Next Time: An Erotic Confession Story

Her beautiful mouth was moving but I didn’t hear a thing. She was talking but I just sat there watching her mouth move envisioning those lips on mine.

 I licked my own dry lips trying to get comfortable with how close we were sitting.

Being this close was hard for me. Every inch of my body was aware of her body touching mine. Normally my anxiety would force me to move back and put some distance between us. Yet I wanted to be this close this time.

The last time I was near her, I wasted my opportunity to take her in my arms and feel her body close to mine. I always told myself that the next time we were this close and alone I would do it. I would swallow my fears and I would do it.

Instead, I sat here watching her mouth move as we talked and laughed like girlfriends do. The entire time I wondered how long I could fight the urge to lean over and place my lips on her full set of sexy ones.

My hand grazed her knee and I quickly moved it back. I was flustered for a second by how smooth it was and much just touching her knee turned me on. I started to fantasize.

I imagined myself being the smooth and suave flirter I wanted to be. I wanted to slowly caress her leg, letting her know that I wanted to be near her. Then when the moment was right, lean over and when it felt right, capture her lips. I imagine us sensually kissing for a little while and slipping my tongue into her mouth tasting her sweetness.

I denounced my anxiety and moved a little closer. No matter how nervous or afraid I became, I let my body be near hers. As she talks and smiles, I find myself still staring at her succulent lips. If she licked her lips I was aware of it wanting her tongue in my mouth. In my head my imagination continues to run wild.

I grappled with my erotic thoughts of kissing her beautiful mouth then letting my hands trail all over her body. I would hungrily seek out her breasts letting my fingers squeeze them.  I would let my thumb find her erect nipples and draw circles around them while I continue to hold her mouth captive refusing to come up for air.

She smiled at me and began to tell me a story from her past and I try hard to listen and not let my thoughts distract me from her words. I listened as she tells me of her life and some difficult and some fantastic things she has experienced.

My wanders again and I want to catch each word in my mouth and tell the story to her breasts taking the chocolate mounds in my mouth and my tongue would run across her soft velvet skin. I can hear her moans in my mind. I want to drive her crazy.

It’s getting late and it’s almost time to go yet I have done nothing but sit listen and fantasize. My brain is telling me to stop fantasizing and just do it. I rub my hands on my own knees soothing my anxiety not wanting to keep my hands to myself. She shifts on the couch readjusting herself and my hand is drawn to her dark chocolate legs.

My mind overtakes me.

 I fantasize laying her down on the couch kissing her down her neck and to her breasts while I reached the sweetness between her legs. I would pull off her shorts and her panties tossing them both to the floor. I would gently guide open her legs and slowly let my tongue glide over her wet pussy lips listening to her moan with pleasure. I lap up her juices while dipping my fingers in and out feeling her soft luscious walls. Suddenly the phone rings and pulls me back to reality.

I look at the time and realize I spent more time fantasizing than I did actually making them come true.  

She walks me to the door and we exchange a warm embrace. She held me tightly. Her breasts against mine only increased the throbbing between my legs. My own clit begged to be touched.

I left that night regretting my decision to touch her and do all the things I wanted to do. I climbed in my car preparing for the drive home; I said to myself what I always say after an encounter with her

Next time…


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