P is for...

is for...Parenting

“Mommy what’s for dinner?” Said my 5-year-old
“Food!” I answered exasperated.
That was question number 20 in under five minutes and 10 were,
“What’s for dinner?”
I shake my head thinking that my mother cursed me. She told me just like she told my other sisters that she could not wait for us to have kids so we can get a taste of our own medicine.
She was right. I received mind tenfold.
You see, I was a talker. I was an extreme motor mouth if you will. Everyone I met or encountered in my life has discovered that I have the gift of gab.
Motor mouth.
That is what they call me. But that word would not begin to describe my 5-year-old. Those are the moments when I feel that parenting is hard.
Very hard.
I grew up with lots of brothers and sisters and when the older ones started having kids, me and my two younger sisters were the designated babysitters. When my sister worked midnights, I would get up in the middle of the night with her baby.  I watched him, changed them, I dressed them and I fed them.
I thought this prepared me to have my own children.
I worked at a day care for 2 years. I was in charge of 16 two year olds with another teacher and on occasion I helped out in the infant classroom. I thought this too prepared me to have my own kids.
Boy!  Was I wrong!
Having kids and taking care of kids is the hardest thing that ever done in my entire life. I never thought I could be asked so many questions in so little time and have to answer every last one of them.
One time I told my kids,
“You can’t ask me questions for the next 10 minutes.”
“Why not?” My 5 year old asked me.
“That was a question.” I replied.
“What was a question?”
I give up!
That’s what happens when you have 3 daughters and they all have questions and they all want to talk and you have to listen no matter how boring or how many times you’ve heard the same story over and over and over.
Yep, my mother cursed me. She cursed me with having three girls just like myself and now I would like to call her and apologize for the 18 years I spent under her roof talking her head off.
Will that lift the curse?


  1. "One time I told my kids,
    'You can’t ask me questions for the next 10 minutes.'
    'Why not?' My 5 year old asked me.
    'That was a question.' I replied.
    'What was a question?'"

    Lol! My mom used to tell my sister all of the time that she would end up having a kid who talked a lot just like her. I'm curious to see now if this will come true.

  2. This is incredibly relatable to me. As a stay-at-home parent, I find myself setting arbitrary time limits for talking, asking questions, etc. that I know my daughter will just disregard. Thanks for this post.

    - Jack

  3. Almost all children tall all the time. Of course they are curious and want to know more, we on the other hand, want to hear them be a little less curious. :)
    In reality, it's great your girls ask so many questions. Hopefully they'll keep asking when they get older and have the really tough ones, then it will all be worth it.
    Oh, and then you can put the curse on them too!

  4. I can remember saying to my girls, "Nobody talk to me until the timer rings -- unless someone is bleeding."

    Parenting does require patience, and for me, remembering the little girl I was, too.

    Thanks, xoA

  5. My wife made a sign for her bedroom door which signaled a "Mommy Time Out."


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