H is for Heat

is for Heat

I did not know what I was getting into when I moved to California. When we arrived it was 112°of hell. We felt like we were walking into a furnace. It was a major difference from the weather in central Indiana.
There are days it is so hot the kids, who love the outdoors, do not want to go outside.
So someone like me who is extremely warm-blooded and who always feels like I’m having hot flashes all the time, I was miserable at first.
My family already knew that I have been pretty free in my home and walking around the house pants less is not unusual, even more so before the kids were born.
Thus in California during the summer I was half naked most of time trying to deal with the heat.
My husband on the other hand was trying to deal with another more intense heat creeping up on him that had him wanting to take his clothes off every chance he got.
The sight of seeing me walk around half-naked all summer has him sweating and panting like an animal His ravenous sexual appetite kept us quite busy. It was only fitting seeing as it was way too hot to leave the house. It was as if the heat set us on fire and the lust raged through our bodies.
We had our doubts when we first came to California. We did not know if we were going to like it and we didn’t know if we were to be able to stand the heat. Everyone told us it was going to be very hot that we were literally moving into the desert. It was heat that we had never experienced before. It is hot but we like the heat.
We can take it. We just won’t leave the house. I’m sure we can find other things to do. 


  1. many the time I have wanted to wear basic in the hot weather. more free to do so now that the girls are gone.
    After nearly a month in Phoenix Bakersfield feels cool now, but I clearly recall the first few months after I moved from Montana. And now I see the 108's are on their way. TR

  2. There is plenty to do when trying to stay out of the heat, Donnee. You seem to have hit on one of the more joyous activities! Glad you're here. xoA

  3. Hi! I just wanted to say I absolutely loved your book Prohibited but I'm dying with the cliffhanger! Will there be sequel coming out any time soon? Please say yes! lol :)


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