Excerpt from "Diary of a Wanted Woman"

"Diary of a Wanted Woman" will be out soon.
But here is my New Years gift to you. An excerpt from the novel.
Diary of a Wanted Woman
“I guess the rumors are true.”
I was confused. I didn’t know that there were any rumors about me except maybe that my pussy was good via Jonas.
“What rumors?”
“That you and Castor are together.”
What in the world was he talking about? Was David telling people we were together?
“Why do you think David and I are together?”
He rubbed his face with his hand and sighed.
“He doesn’t shut up about you. When I saw you in the tunnel I didn’t know you were his girl. I asked around and figured it out.”
“David and I are not a couple. We are just really great friends…”
“With benefits?” he interrupted.
I averted my eyes. He laughed.
“Are you willing to end that to spend some time with me?”
What he had to offer me had better be the best sex in the world. David wasn’t forgettable in bed. He was amazing. I needed to know if what Keith had would be worth it.
“It depends,” I said.
He smirked.
“On what?”
“What do I get?”
His hand reached behind my head and he pulled me into a strong passionate kiss. He pulled back and smiled.
“You get to have the most spectacular orgasms and feel the most pleasure you will ever feel in your life. I will cause you immense pain and intense pleasure. You will beg for mercy and you will beg for more and I will give them to you when I am ready to.”
I was so weak in the knees with sexual excitement that I wouldn’t have been able to turn down his offer even if I wanted to. I wanted him to lead me into a world where the line between pleasure and pain were blurred. It excited me and I knew my panties were wet.
“What’s it going to be?”
I nodded.
He smiled.
Then he leaned back placing his arm on the back of the couch.
“So, baby, how bad do you want me to fuck you?
He said “fuck” with a particular emphasis to the word making it sound even more filthy and indecent. It turned me on to hear him talk like that.
“Badly,” was all I could say.
“That is what I like to hear.”
He moved placing his hand on my knee.
I looked into his eyes. There was intense lust and desire there.
“If my hand was to travel up your thigh and I reached your panties what would you do?’
“I would let you?”
He laughed.
“You would let me? Hmmm…,” he said.
“Would you have a choice?”
I shook my head and he smiled at that.
“Good. You’re learning.”
I watched as his fingers trailed up my thigh pushing my skirt further up. He reached between my legs and stopped at my panties. I was breathing heavy at this point.
“’You like it when I touch you like this?”
I nodded.  
His fingers trailed further up and they grazed my pussy. I shuddered with pleasure.
“If I place my fingers in your panties. What will I feel?” he asked.
I squinted an eye at him.
“I don’t know,” I said.
His fingers were trailing a path through my panties and I found myself unable to think.
“I know what I want to find,” he said.
Two fingers slid underneath the lace of my panties and glided in-between my dripping wet slit.
My breath caught in my throat.
“Exactly what I wanted to find. A wet juicy pussy.”
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