The Workout

     My back against the bathroom stall was uncomfortable but the pleasure his tongue was giving me made up for that. His years of experience was displayed in the skillful way his tongue licked my dripping hole and then slowly moved up to draw circles on my clit.

My fingers ran through his thick graying blonde hair letting my finger wrap around the strands every time a jolt of pleasure rippled through my body. He didn’t say a word while he skillfully ate my pussy in this tiny stall. I didn’t know how he managed to get me in here with my panties and yoga pants on the floor and my barefoot perched on a toilet seat…

I hated to work out. I would rather be doing something else, yet my bad genes and intense love for sweets has threatened my health. The good news was at the age of 29, I was still young enough to get a handle on things. I pulled up and parked not really feeling like working out today. This was my third week in a row working out and it was finally taking its toll on me. I walked inside and the smell of disinfectant spray and sweat hit me in the face. I decided to stick to my usual routine as I walked over to the row treadmills not paying much attention to the people around me.

I put my ear buds in my ear and turned on my favorite music to listen to while I worked out… Hip-hop.

I was running and jamming to the music when I felt eyes on me. I looked over to my right and saw on the treadmill next to me a tall older white man staring at me. When I looked his way, he smiled. I normally in my cranky state would have just ignored him but there was something arresting about his smile that prompted me to smile back.

I looked away and continued to focus on my work out.  

I could feel my orgasm building and I could barely contain myself. He began to suck on my pussy lips and that was it. That is what put me over the edge. I moaned loudly unable to control the intense orgasms flooding my body. It took my breath away and I struggled to find some kind of control. He rose up using the toilet paper dispenser for leverage. While I was still in my stupor, he began to pull down his pants and underwear to his ankles releasing his long hard pale cock…

After the treadmill, I decided to use the weight machines. A friend of mine told me I should incorporate strength training into my work out. While on a machine designed to work out my biceps, I noticed the same man watching me. After a couple of minutes he approached me.

“I’m sorry to bother you put your form is all wrong.”

I didn’t realize there was a specific form. He leaned over and adjusted my arms and my body is what he said was the correct position. When I was done working on that machine he extended his hand out to me.

“I’m Jim,” he said

I shook his hand.

“I’m Cierra.”

He smiled.

“That is a pretty name for a very pretty lady,” he said.

I smiled.

I took the time to really give him a look over. He was tall about 6’1” with a thick head of graying blonde hair. He looked to be between 50 and 54 years old with that amazing smile and a very movie star attractive face.

I stood from the machine and let him convince me to work out on a machine that targets my hamstrings in the back. There was no one else back there. While I was on the machine, he began to spot me a little more intensely than I expected.

When his hands grazed my ass the third time, I set up on the bench and looked at him.

“What are you doing?”

He smirked.

“You have such an incredible ass. I couldn’t help but to touch it.”

I was appalled at his nerve and also aware that his touch made my clit throbbing. As a single mom, it has been difficult to date and therefore it has been a while since I had been touched by a man. I smiled, but proceeded to walk away when he grabbed my arm. I turned and looked at him. I noticed in his eyes there was a deep and intense look of lust. The look left me frozen in place.

“I want to fuck you,” he said as simply as if he had asked me what time it was.

That brought me out of my stupor.

“What?” I asked not sure if I had heard him correctly.

He pulled me to him.

“I want fuck you. I want to eat your pussy so badly and drink up your sweet come.”

I was speechless but my body began to speak volumes. My nipples got hard and I could feel my pussy begin to leak at his words.

How I wanted such an attractive man to make me come hard and the thought of it all pour into his mouth almost made me come on the spot. He began to pull me towards the restrooms and I was shocked that I did not stop them.

He came prepared, strapping a condom to his hard cock. I bent over the toilet seat with my naked ass in the air waiting to be filled. He began to slowly caress my ass. Then he gave it one hard slap before he squeezed his large dick between my pussy lips. I moaned as he entered me. He instantly began to pound me gripping my ass. I put my hand on the wall in front of me to avoid my head banging against it. He continued to pound me with a masterful stroke. His breathing increased and his fingers gripped my ass tighter.

“Oh yes, give me that chocolate pussy.”

For some reason that turned me on and instantly I came all over again almost collapsing on the back of the toilet.

He didn’t let up banging me out panting and sweating. Finally he came with a growl…

We exited the bathroom making sure no one noticed us sneaking out of there. He grabbed me and pulled me around the corner near the lockers. He pushed me up against the wall and planted a kiss on my lips. He pulled out a card and it to me.

“Call me,” he said giving me that amazing smile.

I knew I would call. My thoughts were if he could turn me into a puddle with his lovemaking in a tiny stall in the men’s bathroom, what else does he have up his sleeve?


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