Prohibited: an erotic novel - A Sample of the Beginning


“Beautiful!” He whispered.
I shuddered as he slid his tongue skillfully and sensuously down my earlobe. His hot and wet tongue continued making a path down my neck. My thoughts fragmented as he planted gentle kisses driving me insane.
Electricity shot through my body as his warm and soft lips caressed me. I ran my fingers through his dark silky hair and he moaned with pleasure. I felt him push himself off the bed.
I noticed he was still in his suit.
“You are so fucking beautiful.” He said furiously fighting with his clothes dropping his suit jacket to the floor.
His emerald green eyes never left mine as he wrestled with each article of clothing.
“Your clothes, my sweet, off. Now!” He demanded, throwing his cream-colored shirt onto the floor.
I blindly removed the rest of my clothing and tossed them on the floor beside the bed. He unfastened his belt and whipped it from the loops. I stared at his smooth olive- colored skin reddened by his desire.
My goodness!  I have never been so horny or wanted a man so fucking badly in my life. My body was on fire at the thought of tasting him.
I gazed at his lovely form as he tossed his pants over his shoulder. They landed on the lamp across the room. The lamp tilted and crashed onto the chair next to the bed.
His movements were swift as he climbed on the bed in only his boxers and began to help me finish removing the rest of my clothing.
His hands slipped underneath the straps of my bra. My nipples instantly firmed from his sensuous touch. He slid the thin straps from my shoulders reaching behind me to release me from the lacy material.
“So beautiful,” he whispered.
Next, he brought his attention to my panties. He took his time slowly pulling them down my legs. The soft material caressed my thighs and calves as he delicately slid them from my ankles.
After I was completely naked, he slowly removed the rest of his clothing. My body was getting hotter and hotter, threatening to erupt as he slid next to me. He trailed his fingers up and down.  They were like paint brushes designing a masterpiece on my body.
 I could not get enough of watching him. His lips were firm and sensuous, yet the wrinkles around his mouth and eyes gave away his age. His classically handsome features melted away my sanity.
I was losing control.
I liked losing control.
The champagne haze had me wanting to be so dirty and nasty. I was so ready to be satisfied. At that moment, I felt him pause. He stopped and looked into my eyes.
He sighed.
“What’s wrong?” I asked tenderly.
“Maybe we should not do this.” He said easing off the bed.
I didn’t like the sound of that. I needed him inside of me. I refused to let him back out now.
“What do you mean?” I asked barely catching my breath.
“I really want to fuck you, but I can’t do this here.”
I knew deep down I should not force him. My desire, however, would not allow me to let him walk away.  It’s hard to get turned on and then turn it off.
I figured I wouldn’t force him. I would just gently persuade him.
I spread my legs and began to gently push two fingers inside my dripping wet pussy.
I watched him lick his lips, but he didn’t get on the bed. I pulled my fingers out slowly and seductively licked off the juices.
He eased on the bed and ran his fingers up and down my thighs.
“Maybe you’re right,” I replied. “We shouldn’t do this.”
He moved over to me and I knew he was hooked.
“Yes we should. I want to fuck you so bad. I need this.” He said capturing my lips with his.
His lips were soft and succulent.
To my dismay, he pulled back lifting himself up to take a good long look at my smooth chocolate
 I watched him.
He leaned over me covering my body with his. His lips stopped just before they touched my ear.  
He whispered softly.
“I can’t wait to taste you.”
Immediately he began to kiss me fervently and madly.
To tell the truth, I was overwhelmed by his passion and desire.
My lips parted for him, and he thrust in his tongue wrapping around mine. I don’t know if I ever felt this good before.
He released my mouth and stared at me. His eyes were a fierce green glowing with blatant desire. They awakened a flame in me and I knew I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anyone.
He looked down at my breast, and a smile touched his face. He slowly lowered his head and wrapped his tongue around a hard plum colored nipple.
My eyes rolled into the back of my head as he slowly teased me. As he licked and sucked on my nipple, he trailed a hand down my stomach to the meeting of my thighs. He played with my clit for a while pausing only to slip a finger into my juicy hole.
I did not know one little finger could drive me absolutely crazy.
