My Bloody New Year : An Erotic Tale

Whenever affairs are involved there is always potential for someone to die. I sat there on my knees staring down at what I had done.
 My breathing was heavy and the anger and rage began to dissipate. The anger was replaced with fear as I stared at the blood on my hands.
I dropped the knife I was holding and it made a CLANG as it hit the tiled floor. The noise left me shaking. I dared to look around the room. There was blood in every corner and everywhere my eyes landed. There was blood on the counter, on the walls, all over the floor… and all over me.
I was frozen.
I was confused.

I didn’t hear the door open and I faintly heard Jim call for his wife. Suddenly he was in the kitchen. I knew he was screaming and yelling as I stared at him. Yet, everything was muted. The only noise I heard was the sound of their old grandfather clock ringing in the New Year. Holding my hands up so that he could see the blood all over my hands I simply said,
“I just wanted to talk, Jim.”
I turned and looked down at the woman I murdered and I just continued to mumble “I just wanted to talk.”


I had suspicions my husband was cheating. He went from not caring about his appearance to suddenly having a new wardrobe and working out at the gym three days a week. I mean, I didn’t mind that he was caring more about himself and his appearance, but suddenly he started working late. He was never home enough for me to enjoy his new appearance.
I knew he was cheating on me and it had me devastated. He had his affair but he was good. I never had enough evidence to confront him. So I just wallowed in my misery and my sex deprived existence.
So with my husband off gallivanting and making a fool out of me, I took up a new hobby. I started sewing, knitting, upholstering furniture and building shelving units. We had no kids so I had to find something to do. This involved me making hundreds of trips to our local hardware store.
That is how I met Jim.
He was tall muscular and rugged. After a while I always try to make my trips center around the times he worked. He was my hardware store eye candy.
After a while he noticed me and occasionally we would flirt with each other. I found out that he was married with 2 kids and he found out that I was married with none. Eventually the flirting increased and the language became much more erotic. It was inevitable that something would happen between us.
The first time we made love it was amazing. We snuck in the back of the hardware store warehouse where no one could see us. I had on this cute yellow summer dress perfect for our exercise for today. He lifted me up and placed me on a metal bench. The bench was cold on my bare thighs but my body was so warmed up and aroused I barely noticed. His hands ran up and down my son’s legs and he leaned down to kiss me. Instantly our tongues found each other and dance together like they had always been partners.
I gasped as his hands slid into my panties and played with my moist cunt. He had fun dipping his fingers in and out while he continued to kiss me passionately. I wanted more than that. It had been months since a man fucked right and I needed him inside of me. My hands reached down and grabbed his belt. I pulled that apart, undid the clasps and the zipper on his jeans.
“Oh, I want to fuck you so bad,” he said.
I pulled him even closer for an even more passionate kiss.
“Fuck me hard.”
He pulled down his pants and I realized he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He was nice and big and also hard as a rock. He didn’t hesitate. He pulled off my panties and tossed them down to the warehouse floor. He jerked me forward until my ass was barely on the bench and he began to fuck me. He teased me pulling his hard member and in out of my wet pussy.
“0h,” I moaned while my hands held onto the edge of the bench.
He leaned down and placed a hand on my back to help steady himself so he could give me much more powerful strokes. The sounds of my moans and his groans echoed throughout the vast and emptied warehouse. He nipped at my breasts through my dress as he fucked me hard. It seemed like we were at it for an eternity and I was in heaven. No man has fucked me with such passion in a very long time. I could feel my orgasm building and I knew it would be a powerful one. A few minutes later my body was convulsing and my powerful orgasm was flooding my body. He held on and continued to fuck me through the most intense orgasm I have had in years. He came gripping my ass filling me with his cum. After that encounter I was hooked.
This of course wasn’t the last time we got together. After the first encounter there were many more. Once I gave him a lunch time blow job in his car behind the hardware store. We snuck out for hotel rendezvous whenever we could. We spent so much time together that we started to become more than just lovers. We started to develop feelings for each other. We talked on the phone constantly and we long to be with each other. This went on for almost a year unbeknownst to my husband.
