Call Me Daddy : Part 6

Richard Lambert

I thought about her.
I thought about her every second of every day.
It was torture.
I knew what I was doing was wrong. I would feel guilty all day every day.  I just could not help it. I would smell her scent everywhere I went.
Even in the shower my mind would drift to thoughts of her. I was standing there in the shower thinking and wishing she was here with me. I imagined water spilling down her large caramel colored breasts. I wanted to lick the dripping water from her nipples tasting her sweetness.
I stroked my cock thinking about her. I leaned against the slate tile wall and stroked myself until I came. I came all over my hand  and watched as drops fell to the shower floor and flowed down the drain.
After my shower I climbed into bed. My wife laid there asleep. I wished my conscious was as clear as hers. I tossed and turned for hours. Sleep eluded me. Eventually all of my tossing and turning woke my wife.
“Can’t you sleep?” She asked. “All of your moving around is keeping me up.”
It was hard to turn off the thoughts that were swimming around in my head.
I rolled over and looked at her.
“I’m not sure I’m supposed to sleep.” I answered.
She laughed.
“What the heck is that supposed to mean.”
I knew what it meant. Guilt was consuming me but I had no explanation for her. I loved my wife but I had never been as sexually attracted to Renee as I have been to anyone. I loved everything about her. Her skin was smooth, her eyes were mesmerizing and her hair smelled like lavender.
I liked her laugh, yet it was one of the many things that kept me awake at night. That and the immense guilt I felt every time she ended up in my bed.
She was very hard to resist. She was the epitome of temptation.
It had been two weeks since I saw her last. I knew that sleeping around with her was not the right thing to do. It would ruin so many lives and damage my relationship with my daughter forever.
“I’m going to go to my office,” I said sliding out of bed. “I’ll try to be productive.”
She rolled over and simply fell back to sleep.
I walked down the stairs and into my office. I stopped by the kitchen first and poured myself a glass of orange juice. I sat down at my desk. I opened up my laptop and logged into my social media account. I surfed my timeline and realized Renee was online. I posted a status in hopes she would see that I was on as well. 
It worked because she saw that I was online and instantly sent me a message.

Look who’s up late.

I smiled to myself.

I can’t sleep.  I replied.

It took a minute but she responded to me.

What a surprise. I can’t sleep either.

What is keeping you up so late?

I heard a noise and looked toward the doorway of my office. The door eased opened and in trotted my golden retriever Bruce. He came over to me, walked in a circle a couple of times and then rested by my feet. I looked back up at the computer and saw Renee had sent me a long message.

Well, I can’t sleep because I keep thinking about you. I’m lying here in bed. My panties are down at my ankles and my vibrator is deep inside my wet pussy. I’m imagining it’s your hard dick deep inside of me.

Her words made all the blood rush to my cock so fast I almost felt light headed. My hard cock was pressing against my boxers wanting to come out and give her what she wanted. I knew though that I could not do that. Too much was at stake and I could not ruin my family because I couldn’t control my urges.

Well, we are just going to have to stick to old memories my dear. We can’t see each other anymore.

I leaned back in my seat and waited for her to respond. After ten minutes she hadn’t sent me a message.

Are you still there? Hello?

I waited another ten assuming she had gotten the hint and decided she was done talking to me. I closed my laptop deciding that I was going to masturbate then try to sleep again. Finally, my cell began to ring. I looked at the number and saw it was Renee. I answered it quickly.
“I need you. I can’t take this. I need you in my bed. You know you want me too.”
I sighed.
“Sweetheart, I want you but I can’t have you. We can’t ruin our lives over sex and lust.”
It was hard staying away from her. I had to.
“Look I want you and I need to have you. I will be at my apartment all day tomorrow morning. Jodi leaves for work at 5 am. Come over and I will make you come so hard. I’ll be here waiting.”
Then she hung up the phone.
I sat in my office for a minute thinking about what she said. I knew I wasn’t going to go to her house but it was rather tempting. I went back to my bedroom and climbed in bed. I laid there thinking about her offer. I was so turned on that I climb out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I stood leaning against the sink with my eyes closed as I thought about her as I stroked my cock. I mind wandered to her body and her ass in the air as I pounded her sweet, tight pussy. I came but it wasn’t as intense as I wanted it to be. I cleaned myself up and headed back to bed. I thought about how intense and how amazing sex was with Renee and I knew I needed it. I knew I would show up at her house in the morning and I knew I would fuck her.


 I left out of the house early the next morning. I wanted to make sure that I had time to get to her house after my daughter left and before I needed to be at work. I drove over to her house driving faster than I should have been. I pulled up and practically ran to her front her front door.
I knocked on her door and she opened it wearing only a silky robe. It was black and sheer and I could tell underneath she wasn’t wearing anything.
“You made it over. I had no doubt you would come.”
This is the last time.” I said trying to convince myself.
She laughed.
“Okay, this will be the last time.”
I could tell she didn’t believe me but then again…I didn’t really believe it myself.
She reached her hand ot and I took it. She led me upstairs to her bedroom and opened the dor. I walked inside and realized immediately that she had sex with my daughter that morning. The bed was a mess and I could see sex stains on the sheets.
“I can’t do this. You have sex with my daughter in this bed.”
She ignored me. She took off her robe and climbed on the bed. She got on her back and spread her beautiful legs exposing her pussy to my eyes. Damn! This woman knew how to draw me into her web. I climbed on the bed ready to taste her again.
I wasted no time burying my head into her pussy and lapping at her like a cat with a bowl of milk. I could never get enough of her and I wished that I could stay right here for the rest of my life.

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