He pulled out his finger and sucked off the juices.
“I knew you would taste good.” He said scooting down on the bed opening my legs.
He buried his head between them and I felt my body convulse. I let out a loud audible moan of pleasure. My head jerking back against a pillow.
“Oh cara mia, your pussy is so delicious.”
He stayed there for a moment, licking and teasing me with his tongue. My body squirmed beneath him, and he placed a firm hand on my stomach to steady me.
Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he stopped. He brought his attention back to my breast and took a whole nipple into his mouth. I cried out with bliss as I ran my fingers through his hair.
 He lifted his head and looked into my eyes.
“Do you want me inside of you?” He asked his breathing fast and irregular.
I knew he could not wait any longer.
I slowly nodded my head.
“No, tell me you want me inside of you. I want to hear you say it.”
Our eyes met.
“I want you inside of me.”
He smiled rising and sitting on his knees.
“Are you…?” He began to ask delicately. “I don’t have a condom.”
“Would you just fuck me!” I demanded impatiently.
It was either the lust or the champagne, but something had my mind cloudy. The only thing I could think about was the tingling sensation between my legs and how much I needed something filling me.
He chuckled and came back to me. I watched his elegant body with every move. I noticed how hard and how big he was. My breath caught in my throat.
I couldn’t wait.
He slid himself between my legs and brought his head down to kiss me. I could taste myself on his lips.
I see now why he couldn’t get enough.
His hands luxuriously caressed my body. I put both hands on the sides of his face and lifted it. I wanted him to see the desire in my eyes and how badly I wanted him.
Without warning, he masterfully plunged himself inside of me. It felt amazing having him so deep. I could feel his large dick touching and probing my inner walls.
His movements were precise and controlled. He clearly knew what he was doing. His years of experience showed in the way he fucked me senseless.
He rolled us over putting me in the driver seat. I looked into his eyes as I rode him. My body seethed with desire and I was desperate to be satisfied. It felt so good grinding my body against his body and moving in tune with his beat.
His breathing was rough and his eyes never left mine. His hands cupped my ass and he gently helped me along. We moved to a slow rhythm. It was a perfect pace that he set. His fingers trailed up my body and teased my nipples as I sought the ultimate release.
I abandoned myself to the whirl of sensation flowing through me.
Suddenly, he pulled me toward him. My hard nipples rubbed against the smoothness of his chest.
He rolled us both over, with himself on top. Faster and faster his pace increased. I knew he was close. I wasn’t too far behind myself.
Any minute I knew that I would shatter into a million little pieces. I was being drawn to a height of passion I had never known before. I couldn’t hold on any longer. My whole body flooded with bliss as I came.
“Oh,” I moaned as my body submitted to the burst of pleasure I felt.
For a second I stopped breathing.
His pace did not falter and after a few seconds I felt his body jerk. I watched as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He came with low surrendering moans. I could feel his body rippling with heat and a look of sheer satisfaction crossed his face.
He collapsed on top of me burying his head in the crook of my neck. We lay that way for a few minutes naked and sweaty.
It felt like an eternity.
It felt like heaven.
When his breathing returned to normal, he rolled off and frantically began to put on his clothes. I lay staring at the ceiling utterly exhausted. I was not sure if I should move.
I watch him without saying a word as he unlocks the door. He opened it slowly looking into the darkness. Satisfied with what he saw, he walked out of the room closing the door softly behind him.
I eventually got off the bed and began to redress myself. Before I was completely done, I stopped and sat down on the bed.
Reality setting in and my intoxication fading, my mind was able to adjust. I sat there wondering how I continued to end up in strange men’s beds. This one was a prize though. He was so sexy. How any woman could resist him, I thought, was beyond me.
I was hoping this would not be my last encounter with him. His gaze and his touch were more intoxicating than the finest wine and I got pleasantly drunk.
Though I would have to admit, I feel a little guilty about this one.
I mean he’s married!


  1. "I shuddered as he slid his tongue skillfully and sensuously down my earlobe".



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