My Erotic Marriage IV

He stepped out of the shower, dripping wet and to my surprise the very erect.

I was not in the mood for sex when I came to bed, but looking at him now that was rapidly changing.

As he dried off, he noticed I was watching him. He dropped the towel and stood and began to stare back at me.

His hands went to his dick and he began to slowly stroke himself.

“I see you staring. You want this dick don’t you?” he asked continuing to stroke himself.

I nodded and he didn’t hesitate to come over to me.

Without much prodding, I climbed out of the bed and placed my knees on the carpet and kneeled in front of him.

I took him into my warm mouth slowly sucking and tasting him. His hand instinctively came to my head and he caressed my hair as I sucked on his rock hard Dick. He smelled clean, yet still manly. His sent was filling my nostrils and my mouth.

“That’s it,” he encouraged with his fingers entangled in my hair.

I moaned softly with him in my mouth. I reached up to play with his balls while my mouth focused on his dick.

He began to add his own rhythm by shoving his dick in and out of my mouth. Every few seconds his pace increased and he began to fuck my face harder and faster.

At one time he shoved his dick forcefully into my mouth and I gagged.

“That’s right, gag on this big dick.”

I sucked on him a little while longer using my hand to add more pleasure. I could tell he was getting closer because he began to fuck my face faster and faster. Finally, I heard him groan loudly and not long after that my mouth filled with his cum. It was so much and some trickled down my chin as I tried to swallow it all.

I leaned back wiping my mouth while he leaned against the wall trying to catch his breath. Slowly when he came back to me he ordered me to stand up. I stood with shaky legs from being on my knees so long.

He smiled at me and then proceeded to get on his knees.

“It’s your turn,” he simply said.

He pulled my panties down my legs and tossed them over his shoulder. He grabbed one of my legs and placed it on the edge of the bed frame. Without hesitation and with purpose, he began to eat my pussy. He started with a long slow lick from my wet hole to my clit.

The first contact of his tongue was amazing.  I rocked slowly and grinded my pussy on his tongue. His hands came up to grip my ass.  I put my hand on his head trying to keep my balance. I rode his tongue coming closer and closer to my orgasm. 

I could hear and feel him moan into my pussy. Eating me out turned him on just as much as it did me.

Hearing his moans triggered my orgasm and I came with my juices spilling into his mouth.  He instantly stood and while still riding my orgasmic wave, I noticed he was hard again. I laughed.

“You’re ready for more?” I asked.

He nodded and demanded that I stand and bend over, presenting my ass to him. I obeyed.  With his hand on my back holding me down, he entered me. My breath caught in my throat as it does every time his large dick enters my tight wet hole. Our bodies began to move together to a rhythm he set. My mind was cloudy and I could not do anything but enjoy the pleasure that I was feeling.

As if he had a second wind, he pounded me hard all the while talking dirty to me.

“You like this dick don’t you?”

All I could do is moan and nod. My hands reached up and grabbed the sheets clinging to them. I buried my face in the mattress trying to muffle the sounds of my moans before I woke the kids. The pleasure was intense and I could tell he felt the same way.

He came hard inside of me collapsing on my back. His breathing was heavy and the cool breeze of it felt good against my hot skin.





  1. Nothing like the right visual to get you in the mood...
    Very erotic writing...


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