Call Me Daddy : Part 4

Jodi Lambert

Her legs were on my shoulders and I could hear her moans muffled as her thighs covered my ears. My head was buried between her beautiful chocolate thighs for at least 45 minutes and…
She has been moaning and saying my name for an hour and nothing. She seemed to be enjoying herself yet hasn’t been close to coming.
It was confusing to me. I was doing everything she liked. I am confident in my skills. I know how to work a pussy. I like to slowly let my tongue glide across her clit working it to a hard peak. Next I fuck her with my tongue and then use a sucking motion on her clit until she grips my hair. I would slide my tongue from her wet hole until I reached her clit.
Her favorite was when I suck on her clit and slide two fingers inside of her. She liked it rough and I oblige fucking her hard with my fingers hitting her g spot just right.
Normally that would do it. She would come hard flexing her legs and practically suffocate me as she squeezed her legs closed.  Sometimes she would squirt her juices all over me. It was a thing of beauty watching her come. I loved watching her face fill with pleasure and ecstasy.
Tonight and for the past two months…I have been deprived of all of that. It was frustrating.
Finally she sighed and stopped me.
“It’s fine,” she said sliding up from under me. “Can you just fuck me?”
I didn’t question her. I climbed off the bed and opened my side table. I pulled out my favorite strap on. As I put it on the and adjusted it, she watched me and played with herself. It was turning me on. Yet it was still bothering me that for the last two months this was the only way she would come.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to finish you off with my tongue first baby?”
She shook her head.
“Just fuck me.”
So that’s what I did. I plunged the artificial cock inside of her.
“Harder please.” She asked softly.
I obliged.
I fucked her as hard as I could. She moaned and screamed out in pleasure. Pounding the rubber cock inside of her was turning me on and bringing me close to the edge as well.
“Oh shit.” I moaned
“I’m coming.” she screamed.
I didn’t let up. I fucked her plunging in deep into her tight hole.

“Oh,” she screamed as she came.
I could feel her body convulsing and I held onto her as I came. When I was done, I buried my face in her chest taking her breast into my mouth. She wrapped her arms around me. We lay that way for a while. Her breathing began to slow and I continued to suck her nipples one then the other.
Eventually I went to the bathroom to grab a warm towel to clean myself and one for her. When I returned she was gone.
That’s weird, I thought.
I left the bedroom and walked down the hall to the kitchen. She was wearing her robe giggling into her cell phone. When she saw me enter, she whispered something and then ended her call.
“Who was that?” I asked.
I knew her and I could tell she was debating whether to tell me the truth or not.
“Well,” I asked
“It was your dad.” She said quickly and then pushed past me.
My dad? Oh my dad because they simply did not speak to me?
“That was my dad?”
“What did he want?” I asked.
“He wanted to speak to you but I told him you were busy.”
“What did he want,” I asked very suspicious at this point. I wasn’t sure she was talking to my dad.
I didn’t believe her. I followed her down the hall and into our bedroom.
“Something about your mom’s birthday.” She yelled as she went into the bathroom.
I heard water running. I knew she was washing up. I looked over to see her cell on the table. I took the opportunity to check her phone call. Indeed she was talking to my father… Except she called him.
Why was did she lie about calling him?
Why did she call my father?


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