My Top Ten Erotic Confessions

1.)    I have no problem watching porn

2.)    It turns me on when my toes are licked or sucked or touched for that matter

3.)    My “sweet spot” is the spot right at the nape of my neck. If you touch it I melt.

4.)    I have been to a number of strip clubs. (My husband says he won’t take me anymore. He says I spend too much money.)

5.)    I had my first tongue kiss when I was 9

6.)    I love to be dominated in bed.

7.)    My favorite position is on top.

8.)    I have sex with my husband after every erotic scene I write.

9.)    I sneak into my closet during the day and masturbate so the kids can’t find me.

10.) I always need something sweet after sex…maybe more sex?

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