The Naughty Chiropractor and his Erotic Adjustments: part 2

I licked and sucked on his balls gently at first and then hungrily.  His fingers were lost in my hair as I serviced him.  I was hungry for him and the taste of him in my mouth was driving me insane. I’m sure my pussy was gushing juices. I could feel myself so wet. 

I pulled back for air and he ordered me to stand.  I obeyed and stood in front of the table. Staring at me he began to remove his clothes.  He removed each article of clothing slowly and proceeded to neatly fold them and place them in the chair near the table. 

“Now beautiful, let’s take care of your clothes.”

He helped me take off my clothes and folded them the same way he folded his and placed them in the chair.  I thought it was a little strange but I ignored it focusing on the wonderful things I could do with the large erection before me. I licked my lips anticipating when I could get back to servicing him.

Instead he began to walk circles around me.  It felt as if he was inspecting my body.  It made me slightly self-conscious until he looked at me and smiled.

“You have a beautiful body.”

I smiled.

He stepped in front of me and came very close.  He reached out grabbing one of my breasts in his hand and gave it a squeeze.

I moaned.

He smiled.

Slowly he brought his head down and took my nipple into his mouth.   He sucked and sucked on me as if he were using me for his own nutrients.  I grabbed the back of his head letting myself get lost in the bliss

He pulled back and ordered me onto the table.  I was to lay back with my knees up and legs spread.  It was the same position I would use when I was in front of a gynecologist. 

I did as I was told.  I sat on the table with my legs spread in the middle of the table. He sat down in front of me. He sat there for a few seconds examining me.  Then I watched as he raised his hand and brought a finger to my pussy.  He began to caress me with one finger gently making circles on my clit. 

I have never had such a simple touch drive me so incredibly insane.  It felt like he was studying me with his fingers as he poked and prodded my pussy.

“How does that feel?” he asked as he placed two fingers inside of me. 

I moaned answering him.  He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and licked off the juices that had soaked them. 

“Mmmm…you taste so sweet.” He said.

Then he slowly lowered his head between my legs.  I gasped as his tongue grazed my clit. I dug my nails into the padded table when his tongue plunged into my juicy hole fucking me there.  My feet rubbed up and down his back.  Somehow it kept me from screaming.  I didn’t want anyone outside this room to hear me.  I wasn’t thinking about being caught in this position.  I was more afraid that if anyone entered he would stop.

He continued to eat me and I tried my best not to make a lot of noise.  It was much more difficult for me because I am known as a screamer. 

Suddenly he stopped and sat back.  He went back to examining me.  He took three fingers and inserted them inside me.  He began to work them in and out.  I didn’t know how much more I was going to be able to take before I screamed out alerting the rest of the patients and staff. 

“How does that feel?” He asked.

“Soooo goooood.” I barely answered.

He stood and leaned over my with his fingers still inside of me.  He leaned down and began to kiss me as his fingers continued to work in and out of me.  I was so close to coming I could barely breathe. Yet he didn’t stop there. Slowly he worked another finger into me. I was so tight and had never had so many fingers inside of me.  I could feel my pussy stretching to accommodate his fingers.

“I bet that feels so good…” He breathed into my mouth.

Then his entire fist was in my pussy opening me and filling me completely.  I cried out and he clamped his free hand over my mouth. He didn’t stop however.  He continued to fist my pussy roughly. I could barely hang on.  I came hard against him. He removed his hand from my mouth and I let out a howl louder than I ever had before.  I heard him laugh as he continued to fuck me with his fist.  Finally he slowly pulled out of me and I sit there trying to catch my breath.

We both froze when we heard a knock at the door. 

“Doctor, is everything ok in there?”

He laughed a little.

“Yes, Callie.  Everything is fine.”

I looked down at his hand and saw all five fingers covered in my juices.  He stood walking over to the sink in the back licking his fingers along the way.

“You really do taste really sweet.” He said with his back to me.

“You are amazing!” I said. “My body feels so refreshed and alive.

He turned and looked at me still naked and smiled.

“I’m here to make you feel loose and relaxed.  I want to make you feel better.  That’s my job.”

He began to wash his hands. He dried them with paper towel and walked over to the chair where our clothes sat.  He grabbed mine and handed them to me. 

I could barely move let alone get dressed. I just watched him neatly put his clothes back on his beautiful body. 

 “When you are ready come out to the reception desk.” He said walking out of the room closing the door behind him. 

I sat there a few more minutes before I felt I had the strength to dress myself.  There were still pleasurable sensations radiating through my pussy.

When dressed I exited the room feeling like everyone knew what had just happened to me. He spotted me and smiled.  He led me with one hand on my back through the room with all the machines and back into waiting room. He tapped on the reception desk and woman looked up.

 “Julie, please make her another appointment.” He said kissing me on the cheek and then leaving me and Julie alone.

I watched as the receptionist worked on her computer. Finally she looked up at me.

“How soon would you like another appointment?” she asked.

“SOON!” I answered too loudly and too fast.

She looked at me and smiled.

I blushed.


  1. I bet everyone in the waiting room DID know what had just happened, because it probably happened to all of them as well!

    I've never wanted to be a chiropractor so badly in my life! I love the way he sucks your nipple "as if he were using me for his own nutrients." I've long fantasized about doing that to you.

    1. Just hearing you say that turns me on so much!


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