The Apple Orchard: an erotic tale

Here is another one of my favorite short stories that I have written. 

My Erotic Marriage: The Apple Orchard

The apple trees were beautiful and creepy this time of night.  yet we didn’t have time to notice or admire anything. We were on a mission. 
The party was still going at full blasts when we decided to sneak away. We could the sounds of laughter and music fade the farther we made it into the Orchard.  The sounds were replaced by our own giggles and the sounds of our hitting twigs and the dirt ground as we searched for the perfect spot.
His hand was on my ass and his touch made me want him even more. 
“I can’t wait to fuck you.” He said continuing to squeeze my ass.
We blame the dance floor and the immense amount of alcohol available to us at the party for our courage.  After dancing and grinding on the dance floor I didn’t think I could take anymore.  His hands rubbed my thighs and my ass and through his slacks I could feel his erection. He was hard and ready for me.
His eyes stayed glued to mine until he came even closer his lips inches away from my ear when he whispered.
“I need to fuck you right now!”
A few more drinks later and my heels were sinking in the dirt as we tried to find the most secluded spot in this orchard to satisfy our desires. 
After a couple of minutes we came upon a large tree. It was beautiful and far out enough we were sure no one would find us. 
I was a little nervous but as I said before, when I drink, I get so horny I cannot help myself. 
Leaning against the tree we began to kiss.  Our tongues played furiously with each other tasting each other’s sweetness.
 Suddenly I began to giggle.
“What?” He said kissing me on the neck.
“I’m just so drunk.” I said still giggling.
My laughter eventually was replaced with moans as his tongue trailed down my collarbone and his hand crawled up my skirt.  We knew that we were not going to have much time before someone began to look for us so we needed to get this show on the road.
We kissed some more and my fingers dug into his shoulder as his fingers found my wetness and played with me there. 
His hand moved away from my pussy to give me a taste of my own juices.  I licked his fingers clean as he watched me.  Then my fingers were working fast to undo the zipper on his pants.  I pulled out his hard dick and stroked him in my hands for a couple of seconds. I knew that I wanted it in my mouth but I was afraid of getting my knees dirty.  Thinking quickly I placed my clutch purse onto the ground and placed my knees on that. I proceeded to take as much of him into my mouth as I possibly could.  I enjoyed sucking him and soaking him with my spit.
He placed one hand on the tree and the other on my head slowly guiding me.  He tried to silence his moans as they echoed through the apple trees.  He tasted so sweet I just could not get enough.
“My balls need some attention.” He said
I obeyed him as I always do stroking his dick as my tongue licked his balls.  I gently sucked them into my mouth surrounding them with my lips and let my tongue roll around them.
“Mmm…” He moaned running his fingers through my hair. 
My lips went back to tasting dick and I could feel him grip my hair even tighter.  He began to fuck my face hard moaning and grunting at the same time. 
I held onto his well pressed pants legs as he came hard in my mouth.  I swallowed it all down trying not to drip on my new outfit. 
When he caught his breath he ordered me to stand and lean against the tree. He hiked up my skirt and squatted down in front of me.  He pushed my already soaked panties to the side and parted my pussy lips with his tongue. I shuddered and lifted one leg onto his shoulder.  His tongue caressed my clit and I moaned loudly. I immediately clapped my hand over my mouth trying to stifle the noise I was making.
He continued to lap at me drinking up my wetness.  It felt so good despite the bugs that were flying around. I was focused on one thing coming in his mouth.  My hand was on his head urging him to continue licking and making me feel so good.   
He began to put fingers inside of me fingering me into bliss. 
“Oh I am going to come.”
I felt that familiar urge to come so strong as he tickled my G-spot.  If he continued I was going to come so hard. Then it hit me.
“You may want to stop.”           
He looked at me funny while continuing to finger me.
“Not until you come for me.”
My breathing increased and I tried to move him away. He didn’t stop and I could feel it building up inside of me ready to burst.
“Move!” I yelled and he stopped moving backwards just in time.
I came all over the dirt ground and down my legs.  The ground was saturated with my juices. I had one hand on the tree and continued to ride my wave.  When I was done I heard him laughing.
“Holy shit! That would not have been good at all!”
I leaned against the tree rubbing my hands across my face.
“I’m soaked.”
He laughed harder looking at the mess I made. I had cum dripping down my legs and my heels and feet were covered in it.
He bent down careful not to fall in the puddle and licked some off my legs.
“Tasty.” He said standing.
“What am I going to do. We can’t go back like this.”
He adjusted his pants and looked at me smiling.
“I look fine.”
I gave him a dirty look and he laughed.
“I wonder if that can work as fertilizer for the apples.”
“Shut up!” I said smacking him on the arm.
He pulled a napkin from his pants pocket and I tried to clean up as best as I could.
We walked back to the party, hot sticky yet thoroughly satisfied.


  1. In addition to the erotica, Donnee, your story has humor. I could imagine why she was telling him to stop. Then, the part where he says, "I look fine." tickled me. xoA

  2. What a blast... hehe ... Short and erotic...


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