I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus: An Erotic Tale (Part 2)

My encounter with my sexy mall Santa left me unsatisfied with my marriage.

It also left me shaken. I could barely think straight. I am not sure how I made it through Christmas day. My husband noticed, but he didn’t say anything at first. He finally realized something was wrong when I repeatedly turned him down for sex on multiple occasions.

“What’s wrong with you?”

I didn’t know how to answer him. I couldn’t tell him that a mall Santa had potentially spoiled me. It had been a long time since anyone had made me feel the way he had.

My husband used to make me feel that way, but he has spent the last 5 years caught up in the kids and work so much so that he didn’t have any room left for me.

A woman can only take so much of neglect before she succumbs to magnificent temptation.

Months would go by and things between me and my husband were not getting any better. I yearned to be touched like that again.

I knew I had my Santa's number. He gave it to me. Yet I could not contact my secret Santa. I didn’t want to betray my husband like that again. But I must say the yearning that I had inside was very hard to tolerate

Before I knew it, it was Christmas time again and I fought the urge to take my kids to the mall on Christmas Eve. It had been a tradition that I kept for the past 4 years but the thought excited and terrified me and I tried my best to keep my kids home. I insisted they could just write letters to Santa instead.

My youngest insisted she needed to tell Santa in person. No matter what I did I could not talk them out of going. My neighbor and her daughter decided to join us.

So there I was, at the mall trying to find the line for Santa. Once we found it we were astonished at the number of people there. We were so far back we couldn't even see Santa. I immediately felt foolish. What were the odds the same guy would be playing Santa again this year. I began to relax even as we stood in the incredibly long line.
I will just relax and enjoy the atmosphere and the time spent with my kids, I told myself.

That is until 35 minutes in line I was close enough to see Santa Claus. I could tell from his sparkling blue eyes this was the same man that rocked my world.

For a second, I began to hyperventilate.

“Sheila, are you okay?” my neighbor Deborah asked me.

“Yes !” I answered knowing that there was no way I was fine.

There he was. I could not take my eyes off him. As we got closer in line, I wondered if he would recognize me. I finally decided that he probably wouldn’t have any idea who I was. It gave me some comfort.

And if he did, would he care that I was even there? I never called him like he asked. It had been a year, he could be married now for all I know. I wasn’t sure that mattered seeing as I was married and has spent the year pining after him.

The moment of truth came when we were finally first in line. My daughter wasted no time hopping up on his lap. She began to tell Santa what she wanted.

“I want a Barbie doll, dollhouse, and a baby blue skirt.”

I continued to stare at him as if in a daze. My encounter with him last year came back to my mind and it threatened to unnerve me. My son was next and as he approached, this sexy mall Santa looked at me. I could see something shift in his eyes. Was it possible that he recognized me?

When my son was done telling Santa what he wanted, Santa smiled and winked at me. And then he addressed my son.

“I wonder what your mommy wants for Christmas.”

My son looked at me.
“Mommy, do you want to Sit on Santa’s lap?”

You don’t know how much I want to sit on Santa’s lap, I thought. My son hopped off and the mall Santa motioned me over.

I shook my head and he patted his lap

“Go mom,” my daughter said.

I hesitantly walked over my heart racing the entire time. The sexual tension had me hot.

I sat on his lap and my clit began to throb. He placed his hand on my back and leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“My God, I was hoping you would come back. Meet me in the back room.”

I shivered and hurriedly jumped off his lap. I grab my kids and we quickly walked away.

My neighbor was waiting for us. We left the area and headed for the food court.

The entire time we ate, I was antsy and my clit would not stop throbbing. I cannot stop thinking about him. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore. I talked my neighbor into watching the kids play in the play area while I hit one more store. I raced back to the area where Santa and the long line were and noticed the area. There was a signed indicating he was on a break and would be back shortly.

I went to the back to where I knew his dressing room was. I knew he would be there. I went to knock on the door and then I stopped myself.

What am I doing? I should not be here. Yet I needed this. I have waited a year for this.

I raised my fist and knocked on the door.

It opened instantly and there he stood looking like I last saw him. His firm body was exposed. He was standing only in boxers. He reached out grabbing my arm and yanked me forcefully into the room. I didn’t have time to think or react. He lifted me and carried me with my legs wrapped around his waist.

I didn’t say a word and I didn’t protest. I let him lay me down on the sofa and felt warm encompass me as he climbed on top of my body. He placed his lips on mine and a cool rush flooded me.

He tasted like peppermint… Go figure.

We kissed while he fondled me through my clothes. I ran my hands across his taut body while my pussy leaked with anticipation.

“Please fuck me.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like I was about to burst. I could feel his erection hard against me. I wanted him in my mouth and inside of me.  My need for him was driving me crazy. 

He smiled and climbed off me. He began to remove his boxes. I licked my lips when his hard cock came into view.

“Does your mouth still work?” he asked.

I immediately dropped to my knees. He held himself out to me and I took him into my mouth.

His cock was hot and moist and he caused a fire in my pants. I went to work sucking him and making him feel so good.  His moans were just fuel for my fire. I couldn’t get enough. His hand gravitated to my head and he guided me gently. After a few minutes he pulled back and I released him from my mouth. He reached down and brought me to my feet.

“Lay back on the couch.”

I followed his order and laid on the couch. He pulled off my shoes and then he pulled down my tights. Next he pulled off my panties my heart was beating so fast anticipating what would come next. He gently spread my legs and dipped his head between them. It felt so good filling his warm tongue on my drenched pussy.

It was just too much for me.

He went slowly. It seemed as if he was savoring the taste and holding onto the moment but I didn’t have that much time.

“Fuck me!” I commanded.

 He pulled back and sat on his heels. He cocked his head to the side

“If you wanted my fucking cock this bad I don’t see how you waited a whole year. You never called”

I was at a loss for words. He seemed kind of angry. I wasn't prepared for that. Was it possible that he wanted me as bad as I wanted him?

I didn’t want anyone more small talk. I just wanted to be fucked.

I arched my back and pushed my pussy closer to him.  I was hoping he would take the hint and fill me.

“Please!” I yelled.

He chuckled, but came to me anyway. He teased me at first rubbing his hard erection against my clit. When he finally filled me my breath caught in my throat and for a few seconds no sound came out. He gripped my ass as he pounded me. I stared at him and he stared back as he pounded me harder and harder.

I cried out when I came digging my nails into his back. He buried his face in my neck as he came. His moans were so loud they made my ears ring.

He sat there for a minute and I began to push him off me.

“I have to go.”

He hesitantly rolled off me and stood looking for my clothes. He found them and handed them to me but there were no panties in the crumbled clothes.

Fuck It! I thought as I put on my body still hot to the touch.

I didn’t look at him I was too afraid to. I was beginning to feel the familiar ache in my gut. Guilt began to eat me from the inside out. He was silent the whole time. Yet before I could walk out on him he grabbed my arm.

“The number is the same,” he said. “Use it!”

I left and hurried back to my kids. I knew that as much is I wanted him I would not call.

I guess I will have to see him next Christmas.


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