My Brother's keeper: my night with his wife... PART 2

“Aren’t you going to fuck me?” She asked.

“Oh, without a doubt.” I answered.

But first I wanted to tease her a little.

I instructed her to lie on her back.  She obeyed slowly turning over and spreading her legs wide so that I could get a good view of her drenched pussy.   I climbed back on top of her and kissed her softly on the lips.  Then I claimed them as my own capturing her tongue and fully tasting her once again.  I kissed down her neck making a path to her soft and succulent breasts.

I licked and sucked on them as I let my hand trail down her body until it reached her hot and sticky center.  I played with her there hoping to drive her wild.  She dug her fingernails into my shoulders at an attempt to hold onto some kind of control.

“Oh you make me feel so good,” she said. “Your brother never made me feel this way.”

I didn’t want to think about my brother right now.  Not while I was in the position to fuck his wife. I was distracted for a second.  I pulled my fingers from her pussy and licked off all her juices.  I was in heaven.

 She tasted like candy sugary and sweet.  I monster sweet tooth urged me to continue my sexy exploration of her juices cunt.  I knew she would taste this good. The moment I laid eyes on her I knew that she would melt in my mouth and I would be hooked. 

I knew that I wanted more.  I abandoned her beautiful breasts and made a path down her navel until I was confronted with more sweetness. I dived right in lapping and licking up all her juices.  She released a sound that seemed to be the blending of a moan and a giggle.  I just continued to taste her. My goal was to make her come in my mouth.  I wouldn’t rest until my mouth was full of her cum.  She squirmed and moaned underneath me. 

“Oh please don’t stop.” She moaned. 

I didn’t intend to stop.  I just pushed her knees apart even further.  I made sure that I paid special attention to her clit which was hard and reddened with desire.  She reacted the way I wanted her to by gripping the sheets and moaning so loud I thought her neighbors might hear. 

It took her much longer to come than I thought. I worried for a second that maybe I wasn’t pleasing her the way I thought that I was. Yet, those thoughts were hushed when she finally did come.

I felt a shudder go through her body and I increased the pace and licked her clit madly. She cried out my name as she came spilling her juices. I didn’t want to waste a drop but there was so much that I could barely swallow it all.  

I didn’t let that detour me as I hustled to lick up every drop of her precious cum.

While she recovered from her orgasm, I slid my body on top of hers and positioned myself between her legs.  

I wasted no time entering her. I fucked her as hard as I could and her fingers curled around the sheets in a desperate attempt to hold on.

She was so wet. I slid right in her without any problems. I was in heaven as I pounded her. Every time I thrust in and pulled out I could feel myself getting closer and closer to my climax.

I grabbed her right leg and lifted it over my shoulder. The deeper I went the louder she moaned. I could feel her body tighten and her cries of pleasure filled the room.

“Oh shit! I’m coming!” she exclaimed.

I continued to ram her. I was so deep inside of her I knew that I was hitting her g-spot just right. She came hard spilling her juices once again.  The sheets were soaked from her and I was happy to be the one that accomplished such a task tonight.

My brother didn’t value her, the way that I did and all that I wanted to do was please her and make her come.  I wanted to love on her body and make her scream my name.  My task was accomplished here tonight and I was half way satisfied.

Next it was my turn.

I continued to pound her and she continued to moan. She probably would have come one more time but instead I came.

I came hard surrendering my body to the waves of pleasure that rippled through me. There was nothing going on in my mind than how good it felt. She seemed pleased that she could have that effect on me. 

When it was all over we snuggled up close in bed just holding each other.  I never wanted this moment to end.  Yet, I knew she was still married to my brother.  She still wanted him. I knew that I was going to change all that.  I intended to let her in on a few secrets or two and soon she would be all mine.

I would conquer her over and over again.


  1. Kinky! Feast when you conquer!!!

  2. After our brief but fun conversation last night, we were hoping that we'd get a new post from you today! We were anxiously awaiting the second part of this delicious story, as we enjoy the way you get inside the male psyche. You write from a male POV much better than I do from a female one. Jill especially loves this story, as of late she's been quite fixated on her own brother's wife.


  3. He has to be even more determined than before because he's gotten a taste of the girl he's wanted forever.


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