I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus 2014

Christmas Eve...

It was a lot colder this Christmas than last year. I turned up the heat in my car and took a breath. I looked out the passenger side window at the red brick apartment building covered in tacky Christmas lights. Some of the lights were out and the rest were flickering.
I debated if I was going to spend another Christmas eve in the arms of another man. My body has been yearning for him but my heart was torn in half. My husband and I fight all the time now. He has threatened to move out if I don’t get myself together. We sleep in separate beds some nights and he doesn’t come home some nights for dinner.
I love him but I can’t get this other man out of my head. It’s so crazy. I only see him once a year and the rest of the year is terrible.
I finally opened the door and stepped out into the cold. My feet crunched on the pile of dirty snow shoveled over by the city salt trucks. I slammed the door and locked it with my keys. I waited until a blue Honda drove past before I crossed the street. I could see my breath as I huffed and puffed hands in my pockets trying to cross the parking lot to the front door of the building.
I pushed through the front doors and walked right over to the elevator. I pushed the button that
would take me up to the fourth floor. 408. That was the number. That number has been tattooed on my brain for a year now. The elevator beeped and the door slid open. I stepped inside, pushed a button with the number four and held my breath until the door slid open again. I stepped out into the hall and took a few steps toward his door. Before I could move very far it opened. I watched as a tall white woman exited. She had blonde hair fair skin and was wearing a short leather miniskirt and black lacy shirt. She had a black leather jacket draped over her arm as if that would be enough in this freezing weather.
Then he was there, stepping into the hall, grabbing her around the waist. They kissed fiercely and sensually. I just watched. My feet were anchored to the carpet and I couldn’t move. He pulled back and she turned in my direction to leave. That is when she saw me. That is when he saw me as well. He just stood there with his mouth opened. She stopped and stared at me. Her face searched mine and she quickly turned to look at him.
“I take that this is the one Jim.” She said
After hearing her voice, I was brought out of my trance. She stormed past me without a word and down the hall to the elevator. Then there was just he and I just staring at each other.
“Maybe I should have called before I came.” I said still rooted to the spot.
“Sweetheart, I knew you would come.”
He took a step towards me and suddenly able to move, I took a step back
“Baby, come in please. He pleaded.
“No, I can’t.” I asserted.
He sighed and took a few steps toward me.
“Why? We both have been waiting all year to hold each other, touch each other.”
He came closer.
“You know you want me to fuck your brains out.”
His words, pussy wet. My body was betraying my heart and I close the gap between us. I was close enough that he could grab me, pull me into his arms and kiss me and that is exactly what he did.
His arms were around my waist in my arms went around his neck. We stood there kissing until finally he pulled away graph my hand and try to pull me into his apartment.
“No,” I said thinking backwards.
He sighed
“Are you upset about Carrie?” He asked.
I’m guessing that’s what this lady’s name was but why would I be jealous about her. Why would I be upset about her?
He stared into my eyes.
He chuckled.
“You are upset about Carrie. I can’t believe this.” He said sounding amused.
I couldn’t explain it but seeing him with another woman drove me to a heart wrenching jealousy.
“I’m not jealous or upset. I just…”
He came back over to me looking down. His gorgeous face made my body shake with desire I bit my lip.
“Ashley,” I said.
He looked confused at first then he smiled.
“Ashley, my Christmas angel, I want to take you in there, lay you across my bed and do all sorts of nasty things to your body. I want to bury my face between the valley between your legs.”
My pussy started to weep. I wanted to let him do all those things to me. For a few minutes I almost let those thoughts take over.
I followed him into his apartment and stood in a familiar place and noticed it wasn’t as familiar as it was before. It no longer resembled a bachelor pad. There was new furniture and it was decorated for the Christmas holiday. I took a look around amazed at the transformation. Then my eyes landed on the cream-colored couch and the red lacy panties strewn across.
My jealousy and anger returned.
“Your lover left her panties on the couch.”
He turned around after locking the front door. His eyes went to the panties and he took a breath.
“Ashley, did you expect me to be celibate for a year?”
I started to let my jealousy come out with angry words.
“At least let the bitch leave before I arrive.”
He laughed. “Really? You didn’t call before you came. Two, she is not a bitch.”
I placed my hands on my hips.
“I’m sorry, I should’ve said Christmas fuck buddy. This seems like you have more than one. Should I leave before another one shows up?”
He looked at me as if I hurt his feelings. He took a step back and ran his fingers through his hair.
“ What you’d expect me to do? Hold my dick in my hand for a year. Carrie was my girlfriend. The same girlfriend I had when we first made love.”
His words weren’t lost on me. He had a girlfriend the entire time. I walked over and sat down on the couch. I used the couch cushions to knock the underwear onto the floor. The thought came to me she knew about me when she walked past.
“How does she know about me or was she even talking about me?”
His anger seem to subside. He came over to me and dropped to his knees in front of me.
