V is for...

is for Vixen : an erotic tale

She’s hot, spicy.
Her nickname is pepper.
She is tall with smooth chocolate legs and a plump ass.
She is sassy.
She plays hard to get.
She knows that men like to hunt as she pretends to be prey.
Yet that is false.
     Certainly untrue.
She is the huntress.
She is the vixen.

The predator that devours her prey. Some may make it out and others are caught in the web of the venomous spider never to be the same again.
They are victims.
I was a victim.
I saw her eyes on me from across the room.
She smiled.
I smiled and I was lost in a trance. I felt her energy as she made her way over to me. We talked and chatted for a while and soon I was becoming her little zombie. I would do whatever she wanted me to do. I led her up to my hotel room.
We were barely in the room before we were already practically taking off each other’s clothing.
My goodness!
She was beautiful. Her long legs had nothing on her full chocolate lips and large breasts that seemed to have some force pulling my lips to her plum colored nipples.
“Oooo…” She moaned as my tongue make circles around them.
We continued to undress. I pulled her skirt down time and I came face-to-face with her panties tripping with her juices. She was looking through her panties and I was anxious to get a taste. Soon I was on my knees ready to devour. I may slow strokes with my tongue pleasure her through her panties.
Mmm… Her pussy juices were so sweet and intoxicating. I needed more. I removed her panties and let my moist tongue connect with her pussy. Her hand grabbed my head in my nose joint my mouth been engulfed in nothing pussy. I didn’t mind. She leaned against the door and placed the leg over my shoulder and I just enjoy the pleasure. My knees ached but I wasn’t stopping. I wanted her juices to pour into my mouth.
I was not prepared for what happened next.
I didn’t know she was a squirter.
Before I knew it I was drenched in her come. I fell backwards and laughed. She wasn’t laughing. She grabbed my hand and I followed her over to the bed. She pushed me down. I was wearing only my boxers and she demanded that they come off.
My pleasure.
I removed my boxers and she got to work seducing me working her magic on my hard dick.
I was lost.
She could tell.
We fucked and it was hard and nasty. She offered me every hole and I was eager to feel each one. We fucked for hours barely letting up until my dick could no longer get hard and I was afraid nothing would come help but a puff of white smoke.
She didn’t want to stop.
“I have nothing left.” I informed her.
She didn’t look happy to hear that I was exhausted so I pushed her away from my flaccid Dick that she was determined to get hard again.
After that I passed out.
If I knew then what I know now, I would never have gone to sleep. Shit, I would never have turned my back on her.
Hindsight is a motherfucker!
I awoke to nothing. My clothes were gone, all my money in my wallet, my credit cards. Everything was gone I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. I spent years trying to get charges of my cars reimbursed. I had to buy new clothes. My plane ticket was gone too and had to buy a new one just to get home. My wife was furious assault would drop me. I didn’t tell her about the amazing sex before hand.
It was my own fault.
It was my mistake we lost a lot of money and my credit took a hit.
So, if you visit the Somerville hotel and you see the tall beautiful chocolate woman staring at you from the bar that beacons for you to come, walk away.
Despite the fact that she is hot and spicy.
Remember, her nickname is pepper.
She is tall with smooth chocolate legs and a plump ass.
She is sassy.
She plays hard to get.
She knows that men like to hunt and she pretends to be prey.
Yet that is false.
Certainly untrue.
She is the Huntress.
She is the vixen.


  1. Pepper sure turned out to be the predator! I can only imagine how stupid he must have felt. BUT he still remembers the "amazing sex." LOL. Thanks, Donnee. xoA

  2. The price we pay when we walk off the high dive...


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