduction that transforms your body and soul was his specialty.  He held her captive with the silky touch of his hand and his powerful and strong cock.  He needed a mate and he chose her. After he consumed her, she felt reborn and full of life. Her eyes were opened and the air smelled clearer now. 

The woman she was before was gone and the piece of the beast that remained consumed her.

He consumed her and she consumed him.

She completed him and made him whole. He knew the first time he laid eyes on her and the first time her body laid stretched beneath his. His hands loved to touch her body. It felt like she was made to be his. He loved to watch her close her eyes and lick her lips as his hands touched her juicy and wet pussy.

He was obsessed with her taste.

He had never tasted anything or anyone like her.  He knew what to do to make her submit. He didn’t need chains or whips or any other instruments.  His hands, his lips, his eyes were all he needed to bring her into his arms.

To make her submissive.

He was in charge after all and she could not resist him. When his lips wrapped around her hard nipples she would melt beneath him and lose all sense of time and space.

He knew what he was capable of. When he transformed, the passion and emotions that ran through his body were too much to stop or to handle.  She was frightened at first until he showed how to transform and become one with her true self. She had an animal within that had been hiding inside and begged to be let out.

He took advantage of that and made her bend over on all fours bringing her back to her instinctual primal level. The howl that escapes her mouth as he pounds her into obedience is more animal than human.  Her face smashes against the pillow and her hands grip the sheets trying to hold on and anchor herself.

When he was done, he would watch her hands lose that human and feminine look. They would become the hands of a beast willing to let go and claim her sexuality.  Her legs no longer smooth and silky but layered with the hairs of her beast.

He was content knowing he had the power to do this to her. To make her dependent on him.

She wanted to fight. The passion was still there, yet it was useless.

She was too hungry to fight…

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