New Year's Eve: Girl's just want to have fun. (part 2)

I always found it hard to sleep when I was in the mood. The throbbing in my clit kept me wide awake. Good thing it was New Year’s Eve and the party was in full swing.

My friends and family were in the mood to drink party and bring in the New Year with style.

I had other plans.

I intended to have my own party.

A late Christmas present was sprawled on my floor right next to the tree we neglected to take down in the den.

She spread her legs and exposed her hot and wet pussy to my eyes. My mouth watered as I gazed at her. She was so wet her juices dampened my carpet and a pool of her luscious fluids was forming a small puddle.

The glittery bright and colored lights played on her body and her soft ebony skin called to me. I leaned over her capturing a plum colored nipple into my mouth. She smelled like gingerbread sweet and spicy. She was ready to turn her body over to me and I wanted to begin the year right between her legs.

My tongue trailed down her body and I at last found her wetness. I buried my head between her legs and savored her juices. I lapped at her devouring what I could. She moaned and squirmed underneath me.

“Shhh..,” I warned wiping her juices from my chin. “Do you want to alert the whole party?”

She smiled and giggled.

“No baby, but you make me feel so good. I can’t help it.”

I leaned up and kiss her on the mouth to silence her as I dipped three fingers into her drenched pussy.

It was difficult for us, sneaking around behind people’s backs. We had to stay quiet. The secrets we held were far too devastating. It would hurt a lot of people. Just as difficult as it was to keep this from everyone, it was just as difficult for us to stay away from each other.

The pressure and the guilt kept me awake at night.

But when I couldn’t sleep I fantasized about the next time I would have her in my arms. She confessed she did the same. She would lie awake pleasuring herself to thoughts of her tongue tasting and licking my clit.

I planned to give her the opportunity tonight.

We switched places and I found myself on my back with my legs spread. Her tongue drew patterns on my clit. I held my hand over my mouth trying hard not to release the screams of pleasure that were surging through my body.

She sucked and licked on my pussy for a few more minutes before sitting up. She placed her body on top of mine and we kissed again. She slowly grinded her sopping wet pussy against my thigh. Her knee was lodged against me and the friction brought forth an orgasm that flooded my body.

I held my hand firmly against my mouth. The last thing I wanted to do was to bring the people from the party in here on us. It was too late. We heard a knock at the door.

In a panic we fought to straighten our clothes. The door was locked and she sauntered over and opened it.

My husband walked in looking confused.

“Why are you too hiding out in here?”

“We’re just catching up on some girl talk.” She answered her brother.

I smiled up at him.

“Yes, you guys are so noisy in there I was finding it hard to hear myself think let alone have a conversation.”

He smiled.

“You know how rowdy the guys get when there is a party going on!” He exclaimed.

We all laughed.

“Well,” he said walking over and kissing me on the lips. “Don’t stay in here too long gossiping. You are going to miss the countdown.”

“We’ll be out soon.” I answered hoping that he didn’t taste pussy on my lips.

He kissed his sister on the cheek and walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

We smiled at each other and she walked back over to the couch. I grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss. I pulled away and dropped to my knees in front of her. I was grateful that she neglected to put her panties back on.

I intended to welcome in the New Year with a mouth full of my sister-in-law’s pussy and that is exactly what I did.


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