My Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

I think that I may have wasted 2012. So I have decided that I want to make 2013 as sexy as possible!


1.) To make sex with my husband a priority. No excuses allowed.

2.) More naked time. I'm a sexy woman and I miss walking around the house naked.

3.) Put myself out there and make more erotic friendships.

4.) I will embrace my sexuality and find my voice.

5.) I will embrace my body and forget about all my negative thoughts.

6.) I will be more spontaneous

7.) Make more opportunities to leave the bedroom behind and fuck wherever we want to.

8.) I will become a blow job expert. Not that I'm not amazing, but there's always room for improvement.

9.) I will make more time for myself and spend more time loving myself.

10.) I will make sure to play out my fantasies. So tell me who wants to play with me?


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