I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Part 2)

Two days before Christmas...

My in laws arrived bright and early the next morning bringing with them gifts and anarchy. The kids were so excited to see them and I was excited the kids had a new distraction. 
“Grandma!” they screamed throwing themselves in her arms.
“My beautiful grandbabies,” she said embracing them.
My oldest son grabbed all the bags from his aunt and grandmother. They were clearly much too heavy for him but like his father he was a perfect gentleman.
“Come here baby sister,” Jeremy said grabbing his sister roughly. They hugged tightly.
My husband was just as excited as the kids to see his mother and sister. He was always very close to his family and living across the country from them has been very difficult. Yet, he knew this new job gave him so many opportunities to provide for the large family he really wanted.
He was on his way to fulfilling his dream. We already had four and he has expressed he wanted at least four more. I didn’t know how that was going to happen since he hasn’t touched me in months.
“You are looking good,” he complimented.
She smiled and then looked over at me.
“Hey Ashley,” she said nonchalantly.
I knew she and her mother didn’t like me. I never understood exactly why. I believed she and her mother didn’t like the fact that I was 20 years younger than Jeremy. I didn’t think that should be the only reason they hated me. Yet, whenever I saw them they would give me a cold reception.
Today was no different.
“Hi Jasmine. It’s great to see you.”
She turned from me and began hugging her niece and nephews. 
Okay, I thought. That was rude
I sighed.
“Ashley!” My mother in law said reaching for me.  I was a little stiff as she hugged me. It was weird feeling her be so nice to me.
“Dorothy, so glad you made it safely.”
She pulled back and grabbed a few strands of my braided hair.
“Interesting decision you made with this hair. What color is this?”
I knew her friendliness was too good to be true.
“It’s black with a few red braids,” I replied.
She shook her head.
“You need to change that. Makes you look like one of those Satan worshippers.
I just smiled and walked away. The last thing I needed right now was nasty in-laws treating me like shit and telling me what I should and should not do. I cleaned and tried to avoid everyone for the rest of the day. It wasn’t easy. I had to emerge when it was time to nurse the baby.
That evening we all sat down for dinner. Well, they sat down for dinner. I could not eat. If I was not feeding the baby, I was pacing trying to get her to calm down. I had the pleasure of watching everyone eat the chicken and Macaroni and cheese I made.
My husband knew me well enough to know when I was upset. I caught him sneaking glances at me. I tried not to look at him. Finally he stood and came over to me.
“Here,” he said with his arms outstretched. “Give me the baby so you can eat dinner.”
 He leaned down and whispered in my ear. “I know how grumpy you get when you’re hungry.” He smiled and kissed me on the cheek.
That gesture meant a lot to me. I handed the baby over without a second thought.  I sat down to eat and realized my food was cold. I stood and walked toward the microwave.
“Maybe you can microwave mine too,” My sister in law said. “I don’t think this chicken was cooked all the way.”
I could feel the sting from her dig. They always found ways to put me down.  I looked over at my husband.
He sighed.
“Jazzy, that chicken looks fine,” he said sitting down at the table with the baby.
I felt sick to my stomach all of a sudden and lost my appetite.
“You know,” I said. “I’m not feeling very well. I think I’m going to head to bed. “
I smiled a very fake smile, feeling anxiety consume me.
“It’s still early.” Jeremy said. I could see his eyes pleading with me.
I didn’t have the will-power or the strength to deal with his family right now. I could feel anxiety taking over me and I needed some time alone.
“I need to rest up. There is so much I have to do tomorrow.”
“That’s true,” my mother in law chimed in. “With cooking, cleaning and taking the kids to the mall to see Santa, you’re probably going to need rest.”
I knew my eyes were as large as saucers. I was doing what? I looked over at my husband. He wouldn’t meet my eyes.  He knew I had no plans to take the kids to the mall. I normally take them every year but I was not prepared this year with an infant to stand in line for four hours so the kids can take pictures with an old fat white man.
“So you said you’re taking the kids to see Santa?” I asked.
I was getting really upset.
“No, that’s not what I said,” she replied standing.  “Jeremy said you always take the kids to the mall to see Santa Claus. So we assumed I would tag along this year.”
I looked over at Jeremy and he still would not meet my eyes. There was no way I was going to spend almost an entire day with my in-laws at the mall. I opened my mouth to squash the entire idea when my daughter spoke up.
“Can we really go see Santa?” Kailen said jumping up and down.
“Yes, mommy, Santa,” my youngest son Jay Jay said.
Now how could I say no? All the kids were looking at me waiting for an answer. I sighed.
“Fine,” I said looking at Jeremy. “We’re going to see Santa.”
The kids cheered. Jeremy had a look of apology on his face.
“Jazzy, why don’t you join them at the mall,” he said. “It’ll be fun.”
I didn’t wait for her to answer. The last thing I wanted was to suffer the craziness that is Christmas Eve at the mall with someone that clearly doesn’t like me. I just turned and left the room.
Later that night, I was in bed nursing the baby while my husband did crunches using my yoga mat on the floor.
“How long are your mother and sister staying this year?”
He laughed. He climbed off the floor and sat on the bed.
“They’ll be here until New Year’s day.”
My eyes went wide.
He laughed again.
“I’m just kidding. They’re leaving on the 28th. They are spending New Year’s with my brother and his partner Jeff.”
I breathed a sigh of relief.
“Oh thank God!” I exclaimed. I pulled down my shirt and propped the baby up on my shoulder to burp him. It didn’t take long. “Wow, that was a good one.” Jeremy and I laughed in unison.
“Why don’t you go lay the baby down in his crib and hurry back? I want to make this evening up to you,” he said taking off his shirt.
I smiled and slowly climbed off the bed carrying the now sleeping baby.
I couldn’t wait. My husband was so fucking sexy and I was excited to make love to him. It seems weird but having his mother and sister in the house would make it more satisfying. It was like a “fuck you” to them.
I walked as fast as I could without stirring the baby. I stopped once when I thought he was going to wake but then continued down the hallway. The only thing I could think about at that moment was getting the baby in his crib and then fucking my husband all night.
My plan was side tracked however when I placed him in his crib. He immediately woke crying wanting me to hold him again.
Not tonight sweetheart, I thought.
It took what seemed like forever to calm him down and get him back to sleep. As soon as I did, I high tailed it out of there and practically ran down the hallway to my bedroom. When I entered the lights were all off.
So sexy, I thought.
I began to take off all my clothes. I climbed into bed and scooted up against my husband.
All I could hear was snoring.
No, No, NO!
I shoved him but to no avail. He was knocked out.  He wouldn’t budge.  I gave up and lay back on my pillow. I was horny and I really wanted some tonight. I had my hopes up only to have them dashed. I started to feel resentful toward him. Did he know the baby would keep me away? Using my vibrator was not going to work tonight.

I got out of the bed, found my nightgown and put it back on. I climbed back in bed and rolled over. I closed my eyes. I prayed sleep would come quickly. I needed rest. Apparently I was taking the kids to see Santa.


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