He probably didn’t even care he had his own affairs going on. I was sure of it.
Suddenly out of the blue, all communication with Jim stopped. I would call and it will go straight to voicemail. Two weeks went by and I was going crazy. I was losing my mind without him.
 Finally I drove over to the home repair shop looking for him. I found him in plumbing. I marched right over to him and tapped on the shoulder. He turned and although he looked surprised to see me he also looked elated.
“Babe, what are you doing here?”
I put my hand on my hip.
“You ignore me for 2 weeks and you wonder why I’m here?”
One of his coworkers walked past and he grabbed me and pulled me down the aisle and through some doors that read EMPLOYEES ONLY.
When we were safely inside he grabbed me and kissed me passionately. When he pulled back he told me his story.
“My wife found hotel receipts and some text messages. She knows about us and told me if I didn’t call it off with you, she was going to lead me to take the kids far away so that I wouldn’t see them again.”
“But that is what we want,” I began. “We wanted to leave our spouses and start fresh together.”
He sighed.
“True, but I have to think about my kids. I love you but she will take my kids and I may never see them again.”
I was calm on the outside but I was freaking out on the inside.
“So are you breaking it off with me?”
He looked down.
He didn’t need to speak. I turned and burst out of the door filled with anger and rage. I heard him calling my name but I had to leave before I broke down.
I needed to get home anyway. It was New Year’s Eve and we were having a party at our house. I didn’t really want to have this party but my husband insisted. I cried in the car all the way home and then brushed past my husband upstairs. I used some eyendrops to remove the signs of crying and got ready for the party. I decided to wear my little black dress and black heels. I was in no mood for bright colors.
I was in mourning.
As the party got into full swing I tried to mingle but I couldn’t help but notice my husband flirting openly with his secretary. So this was the bitch he was cheating on me with I thought. My anger started to build and I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed my purse and my car keys and raced over to Jim’s house.
I completely did not think it through. if I had I would’ve realized that his wife would be home. Yet I burnt rubber racing over to his house. I got out of my car and marched up the steps to his door and rang the doorbell.
His wife answered.
“Can I help you?”
I just stood there shocked for a minute not knowing what to do. I wasn’t anticipating encountering his wife.
“Excuse me, can I help you?”
Her voice snapped me out of my frozen state.
“Where’s Jim?”
Her eyes narrowed.
 “Why are you looking for my husband?”
I think she realized who I was and began to slam the door in my face. I pushed the door before she could close it and bullied my way inside. It was a small modest home warm and cozy. I also had a chance to look her up and down. She was short with long dark black hair and to me her eyes were cold.
“Get out of my house and stay away from my husband!”
I turned to fold my arms across my chest.
“I’m not leaving until I talk to Jim!”
She walked over to the phone.
“What are you doing?”
She shot daggers at me with her eyes.
“I’m about to call the police if you don’t leave”
I walked over and snatched the phone from her and threw it across the room.
“You stupid bitch! Don’t you realize Jim doesn’t want you anymore? You might as well just let him go.” I snarled.
She didn’t say a word she just started walking toward the kitchen.
I followed
“You are the stupid bitch,” she began grabbing her cell phone on the kitchen counter.
“Jim is just using you for the money. He told me so.”
She was a crazy bitch and I wouldn’t believe that.
“He loves me!”
She started to dial on her phone and I smacked it out of her hand. She rolled her eyes went for the phone.
I couldn’t let her call the police.
I had to stop her!
I saw a large knife on the counter and without thinking I grabbed it. She went for the phone
with her back to me.
 I stabbed her in the back.

She turned and shocked filled her eyes. They were wild with panic. She tried to run but I grabbed her and attacked her to the ground. She fought me but I just started stabbing her. Eventually she couldn’t fight anymore yet I continued to stab her. I was fueled adrenaline and I couldn’t stop. I just stabbed her until the grandfather clock brought me back to myself as it rang in the New Year.


  1. Wow,, erotic and cold blooded...

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