I was wearing a skirt of my legs were bare let him take advantage of that fact. He opened my legs immediately kisses on them. My Hamlet his head I began to stroke his hair.
“Baby,” he said finally. “Christmas eve is not enough for me. 364 days I spend miserable.”
I was not expecting to hear him talk like this. I must admit that one day a year was not enough for me. I needed more time with him but my marriage and my kids would never make that possible.
He gripped my knees tightly.
Let me finish.” He took a deep breath and then continued.
“I want you. I want you all the time every day. That is what I told Carrie. I told her we couldn’t be together anymore.”
I felt hot and panicky. He broke up with his girlfriend… For me.
“Jim, we can’t make this more than what it is. I agree I want more but I’m married with a family.”
He stood and began to pace again.
“I know that. I know you have a husband who fucks you every night.  I know and it kills me.”
If only he knew m marriage was nowhere near like that. I stood up slowly tears fall from eyes.
“I understand how you feel.” I said.
He ran over and grabbed me. The intensity in his eyes shut me up. He leaned down and kissed me passionately. I wanted him and I needed him. I reach down and began to unbuckle his pants. Once that was done, I freed his hot creamy dick from his boxers. I tried to forget everything that we just discussed and focus on my Mall Santa making me feel so good.
I dropped to my knees and quickly engulfed his dick with my mouth letting my tongue twirl around the head. He called out my name and ran his fingers through my hair. The room echoed with the sounds of my slurps and his groans. He pulled back and I stood up. He grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom.
Once we undressed as quickly as humanly possible. I just wanted to feel my skin against his. He felt the same way pulling me closely to him kissing me and running his  hands all over my body. My hands wandered as well caressing his soft almost hairless ass then moving around to grab a hold of his stiff cock.
Eventually we made it to the bed where he lay on his back and I began to finish what I started. My feet pushed against the bottom part of his sleigh bed so I could have the leverage I needed to twist and turn my hand as I stroked him and sucked him at the same time. He moaned loudly screaming my name running his hands through my hair wanting me not to stop. I continue to let my mouth pleasure him. I could tell he didn’t want to come that way but I was in control. I sucked him and stroked until finally like a geyser he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed every last drop savoring him and feeling him slide down my throat. His head fell back against the bed and his body shook. He puffed and puffed trying to pull in air. I set up and wiped my mouth. I looked over at the time. I realized I was gone away from my family for too long. I went to climb off the bed and he grabbed me.
“Where you going?” He asked trying to pull me closer.
“I’m going home.” I responded trying free myself from his grasp.
He shook his head “no, you’re not going anywhere.”
He had a crazy look in his eye and I knew it was time for me to leave.
“Jim, just let me go.”
He continued to hold onto me not letting me go.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“I’m not letting you go home to him. You’re staying the night with me.”
Was he crazy? Tomorrow is Christmas and I need to be at home in bed on my kids woke up.
“You know I can’t do that Jim.”
He pulled me across the bed and laid me on my back. I tried to fight him but he leaned up and kissed me. He trailed his tongue down my body until his lips were laying kisses on my pussy. He had me then and I wasn’t going anywhere until I came. He began to eat my pussy covering my clit with his entire mouth and sucked while his tongue licked my clit.
He knew exactly what I liked.
“Oh…” I moaned.
He ate me for a few more minutes than he was inside of me sucking me without mercy. My legs were on his shoulders so he could go deeper and harder.
I could feel it from my toes and throughout my body as my orgasm took over. I screamed his name and he screamed mine as he came as well. He collapsed on me and I felt his heart beating as roughly as mine. After a while, he coerced me to climb into bed with him and let him hold me until we fell asleep.
Yet, I didn’t fall asleep. I laid there and waited for him to fall into a deep slumber before I made my move. As soon as I knew that he was sleep I slid out of bed pulling on all my clothes. I grabbed my purse and keys and ran down the stairs of his apartment building to my car. I drove a few blocks away from his apartment near the mall. I parked and stepped out into the slushy snow walking around to the trunk, opening it and pulling out a screwdriver. I took that screwdriver and with all of my might I slammed it into the tire and felt the air shoot out.
“Honey I have a flat tire.” I said to my husband  after the  screams coming from the line about me being late and not calling home. Of course my loving husband completely forgot all about that at the sound of me having a flat tire.
 He immediately hopped in his car to come and get me. While waiting for him I was crying tears of guilt and when he arrived he saw those tears and interpreted them to be tears of fear and sadness. He grabbed me in his arms and held me tightly. He kissed me on the cheek.
“It’s just a flat tire. I’ll take care of you.” He said and that’s what he did.
He put on the spare, put me safely into my car and followed me home. Tonight he slept in bed with me. It was as if he sensed he was really losing me. I snuggled with him while I dreamt about my mall Santa.

Read tomorrow to see what happened Christmas Day!  If you want to read the story from the beginning click this link!


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