My Brother's Keeper: The Betrayal

I taught my little brother everything he knew but that wasn’t enough. 

He just had to have everything I had.

It was always a competition with us, my little brother and me.  We used to fight over everything when I was little.  It used to annoy me that he always wanted what I had.  It wasn’t toys or snacks when we were little; it was a car, an apartment…a woman.

It used to annoy me but eventually I was flattered.  He just wanted to be like me.  It didn’t get on my nerves so much after that.  In fact, I began to encourage him to hang out with me.  We used go out looking for girls together.  Of course I got to hook up with a lot of them, and my brother would end up with blue-balls for the night. 

He didn’t like that I received all the attention very much.  It wasn’t my fault that he didn’t have the personality that went along with our families good looks. 

Eventually we were able to put the childhood rivalry aside. 

We began to get along so well until he wanted something that I wanted and I refused to give in and let him win.  It almost cost me my brother. 

It was the only thing that I ever felt guilty about.

She was beautiful and I could not resist.  I knew that my brother had eyes for her but that was not enough to keep me away from her.  It was every man for himself as far as I was concerned.

My brother was upset when I swept her off her feet. I felt bad, but she was the most amazing the most incredible thing that happened to me and I refused to let her go. This was not just sibling rivalry.  She was my life. I knew that he would get over it once he realized that she was the one for me. 

Once I fucked her brains out, she felt the same way. 

He did get over it and stood next to me as I married the woman of my dreams.

And she was the woman of my dreams.  When I met her I vowed that I would give her the world.  I wanted to wine her and dine her and make sure she never wanted for a thing in life.

When we made love it was magical.  I loved the way that she played with her pussy was tight and I would come nearly as s as I screwed her from behind. 

I worked my ass off to give her what her heart desired.  I took a job that required me to travel all over the world.  I would do anything for her.

Yet, I found it very difficult to be faithful.

I felt like I was addicted to women.  My brother just assumed that I was dog and I just didn’t take care of my wife.  I disagreed. I was madly in love with her and also in love with sex. 

Travelling afforded me the opportunity to see the world and all the pussy it had to offer me.  I fucked women in many different states and countries.  It became an obsession for me.

At first she denied it and we continued to fuck every night.  Yet, pussy began to consume me.  I talked this over with my brother.  I wanted advice. Instead he told me I was wrong to waste my time with nasty slutty women when I had a beautiful creature at home. 

He just didn’t get it. 

Banging other women did not change how much I wanted to fuck her. 

My wife became suspicious.  It could tell the difference in my behavior when I returned from my trips.  My wife loved me so much she tried hard to tough it out and hang around. She wanted to be the only one I needed. She tried new things in the bedroom. For the first time I knew how it felt to have my dick slide inside her tight lubed ass.

That didn’t help me to stick around. It only made me want to slide my dick in as many assholes as I could. She never said a word.  I think she just accepted that was just me.

Then I made the biggest mistake I could have ever have made.  I fucked her best friend.

It was not intentional, but at one of my conferences I discovered that her best friend’s company had a conference in the same hotel. On our free time we began to hang out and eventually we began to have sex. 

It didn’t stop once we came back to our respective lives.  We continued to fuck every chance we got.  I just could not get enough of her.  Her pussy and her ass were always wet and ready. To top it all off, the feeling of her lips around my dick was extraordinary. I had never had a woman be so attentive to my cock when she licked it and stroked it.  She was so hot that I could come in her mouth and still have enough energy and hard cock ready to pound her pussy and her asshole.

She was my downfall.

Whenever we were alone she wasted no time dropping to her knees and taking me into her mouth. She sucked and slurped on my dick. I felt weak in the knees.

She barely had time to undress before I was on my knees licking her pussy and her asshole. 

She loved it when I did that.

I would watch as her fingers slid in and out of her tight wet hole. I was intoxicated.

That is what happens.

It is hard to describe. It is like I’m drunk. When I see it, when I smell it, I just have to have it.

I leaped into her head first licking and sucking her into oblivion. She could barely breathe let alone moan the way she wanted to. Her pussy was so tasty I could eat it all day.

I then bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her right there.  I loved the way my dick slammed in and out of her.  She didn’t mind if I got a little rough with her so I pulled her ponytail as I fucked her from behind. 

The whole time I fucked her I could not help but to think how much rougher I would be on her in round two. 

That is if my wife hadn’t come home.

I didn’t know how long she had been standing there watching me fuck her best friend.  It was hard for me to stop when she came into the kitchen.  I pulled out coming all over myself and the floor. 

She didn’t say a word to me about it.  It was strange for me.  She acted as if nothing happened.  We talked about it and she understood.  I loved her but I just could not save my hard cock just for her. 

She staw rarely had sex anymore.  I masturbated thinking of fucking her and her best friend at the same time. 

I had a feeling that she was cheating as well and it made me furious.

I cannot explain it but the thought of another man licking and tasting her sweet pussy or fucking her kept me up at night.  I stayed up at night because I could sleep.  I was drowned in thoughts of her on her knees sucking another man’s cock and having him come in her pretty little mouth.

Granted, I have been sleeping with other women for years.  It just wasn’t the same.  I could fuck a woman and not get caught up with anything else.

I didn’t think that she could fuck anyone and not develop feelings for them. 

It tore me up inside.  I had to do something.  I called my brother naturally and told him what I thought.  He told I was crazy and there was no way that she would cheat on me. 

It did little to make me feel better. So my brother volunteered to keep an eye on her for me. It calmed my nerves.  I could travel and fuck however long I chose and know that she was well taken care of. 

I didn’t worry about my brother.  I knew that we have had out troubles and disagreements and I knew that he used to have a thing for her, but he was brother and he would not betray me.  Would he?


  1. Excellent! Not only is it erotic, but there's heaps of drama and intrigue as well. Great job.


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