My Top Ten Erotic Bucket List

       1.       I want to be tied to a bed and have my pussy eaten.

2.       I want to be having an all-out dirty orgy with a group of people.

My actual Boobs! LOL!
3.       I want to have a Foursome with my hubby and two of my favorite sexy people.

4.       I want to masturbate while a group of people watch.

5.       I want to be more of an exhibitionist.

6.       I want to have anal sex for the first time.

    7.       I want to have sex on the beach…with multiple people.

    8.       I want to experience Double Penetration…just the thought and I am instantly getting wet.

9.       I want to have a three-some with two women

10.   I want to have to have sex with other women that can squirt and have them squirt all over me. 


  1. We'd gladly do any and all of these things with you. The thought makes us very physically aroused. We want to be part of the all-out dirty orgy (really, is there any other kind to have?), and we sincerely hope that we are the people mentioned in #3! We want to be your masturbation audience - we've long fantasized about watching you masturbate (amongst other things) and you could probably convince us to return the favor if that was something you were into. I've frequently thought about breaking your anal cherry (not that I haven't thought about fucking your pussy and your mouth as well) so count me in for this too. As I said, every item on this list is something in which we would be interested. But #10 - Jill can squirt. And she will. All over you.

    Your actual boobs are hot! Thoughts of titty-fucking you are filling my head right this very minute. I've long found this to be a deliciously arousing shot; while you are incapable of taking a bad picture, this may be my second favorite after the hard hat picture.


    1. Of course you sexy people are my number 3! Only a couple more days until Cali and then hopefully you guys can help me get started on my bucket list!

  2. I love the boobie shot...A LOT!

    I will watch you masturbate.


    1. I'm glad you love the picture. However I have a few other items on the list you can help me with. You, me and Jill can tackle #9 on the list.


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