The Birthday Gift : My erotic story

It was my birthday.

I was one year older and still struggling to figure out who I was and what I really wanted.

My husband had a feeling he knew what was troubling me. He believed he knew what I was and was not going to let me go another year without realizing it myself.

It was my birthday and sitting next to me was my gift.

I was nervous and unable to relax as her fingers slowly caressed my legs. I was having trouble breathing and I wasn’t sure if it was a sexual feeling or the anxiety attack I had been having since the moment I found out this was happening.

My entire life I always wondered was I bisexual. My husband believed so.

It was no problem for him he expressed. It was exciting and hot to have a bisexual wife.

I wasn’t so sure. Just because I preferred to watch lesbian porn doesn’t make me bisexual does it?

There was one thing we both agreed on. I needed to find out.

He insisted it was something I needed to do. I wasn’t so sure, but I knew at this point in my life I needed to know who I was and what I was. There was always doubt in my mind but my husband knew. And with this gift, he wanted to prove it to me.

He wanted to give me a chance to freely explore my sexual desires with another woman.

So here I was sitting on this hotel bed next to a mutual lesbian friend of ours scared shitless.

When we arrived at the hotel, I was still extremely nervous and unsure of what I was doing. I sat on the bed as she walked around arranging things, putting out bottles of wine and lighting candles. My legs were shaking and the only think I could do was hold onto my hands for dear life.

She came to sit down next to me and smiled.

“Don’t be nervous. I promise I’ll be gentle,” she said

She continued to caress my legs until finally she stood and looked at me with her hands on her hips. She announced that she needed to go into the bathroom to freshen up. I just nodded and watched as she walked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. I took the time to calm my nerves by opening the bottle of wine that was in the room.

Once I got it opened, I poured both of us a glass. I sat on the bed with my glass realizing that I was actually here and that this was actually happening. There was no turning back now

After a few minutes, she exited the bathroom and I looked up to see her body covered in black lace. She looked incredibly sexy and the thought only made me more nervous.

I licked my dry lips.

“How do I look?” she said leaning her hand against the doorframe of the bathroom and her other hand on hip.

I licked my lips once again

“Sexy,” was all I managed to get out.

I suddenly lost my voice.

She smiled and approached me. She took my glass from my hand and I watched as she brought it to her lips and emptied it.

I watched her, looking her body up and down. The site my eyes were taking in began to seriously light a fire between my legs.

She sat the empty glass down on the desk next to the full glass that I poured for her. She came sat down next to me and placed her hand on my leg once again.

Without saying a word she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It was soft and sensual and I felt some of my nervousness replaced with sheer desire. I took her tongue into my mouth and returned the favor by letting our tongues dance a sensual dance tasting each other.

Kissing her released the strong desires inside of me, yet my mind still tried to deny what was going on here. My body began to respond to her kissing in ways I couldn’t begin to imagine. A part of me was able to let go and enjoy the heat pleasure my body was receiving.

Another part of me was terrified of the implications of this counter. Technically, it was just a simple kiss by a beautiful woman but the terror had an effect on my body as well and my legs were shaking. The thought past through my mind that I could possibly be making a mistake.

Suddenly she pulled away and smiled at me.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes.”

She stood and grabbed my hand. I followed her lead and stood. She began to undress me first lifting my shirt over my head and off my body then pulling my pants down to my ankles.

The scene felt more awkward than sensual, I noted, but that all changed when she slowly pulled my panties down my legs. Having her face so close to my pussy made my heart race and I knew my pussy was amazingly wet

She stood and came close to me letting our bodies touch. She reached around me and undid my bra. I pulled it off my arms and let it fall to the floor. We immediately climbed on the bed and laid side-by-side. We began to kiss and let her hands roamed each other’s bodies.

She rolled me over to my back and instantly brought her lips to my breasts. I closed my eyes trying to focus on the pleasure and let go of all my anxiety. My past shame about being turned on by another woman tried to wash over me.

I, with great effort, swallowed all that down and opened my eyes to watch her tongue draw circles around my nipples.

Her fingers slid downward and began to caress my clit. My body responded shuddering with pleasure. I could feel my thighs slowly parting given her more space to please me. She looked at me and smiled keeping her eyes on me while continuing to finger me at rub her thumb across my clit.

“Oh…,” I moaned.

She then moved down and parted my legs.

This was it… I thought. Another woman is going to eat my pussy. Just the thought drove me crazy, so when her tongue actually made contact with it, pleasure shot through my entire body making my toes curl and my fingers cling to the bedspread.

Screams of pleasure that were surging through my body released from me. She sucked and licked on my pussy for a few more minutes before sitting up. She placed her body on top of mine and we kissed again. She slowly grinded her sopping pussy against my thigh and I moaned with the pleasure.

The sensation she was causing throughout my body was driving me insane.  She had her knee against my pussy grinding into me while continuing to grind her pussy against my leg. 

She then moved and dived back between my legs and stroked my pussy with her tongue.  I grabbed a handful of her hair trying not to lose control.

I felt my orgasm moving from my toes to my legs. When it hit me, I moaned throwing my head back and bucked my pussy upward. She stayed with me keeping her lips suctioned to my pussy riding my wave with me.

When I was done, she climbed back on top of me and placed a long sensuous kiss on my lips letting me taste her and myself at the same time. When she moved her lips from mine, I spoke.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t planning to come so quickly,” I lamented.

She smiled and kissed me on the lips.

“Don’t worry,” she answered letting her index finger caress my clit. “Your husband said we had all night.”


  1. Quite the hot birthday present.

  2. A great birthday gift. A very erotic story..


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