Call Me Daddy Part 2:

Richard Lambert

Breakfast was pretty tense.  My daughter and my wife were having a deep conversation about several different topics but my eyes stayed glued to my daughter’s lover. When I would catch myself, I would try to engage with my family. Yet she was so beautiful.  I couldn’t help myself. The moment my daughter introduced to meet her girlfriend Renée to me and my wife when we arrived at their home I was smitten.  She was biracial and had the most gorgeous caramel colored skin.  She was very curvaceous with an ample ass and perky breasts.
We have been here for over a week and I have spent the first few days imagining what it would be like to fuck my daughter’s girlfriend. I fantasized about placing her on the kitchen table, spreading her legs and eating her all night. I wanted to hear her come screaming my name. I have been married for 20 years. I love my wife and I have not once cheated on her or have ever wanted to. 
But there she was.
And here I am wanting to throw my vows out the window.
Last night did not help.
 I walked in on her and my daughter having sex.  It was a shocking sight.  My wife and I just found out my daughter was a lesbian and it really didn’t sit well with us. However, when she invited us out to her place across the country, we decided that our love for her trumped everything.
Except maybe catching her in the throes of passionate lovemaking with another woman.
I stood there last night struggling with what I was seeing and what it was doing to me. I was turned on and it disgusted me. I couldn’t look away   It wasn’t my daughter.  I was watching Renée.  The pleasure see was experiencing and the reaction her body was having being finger fucked was driving me crazy.
There were three fingers inside and her pussy was gushing juices down her ass making puddles.
After that, I could not sleep.  I was up all night.  I just could not stop sleep seeing her body in my mind.  Hearing her moans of pleasure, I masturbated coming in my hand while I imagined fucking her all night long.  I’m sitting here at the breakfast table playing that scene over and over again. 
I was pulled out of my fantasy and had to face my daughter.
“Sorry dear, did I miss something?”
My daughter started to blush.  I think she may have had some idea of what was distracting me this morning.
“Mom ad I plan to go shopping. We know you hate to shop but I didn’t want to leave you out.” She smiled.
I knew that she really didn’t want me to come. I always rush them out of the mall.  I can’t stand to be there for too long.  
“I could go. We came here to spend time with you.”
My wife knew I would hate being there and she came to my rescue.
 “Your father has some work to do.  Plus he can keep Renée company. We can have some mother and daughter time.” 
I almost choked on my orange juice. The last thing I needed was to be alone with her. I started to feel anxious.
Fifteen minutes later, my wife and my daughter were well on their way to the shopping mall.  Renée was somewhere in the house. I locked myself in my daughter’s office and worked trying to keep my mind off her girlfriend.
After working for 30 minutes and realizing my brain was gone. I couldn’t focus anymore so I .  I walked into the kitchen to grab a snack.  I was rummaging around in my daughters refrigerator. There was nothing but Tofu, veggies and unfortunately no sugar at all.  I turned to the pantry hoping I could find something with some kind of fat content when I heard a noise behind me.
There was Renée sitting on the kitchen island staring at me.
“You’re never going to find anything tasty and there.” She said pointing toward the pantry.
I opened my mouth but nothing came out. It wasn’t because she was sitting on the counter. It was because she was sitting on the counter in only a towel. Her skin was still glistening from her shower. Her dark wavy hair was wet and little tiny drips of water fell from the ends and down her back.
I started to feel uncomfortable. I could feel my cock hardening at the sight of her.
“I guess you’re right.” I said coming to stand against the island hoping to hide my erection.
She jumped off the counter and walked over to the pantry. Barely holding on to her towel, she reached up high behind a six pack of paper towels.  She grabbed a packaged and handed it over to me. It was a package of chocolate chip cookies.
I smiled
She smiled back.
“You’re welcome. It’s from my own personal stash.”
Then, Renée walked over to me. She came so close that I had to take a step back.
“I won’t bite.” She said.
She reached out and grabbed my hard cock.
“What are you doing?” I asked grabbing her hand.
“I feel your eyes on me. I see how you look at me.” She said jumping onto the counter.  As she jumped her towel came undone and her entire body was exposed to me…again.
“You are beautiful” I said.
I watched as she opened her legs exposing her pussy to me.
Her hands glided over her smooth and curvaceous body. Her hands traveled down until they reached her dripping wet hole. She slid in two fingers.
“You looked like you enjoyed watching this last night.” She said adding one more finger. 
She continued to finger fuck herself.
I was stuck in place. 
I should leave.  I should walk away.
 I knew I should not be watching.  I could not help l myself.
I watched as she moaned.  The pleasure was written all over her face.
“Oh shit it feels so good.” she moaned.
“I shouldn’t be watching.”
She laughed.
“No, you probably shouldn’t.  Unless, you want to watch me come.  I’m so close.”
I watched her. I watched her circle her clit with her thumb as she fucked her pussy with her fingers. I touched myself through my pants as she moaned. I wanted to climb on top of her and show how much I wanted her.
“Oh shit,” she cried as she came hard.
She moaned and I could see her juices gushing out of her hole and cascade down her ass and onto her towel.
Without missing a beat, I moved her fingers and began to lap up her juices.  My tongue made circles around her clit as well. Her hands moved to my head and I fed myself. No need for chocolate chip cookies. Her pussy was sweeter than anything I had ever tasted.
“I knew you wanted me.” She giggled.
Suddenly, the realization of what I was doing hit me in the head like a ton of bricks.  I moved back.
“Don’t you want to fuck me?” she asked
I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and rushed out of the room.
What have I just started?


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