Call Me Daddy : Part 3

Reneé Brown

I knew I wanted him the moment I saw him. When he saw my naked body for the first time I had never felt so alive. His eyes on me made my pleasure that much better. I had never felt anything like it.  It became an obsession and so I found an opportunity to pull him closer. I knew he would never go shopping with the girls as my lover Jodi informed me and so I knew it would give me a chance to seduce him.
Now here we are alone again and I intend to get more this time.
I wrapped my arms around his waist and He pulled his body close to mine.  My smooth curvaceous body was pressed against his hard muscular one. His breathing was sporadic and he gasped as my hand slid up his thighs until they reached the hard bulge in his pants. He moaned as I massaged him.
I can admit. There was a little guilt. My heart was telling me to stop.  It was screaming that what was happening was wrong. Yet the wetness in my panties was telling me forget what my heart was saying. To fuck the man that stood before me senseless.   Those screams of protest were overridden by my desire and the power of my desire.  
“My dear, you are so hard. You can’t deny that you want me.”
He moved away from me and spun around.
“My body may want you but my heart belongs to my wife.
I smiled and cocked my head to the side.
‘Oh really?” I responded.
I began to circle him. My desire was growing and I could no longer play this game. I needed to feel his beautiful naked body against mine. I move back and slowly began to undress. My shirt, then my pants. I then removed  He grabbed me by the arm and pushed me against the wall. He pressed his body against mine. I could feel his hard erection pressed his body against my thigh.
“You are so wrong .” I replied
I leaned down and brought my face to his. He leaned close as well.  I thought he was going to kiss me. I wanted him to kiss me.
“Once I have your body…I’ll have everything.”
Then he kissed me. It was passionate and sensual. I don’t think I have ever been kissed this way before. I could feel, his passion, power and control pass from his lips to mine and throughout my body.
Then…he stopped.
He pulled back.

“What…?” I began but could not finish my thought.
I was light headed. And I wanted more.
He walked over to the couch. He undid the buckle of his belt, pulled his pants down to his ankle. Is underwear followed. His large hard dick was visible to me and my heart skipped a beat.  He sat down on the couch and stared at me.
He grabbed his cock in his hands and slowly began to stroke us. I dropped on my knees in front of him.
I leaned in to take his creamy dick into my mouth but he stopped me. 
“You are right. I want you as bad as you want me…”
I advanced and he stopped me once again.
“I need my family. I love my family and this…this cannot ruin that.”
I smiled.
“I can keep a secret if you can.” I replied.
I opened my mouth wide and took his creamy dick into his mouth. This time he did not stop me. He moaned in response.
 I sucked on the head and took as much of his shaft into my mouth as I could manage. 
He moaned, gently stroking my hair. 
I could not think of anything. My mind was flooded with how incredible it felt. How incredible he tasted.
I felt him get harder in my mouth but I didn’t want him to come yet. I stood and pulled down my panties from underneath my skirt. I tossed them to the side and immediately straddle him. I eased his hardness into my wet hole.
“Oh fuck!”He exclaimed as I rode him mercilessly.
I felt his body shudder violently as he came forcefully inside of me.  I felt my own wave rise and I continued to ride him until I came as loudly and as vigorously as he did.
I collapsed against him trying to catch my breath. 
We were startled by the sound of car doors slamming. His eyes showed fear but I smiled.
“They’re back” I said with a giggle.


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