In Dreams

In dreams

 From my short story Anthology "Insomnia: What happens when you can't sleep"

I couldn’t sleep.

Listening to her whimper all night was driving me crazy.

I was trying to focus on the same dream that I had been having every night.

I loved the feeling I got when I closed my eyes. When I did, I would see the love of my life. Unfortunately, that is the only way I get to see her lately…in my dreams.

It wasn’t long ago when she was mine and I had her all to myself. I could still feel the soft touch of her hand and the delicate way she ran her fingers through my hair.

I missed the moments when we would sit quietly together early in the morning watching the sunrise bring us a new beginning and a new day.

When it was just the two of us we never slept. We were so wrapped up in each other we barely ate. The sex was incredible and every time I dreamed, I would dream about the last time we made love.

I remember it just like it was yesterday. I would take her hand and lead her into the bedroom in hopes of showing her how I really felt about her. We always ended up on the bed slowly undressing.  Her pale skin was a nice contrast to my ebony complexion. She would lay kisses on my lips, my neck and down my chest. Her gentle fingers traveling down my body as her lips and tongue made a path leading to my aching and throbbing dick.

It was electrifying when her lips finally wrapped around my shaft sending waves of pleasure through me. Her tongue caressed every vein that threatened to send me over the edge.

 I savored the pleasure as her juicy mouth drove me wild. I could feel the coolness of her saliva spill down my shaft and make a pool underneath my balls. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to taste her and show her how much I loved her. I moved her off me and directed her to sit on my face.

 At that angle I would drive her crazy and not lose one drop of her pussy juices. I licked her feverously as she grinded her pussy on my mouth. My hands gripped her ass and I encouraged her to ride my tongue as I slipped it into her tight hole.

I felt a shudder go through her body and I increased the pace and licked her clit madly. She cried out my name as she came spilling her juices all over my face. There was so much I could barely swallow it all.

While she recovered from her orgasm I gently lifted her off me. I instructed her to put her ass in the air. I loved looking at her juicy pussy from this angle.

I wasted no time entering her. I fucked her as hard as I could and her fingers curled around the sheets in a desperate attempt to hold on.

Those were the good memories. The memories I would get only when I was sleeping. When I was awake my good memories were over shadowed by the bad times.

I hated thinking about the day she walked out on me.

I wanted to know where she was all day. She claimed she was with her mother, but how could I believe that. I needed her to tell me the truth. She was so beautiful, there had to be so many mean that wanted her. How could I believe her when she said she was not cheating.

I blacked out and didn’t realize I had slammed her onto the ground and attempted to choke her. When I came back to myself I let her go. I apologized but she just walked out on me.

She claimed that she loved me and I believed it.

That lying BITCH!

Yet, I couldn’t let her go. She meant so much to me.

I lay in bed unable to sleep just thinking about those memories. I felt my hard cock pressing against my boxers. I reached down and released it stroking the shaft.

It was hard for me to sleep knowing that I would never get the opportunity to touch her like that again. I tried to sleep so that I could see her in my dreams.

The whimpering coming from the woman in the room was keeping me away from my love. It was keeping me awake and I desperately wanted to dream of her.

I would see her eyes when I slept. Her eyes were always there staring at me unflinching boring holes through me. I couldn’t take her not wanting me anymore. My life revolved around her.

She walked out on me and found a new man. She latched onto a new boyfriend. He was the one pleasing her. I was left out in the cold with only my dreams.

I shook my head hoping that I could get rid of those thoughts.

I could not fight the thoughts that plagued me. I tried to forget about the last time I saw her. I just wanted to remember the good times, yet those moments always haunted my reality.

I yearned for sleep.

My last memory of her was watching her walk through the front door, kicking her heels off and tossing her jacket. She headed for the kitchen. She didn’t see me standing in her hall. I followed her into the kitchen and when she saw me she jumped.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She exclaimed edging for the phone.

“Baby, I missed you.” I answered moving toward her.

She continued to move away from me.

“Charles, you know the police said you are not to come anywhere near me.”

That made me angry.

“Fuck the police. We belong together and no one can keep us apart.’

I made a move toward her and she tried to run past the counter and out the door to the garage. I lunged for her grabbing a handful of her hair. She began to scream and I threw her to the ground. I climbed on top of her and she kicked and screamed.

“Just stay still and I won’t hurt you.”

She continued to scream and cry. It made me angry to see her acting this way toward me. She used to love me once. What happened to that?

“Shut the fuck up!” I yelled at her.

“Please don’t hurt me.” She pleaded.

I didn’t want to hear what she had to say. How dare she ask for my mercy?  She showed me no mercy when she walked out on me.

It felt like my hands had a mind of their own when they wrapped around her neck. I squeezed and squeezed. She grasped at my hands scratching me and trying to pry my hands loose. I just continued to squeeze and make her suffer for all the pain she caused me.

Eventually I was out of breath and she was no longer moving, no longer making any noise. I just sat staring at her. I reached up and caressed her hair.

She was so beautiful.

I lay in bed thinking about the good times. I needed to get to sleep so that I could see her again and be near her.

I could still hear the whimpering resonating throughout the hotel room. It was driving me insane. I sat up in bed. The room was dark, but I could make out her shadow.

She was huddled in the corner. I climbed out of the bed and slowly made my way over to her. Tears and snot stained her face. She sat whimpering through the duck tape that covered her lips.

I leaned down and began to stroke her hair hoping to comfort her.

“It’s okay. You can be my new girl.” I assured her continuing to stroke her hair.


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