Top ten songs that always get me in the mood

Warning: Playing these songs will almost certainly get me hot and bothered. You play these songs for me and I will probably instantly get wet.  I’ll be in my bra and panties in no time…(Now I have you thinking about me in my bra and panties!)

1.       Skin by Rhianna

2.       Hey Daddy by Usher

3.       Take you Down by Chris Brown    

4.       Peaches and Cream by 112
My actul pair of wet panties

5.       Roc me out by Rhianna

6.       Video Phone by Beyonce

7.       Motivation by Kelly Rowland

8.       Talk that Talk by Rhianna

9.       Oops (Oh My) by Tweet

10.   Sock it 2 me by Missy Elliot

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